Museum of Hokjok History

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Feey1's Castle
Feey's castle.jpg
The south side/front of the castle museum.
General information
Location F Island
Type Castle
Style Castillan (with a mix of Snoss)
Address 1 F Mountain Road, F Island
Owner(s) Private Museum Company
Started August 2005
Completed October 2005
Height 90ft
Architect Feey1
Status Great

The Museum of Hockjock History, also known as Feey1's Castle is a large castle located on top of F Mountain, on F Island. It was built in 2005 after Feey1 discovered F Island, and enslaved the innocent Hokjoks. He had the slaves build him a large castle out of local stone and wood. When the castle was complete Feey moved into it, and lived there. Currently Feey1's Puffles, and a bit of The Pie Family live in the castle. The castle is a well-known place throughout Antarctica.


The castle was built in 2005 for Feey1 to live in, after he officially became governor of F Island. The castle was at first being built as a fortress, to protect the island from pirates. But soon Feey decided to build it as his personal castle. The castle was built by the Hokjoks, which were new slaves to Feey. After the Hokjoks finished the castle, they were given a nice living area in the basement. It wasn't as nice as the rest of the castle, but it was good enough for the Hokjoks.

The castle is a prime target for some people. Feey1 kept billions of coins worth of treasures in the castle, in two separate vaults. So robbers, and other villains really wanted to break in and rob it. It was also a target of Snowzerland, because Swiss Ninja wants to murder Feey, and has almost gotten away with doing so. To protect the castle as best as he could, Feey had hired guards that once protected other royals. Some of the guards hailed from the Viking Republic, Castilla, and even the USA.

In the Great Yowien War in 2013, the castle was stormed by Snoss and Shopper military commandoes and Feey and his comrades were taken away. The castle became a secret headquarters for Yowien Generals for Yow's remnant island, but a subsequent Hokjock rebellion drove the generals out. The castle was abandoned for a few months until the Hokjocks, now civilized, returned to turn the castle into a Museum and an Inn. Today, Feey's Castle is known as the "Museum of Hokjock History".



  • A total of five robberies have been attempted on the castle, but each one has failed.
  • Feey1's wife and family used to live in the castle.
  • King Alexander, Jake Slang, and Garmield Pie have never been to the castle before.

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