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Mwa Mwa Removal is a way of redirecting and permanently imprisoning Mwa Mwa Penguins. It is a profession in many regions of Club Penguin, and there are large groups dedicated to the humane removal of these annoyances.


Mwa Mwa Removal was pioneered by various penguins, a notable one being CreamToffee, who led an army to disable and anhillate a large factory that produces them. The general annoyance of these penguins made it a heroic deed to remove them, leading to a large supply of removers forming Anti-Mwa Mwa brigades to drive them out of settlements. Originally, the perpetrators would wear ghost sheets and charge into crowds of the penguins, then chase them off. Due to the herd mentality of these penguins, they would run in an easily trapped group. When the bay bees regrouped after the chase, a pack of penguins would form a circle, blocking them. then penguins built a tower out of snow and hauled up a massive cage to the top of the pillar. Then the circle would scramble. They shot Ditto bombs which dazed the crowd, then hurled the cage on top of the Mwa Mwas, permanently locking them up. This, however, was frowned upon, as it was inhumane to Mwa Mwas and caused enormous amounts of noise and collateral damage.

Current Methods[edit]

  • Dispersal: Igniting a firework and shooting it in the middle of an outdoor crowd, which causes bay bees to scramble and flee, effectively removing them from important areas. Sometimes it is done with Hot Sauce or ghost-sheeted penguins. It can be done indoors with either of the aforementioned materials.
  • Emulation: If a group of Bay Bees is following a Leader, they can be tricked by a impostor leader, who will lead them into a trap.
  • Curing: Although this is expensive and somewhat inefficient, removers can distribute Nummy Cakes to Mwa Mwas, who will eat them and be cured.
  • Adoption: A group can adopt a large number of Mwa Mwa Penguins and then trap them there.


Due to the general disdain for Mwa Mwas, it is allowed in most areas of Club Penguin and other neighboring regions to remove Mwa Mwas humanely. However, deleting, harming, or caging Mwa Mwa is banned in every area except Pengolia, where you can cage one for a zoo. Mwa Mwa Removal is never to be done past 7:00 PM, so it does not wake up sleeping penguins. There are Mwa Mwa Sanctuaries where it is disallowed to move them, because they are already out of the way.


The only people who really complain are Mwa Mwas themselves. However it is argued that some tactics used, while effective, are "inhumane" and "a violation of morals and common decency". In truth, there are several rogue groups of self proclaimed vigilantes exterminating Mwa Mwas without the proper permit or patience, often removing the pest in reckless and violent ways.


  • Many Mwa Mwas are getting less scared of ghost sheets, making dispersal more difficult.
  • Removers must where some kind of mask for their face, so the mwa mwas cannot recognize their face and flee from it.
  • A penguin was once banned for beating the living heck out of a Mwa Mwa with a hockey stick.
  • Owcatraz once took mwa mwas and jailed them. Eventually it flooded with the penguins, forcing them to float them away on a barge.
  • There are mulitple rogue groups of extremists who will disregard law in order to remove the menace.

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