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Myria, taking the form of Bonnie the Moth
Born 28 December, 2013
Ed Laboratories Scientific Enrichment Facility
Gender Female
Occupation Military AI
Years active 2014-
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Known for Being the AI of the Incorruptible

Myria is the name of an Ed Islandian artificial intelligence construct, designed to aid the operation of the SDV-Incorruptible.


Myria was 'created' in mid-2014 as a no living crew member to operate the Incorruptible. Her past penguin identity is classified as a state secret, and isn't known to anyone outside of the group who created her.


As the AI of the Incorruptible, Myria's job is to take control of many of the ship's functions, and assist the crew on board. In a broader sense, she is in fact the "essence" of the Incorruptible, both literally and figuratively. With Myria's control, the vessel's efficiency can be boosted beyond what could normally be achieved with an "organic" crew.

Being one of the first known AIs to be scanned from a living brain, her abilities far outmatch that of any number of computer programs.


  • She chose the form of Bonnie the Moth as her holographic avatar after hearing EDFan quote Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed.
  • She is the first known Ed Islandian AI to be scanned from a penguin's brain.

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