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Evil lookin'
Title Quick
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction Related to Lava Penguin
Health Very good
Level Very High
Status Alive
Location CP

Mysteria is a evil penguin that is Lava Girl's sister. This explains why she looks a bit like her.


Mysteria hatched on April 3, while there was a major thunderstorm. While she hatched, the room was struck by lightning. As soon as she hatched, she got up and immediately crawled over to where the lighting had struck. She then touched it, and got shocked badly. The doctors immediately took her to the emergency room, and did everything to try and save her. Yes, she did survive, but she had terrible side effects. She could control lightning....

Her parents were very upset about this, as the lightning had permanently dyed her hair pink, made her become the daughter of lightning, control lightning, become evil, ect.


Mysteria has a hot neon pink hair color, a neon turquoise hoodie, a pink-neon pearl beaded necklace, a braclet with neon turquoise and neon purple, and pigtails in her hair. She will sometimes have a neon purple bow in her hair. Don't ask.



  • She is very evil.
  • The lightning that struck her was pink.
  • Someone has a crush on her.
  • Her powers can also produce thunder, well, of course.
  • She likes neon.
  • She gave Penelope O'vian her powers.
  • Ethan thinks she as "cool" as Mabel.
  • She doesn't care much about ANYTHING.
  • She has an army, Mysteria's Army.
  • She can make any neon color lightning, but not only neon, because of the White Lightning.
  • Never could be stronger than her. But he isn't.

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