Principality of Mylou

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Principality of Mylou
Principauté de Mylou
Flag of Mylou
MottoJe rappelle (Translation: I remember)
Largest city Ville de Paris (Translation: City of Betting)
Official languages French, English
Recognised regional languages Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian
Species  Frankish Viking Penguins, High Penguins, Puffles, Wild RocketSnails
Demonym Mylese (In French: Mylois, Myloise)
Government Presidential-parliamentary system
 -  Principauté de Mylou earns independence from Frankterre 1911 AD 
 -  Principauté de Mylou creates the Ward of Parier to house Ville de Parie 1985 AD 
 -  First country-wide festival called "Fête du Gâteau" (March 26th, reoccurs every year from this point, lasts for 5 days) 2011 AD 

Mylou, also known as the Principauté de Mylou, is an independent city-state located in Francterre.


Early Years[edit]

In the year 1451 AD a lone traveler, named Francis Armalo, who was not familiar with the region of Frankterre created a fort in the southern area of the country. He called it "Fort de Mylou," and he invited people to join him. After fifty long years the fort grew to ten cities in a fifty mile radius. In 1502 AD, the Frankterran Army heard of the cities, they began to devise a plan to conquer them. In the year 1505 AD after three years of planning the army descended from Parie to the original Fort. When they arrived they pretended that they were just there to meet the new neighbors. After four months in the fort they began to burn the fort to the ground. The inhabitants of the area around the fort stayed no matter what the army did. When the army finally reached Parie again in October of 1505 AD, they thought they had eradicated the population of Mylou, but they were wrong. Seven years later in 1512 AD the army gained word about a new colony forming where the fort was. This time they wanted to see what the new colony could do, they waited and waited, but the suspected attack never came. Peace was created for almost four hundred years. In 1900 the citizens of the newly created Principauté de Mylou decided to revolt from Frankterre and become their own independent country.

Independence: 1900-1911[edit]

After a year of planning their revolution from Frankterre, the Mylese Army forms an angry mob outside of the Karnozy Building. Once outside they began to rally more troops, when they had two thousand people in their army. Their plan was to storm the Markhill Prison about 500 miles from the exact spot of the Karnozy Building. Without anything but their feet to transport them, it would take a year and three months to reach the prison. In January of 1901 AD they reached the prison, their numbers were down to one thousand five hundred from their perilous journey, but they fought hard. The storm of the Markhill Prison lasted two months, the Mylese Army held their ground and fought valiantly. At the end of February 1901 AD, the Mylese Army finally broke into the headquarters of the Frankterran Army in the center of the prison. Within eight hours of reaching the headquarters, the Mylese Army killed Pierre la Guin, leader of the Frankterran Army. This infuriated the King of Frankterre, the King vowed ten more years of war. In 1905 AD, the King of Frankterre was killed by a Mylese Army General. The next king was not too happy with Mylou, but he continued the war for another six years. In 1908 AD, the King decided he would attack Mylou while it took a city in upper Frankterre. The Mylese Army heard from their mole and reversed the course back to Parie, and when they arrived they burned down a few buildings to show they meant business. The King was hidden away to stay safe from any assassination attempts. The next three years were the easiest, the Mylese continually fought off the Frankterre. In April of 1911 AD, exactly on the first of April, the Frankterran Army surrendered and gave Mylou their independence. The mylou sent a telegram back to their city and a constitution was made.

Post-Independence Era/Modern Age[edit]

  • 1959 AD: First tv is brought into Mylou.
  • 1964 AD: MRSA (Mylese Regional Space Agency) is created.
  • 1973 AD: Civil war erupts. Mylou is cut in half. Eastern Mylou remains the same as it was, Western Mylou becomes communist.
  • 1975 AD: Civil war ends. Mylou is brought back to its previous state. The slogan "Je me souviens" is coined as the country's motto.
  • 1985 AD: Ville de Paris and Ward of Parier is created, not just this, 7 other wards (Ryka, Strill, Ipsothon, Mentone, Rex, Tex, and Parier).
  • 1989 AD: Space-Time Rocket becomes the first Mylese-launched rocket to orbit the earth.
  • 1990 AD: First president of Mylou is elected. President Belpois also creates the Francis Armalo Memorial Museum in the Rex Ward.
  • 1992 AD: TurboBlaze and TeraVolt satellites launched into orbit around Earth.
  • 1994 AD: President Belpois goes missing, President Martin replaces him.
  • 1998 AD: President Martin is replaced by President Thomas.
  • 2002 AD: President Thomas is replaced by President Durand.
  • 2005 AD: MSS is launched into orbit around the earth.
  • 2006 AD: President Durand is replaced by President Petit.
  • 2007 AD: Damien brings news of a future attack on Mylou, no one believes him to this day.
  • 2008 AD: Brutal Rocket lands on the Moon. Mylou finally reaches the moon.
  • 2009 AD: TurboBlaze is hit by space debris and is knocked out of orbit. Mylese coast guards could not find the debris when it fell into the ocean.
  • 2010 AD: President Petit is replaced by President Moreau.
  • 2011 AD: President Moreau creates the country-wide festival called "Fête du Gâteau" (Translation: Celebration of Cake).
  • 2011 AD: Mylou celebrates 100 years of independence. Jacques Billion buys Mylou for 1,000,000 coins.



  • January 1st: New Year's Day
  • February 12th: Farmer's Market Extravaganza Day (Penguins from all over Mylou come to Mojo Town to the big celebration at the Farmer's Market.)
  • March 26th - March 31st: Fête du Gâteau
  • April 1st: Independence Day
  • May 7th: Francis Armalo's Birthday
  • June 15th: Election Day
  • July 16th: Presidents Day
  • August 9th: Rocketsnail Day
  • September 18th - September 23rd: Fête du L'Automne (Celebration of Autumn)
  • October 31st: Halloween
  • November 25th: Thanksgiving
  • December 24th - December 25th: Christmas Eve and Day


Space Programme[edit]

The MRSA is a Mylou-Based space program, its head quarters are located in Ville de Paris. It is not the fastest space program, but it has launched some satellites and rockets into space.

MRSA Satellites[edit]

  • TurboBlaze: One of the first two satellites launched into space by Mylou. (Partnered with TeraVolt) [Destroyed in 2009, hit by space debris.]
  • TeraVolt: One of the first two satellites launched into space by Mylou. (Partnered with TurboBlaze) [Still in orbit]
  • Francis': Satellite that has permanent orbit around the earth. [Still in orbit.]

MRSA Rockets[edit]

  • Space-Time Rocket: Mylese launch a barely safe rocket into orbit. The mission was unsuccessful. [Explosion in space.]
  • Brutal Rocket: With borrowed technology from Frankenterre, the Mylese launched men into space to land on the moon. Their mission was a success. [Retired in 2008.]
  • Prism Rocket: First Mylese-built rocket, it was launched into space to visit the planet Mars. Launched in 2010. [Orbiting Mars.]
  • Mein Shuttle: Will take the renowned Physicist, Ingvar Galacian, to the MSS (Mylese Space Station). Set to launch in April of 2011. [Launched, mission is going on]

MRSA Other things[edit]

  • MSS: Mylese Space Station was launched in 2005, its goal is to further the knowledge of the Mylese people. It has a built in telescope called the Rubble Telescope. The MSS is set to be decommissioned in 2015.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Mylou itself is divided into several wards (also known as quartier), which hold some autonomy in their own rights (although not too much). Each ward is governed by a Ward Council, chaired by a President.

Ryka Ward[edit]

This was the first ward to becreated. It is in the north-eastern part of the country. The Ryka Ward is mainly farmlands. Products grown here include corn, pumpkins, and other vegetables. In the center of the ward, in a town called Mojo Town, is a Farmer's Market that meets every saturday. Penguins can go there and trade their goods for other items.

Strill Ward[edit]

This was the second ward to be created. It is located below the Ryka Ward. This ward is the opposite of the Ryka Ward, instead of farmland, it is mainly cities. The second largest city, Bienco City, is located here. Bienco City houses a few factories. In the center of Bienco City is a luxurious musuem, it houses many famous paintings. Some paintings were painted by Mylese painters.

Ipsothon Ward[edit]

This was the third ward to be created. It is located next to the Strill Ward. This ward is just like the Ryka Ward, full of farmlands. Farmers from the Ipsothon Ward travel to the Ryka Ward every week to trade their vegetables. One key difference is there are many orchards in the Ipsothon Ward, the Ryka Ward only has one orchard. Products grown here include corn, pumpkins, lettuce, apples, grapes, cherries, and more.

Mentone Ward[edit]

The fourth ward was created to be an educational area. It is located south of the Ipsothon Ward. In the center of this ward is a giant university called Université de Menton (Translation: University of Mentone). It is said that the smartest of Mylou come here to study.

Rex Ward[edit]

The fifth ward was created due to its high amount of gold deposits. The MGMO runs a giant strip mine in the southern edge of the Rex Ward. Gold from here is used to create statues for places in Frankterre and Mylou. Rumors have been spreading about Silver Fever, people say that there is silver polluting the water in this ward.

Tex Ward[edit]

The Tex Ward is the southern most ward, it is known for its luxurious beaches. One beach, la baie des dunes, is famous for its red-white sands. The most vacationed in spot is located here, coincidentally, it is la baie des dunes.

Parier Ward[edit]

The Parier Ward, the seventh ward created, is the gambling centre of Mylou. Ville de Paris is located here, where many penguins and creatures-alike gamble away their fortunes. A tale went that a penguin, whose fortune was almost enough to make him a billionaire, gambled away his fortune within a single night and ended up insolvent. Therefore, the Mylese government and locals would regularly warn patrons to be careful, but unfortunately many of these warnings are not heeded to until it was too late.


The Mylese economy is almost entirely dominated by the service sector, with the manufacturing and agricultural sectors making up less than 7.5% of the city-state's economy. Mylou's capital city is world renowned for being the "Las Puffles of the Ninja Archipelago" due to its numerous world class casinos, which attract 95% of it's tourists. Its most famous and most classiest Casino and Theater is the Mont Charles, where many millionaires, celebrities, and politicians stay, gamble, and watch high end plays. The Mylou Grand Prix, held annually at the Circuit de Mylou, is also a tourist magnet that attracts petrolheads by the hoards. Bets are often placed to determine the outcome of the race (which is legal), but penguins occasionally placed bets on strange outcomes in the race (such as whether or not a certain racer would end up having flattened tires).


  • Principauté de Mylou is located in southern Frankterre only a few miles away from the city of Awesome, which is in the Ninja Archipelago.
  • In Ville de Paris there is a statue of Francis Armalo, it is made of gold, which can be found in the hills of the Rex Ward.
    • In the Rex Ward there is a Gold Mining Operation called MGMO (Mylese Gold Mining Operation).
  • This is a parody of Monaco. (No, not that Monaco, the country.)
  • Ben "General Artoo" Artoo is from this country.
  • Due to being rich, Oliver Snowden lives there.
  • Citizens of Mylou are banned from playing in the casinos for obvious reasons.
  • The country has been attractive to rich investors because it is tax-free; the government recieves its income from donations.

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