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Who is this?
Title The Mysterious Ninja
Gender Male
Race Penguin?
Faction Unknown
Health Unknown
Level Golden Belt
Status Unknown
Location Unknown
— Mysterious Ninja

The Mysterious Ninja, a.k.a. Golden Ninja and Snare, is a very secret and mysterious penguin. He never shows his identity to others, but rumours claim that he is a master at Card-Jitsu - much better than even Sensei. In fact, many black belts have tried battling him, and out of all 200 attempts, only seven defeated him, Sensei among them.

GOOD OR EVIL? No one knows.


Nobody knows anything about the Ninja's background. He just appeared one day, and started spooking everybody.


  • February 24, 2009: A rumor started. A few young, mischievous penguins who broke into the Ninja Hideout at dark (most likely at twelve o'clock) to do something or another - possibly stealing cards, possibly exploring - saw a dark, mysterious penguin. At approximately twelve thirty, a few night-time ninjas who were on their way to do some practice heard screaming, and a band of young chicks barged into them.
    One of The Mysterious Ninja's earliest victims.
    Sobbing like anything, they told the ninjas what they had seen, but their claims was shrugged off, as being mischievous, or having an extremely sensitive reaction to Hot Sauce. Proof of this was found, when, the next day, spilt hot sauce bottles were seen.
  • February 26, 2009: Two days later, many ninjas were thoroughly spooked to see that the ninja costume for sale - seen at the Flying Flippers Emporium - had a dark, twitching flipper. The fright of what the aforementioned mischievous penguins saw began to be taken seriously. However, when Sensei saw it, he just shook his old head, and declined to comment.
  • February 27, 2009: Sometimes, when penguins played Card-Jitsu at the Ninja Hideout, a dark penguin jumped from the roof, and scared the losing penguin. As a result, penguins were scared off to come to the Ninja Hideout. Everybody began to believe the mischievous penguins' story.
  • March 1, 2009: The dark penguin appeared to lonely ninjas in Card-Jitsu, and offered to play with them. He would always scare the opponent whenever he seemed most likely winning, so he always won.
  • March 2, 2009: A mysterious belt made of some kind of fluid, elastic gold was found. Seeing how no such belt exists, the ninjas concluded that it was his, and he was given a name: The Mysterious Ninja.
  • March 28, 2009: That ninja appeared in every ninja's igloo, and CCTV footage showed him wreaking havoc in them!
  • March 29, 2009: When the ninja played Card-Jitsu, he started using special power cards!
  • March 30, 2009: The ninja was seen with a hat that looked excactly like the hat Sensei has!
  • March 31, 2009: The ninja was at the Backstage on all the servers, but he didn't give out his background. Also, the only thing he said there, was "Tomorrow will something happen...ninjas..." and disappeared. Because he spoke in a male voice, ninjas present concluded that he was a male.
  • April 1, 2009: Everybody was tense, but nothing happened. Once again, The Mysterious Ninja was shrugged off, as a mischievous trouble-maker.
  • April 9, 2009: The ninja was seen making boxes at the Box Dimension, with Box Creator nowhere in sight!
  • April 22, 2009: A mysterious ghostly sound appeared at some servers. After that sound, the ninja was seen walking on walls, anywhere it was heard. Some of the ninjas present concluded that he was a spectre, but others said that he had a film projector.
  • May 2, 2009: The ninja was seen scaring penguins, and spraying hot sauce everywhere!
  • May 3, 2009: A black-belt couldn't stand what cheek the Mysterious Ninja had, so he directly challenged him. After a tense battle, which everybody watched, he used his power-cards each time he was on the danger of losing, and eventually, the Mysterious Ninja got tired, and the opponent became the first penguin to beat him. Discouraged, he slunk off, and although some spies were sent to track him, he was nowhere to be found. Penguins began wondering whether he was a Shadow Ninja.
  • May 5, 2009: The Mysterious Ninja waddled into the Dojo, and said "Something may out for Snare...". A few penguins threatened him, but he just laughed in a mysterious way, and melted into smoke. The Sensei seemed more concerned and pensive than usual.
  • May 8, 2009: When the Dojo opened for the day, Sensei and the ninjas who opened it were shocked to see insulting graffiti scrawled over the façade of the building, in a messy hand. Inside, the Mysterious Ninja was laughing uncontrollably. After seeing who was there, Sensei used his powers to capture him. Some heated water was splashed on him while it froze, all in the same moment, but when he came to investigate his captive, he wasn't in the ice.


Many ordinary non-ninja penguins don't really know about him, as he is usually hushed-up from fear that his very name will summon him, and these non-ninjas don't usually know about ninjas, anyway. However, of course, there are penguins who know of their existence, but some of these penguins are, thanks to The Mysterious Ninja, scared off from joining, in case they become the next penguin to be spooked, or become a Mysterious Ninja themselves.

From Ninjas[edit]

The ninja attacking with a special power card!

Many ninjas who aren't full-time ninjas tend to pooh-pooh it off, explaining it as a mischievous penguin wearing a ninja outfit, or something similar. However, many full-time ninjas in active training doubt their statements. They, as well as the Black Belts, argue that they couldn't possibly know if they are never there to see it, and after all, if it was a mischievous penguin wearing a ninja outfit, how come he wasn't caught by now?

Black Belts[edit]

The Black Belts who aren't in full-time training believe that the Mysterious Ninja exists, but they have a small voice in their heads telling them that it isn't true. As a result, on the outside, they seem to be genuinely believe that the ninja is a real spook, but on the inside, they are trying to find ways where they can reason with it, and tell themselves it's a myth.

Black Belts who are in full-time training, however, usually have seen him at least once, and are thus apprehensive about anything spoken which is related to him, and tell nonbelievers the accounts, and why they think it's true. They can't usually believe that some other ninja like themselves may think it's all nonsense, and these are the penguins the believers usually debate with.

To prove this, if they ever get to battle The Mysterious Ninja, they take a camera and a friend with them, so they can show evidence to the opponent. Sadly for them, they just laugh and shrug it off.

Fire Ninjas[edit]

Only the few Fire Ninjas - and spectator black-belts - who were present in their dojo/volcano/hideout in August 2010 passionately tell others that that the Mysterious Ninja exists, and have a genuine belief he is a real ninja. Nobody knows why he was even able to attack other Fire Ninjas without the necessary temperament, level, and even genres of cards on that day, but he beat them all, Sensei amongst them.

Full-time Fire Ninjas who were not there, but saw him battle with Black Belts - or were spooked by him - on their way home, generally think he's just a mischievous young'un, who wants to have a good time. As a result, they generally think well of him. However, there are a minority who are scared of him, and as a result, are always cautious when going in. Obviously, there are others with different opinions, but these are the most common.

Fire Ninjas who are no longer full time but have their Suit, or Fire Ninjas in-training, who have never seen him, have a tendency to have heard of him from various sources, some of which may not be true. As a result, they tend to be quite frightened about him, and they never speak about him until they see him in-person.

When they do, they become less agitated, their thoughts about him become more collected, and they just shuffle along in silence.

Water Ninjas[edit]

Full-time Water Ninjas have only caught a glimpse of him as they are on their way to their dojo, but they usually have similar thoughts to their counterparts/rivals, the full-time Fire Ninjas who have never seen him. Not only that, they think that he's just a fraudster with tremendous amounts of cheek, and once he's caught, he should be properly punished. The overall full-time Water Ninja community have accepted on this decision, and as a result, they couldn't care less about him.

Not only that, the Water Ninjas not in full-time training, who may or may not know of him, are either of the same opinion as well, or the Water Ninja community think that he's so unimportant, they can't be bothered to tell their more relaxed comrades.

However, there is one exception.

A full-time penguin named Rick has personally battled against him, and he thinks that he's genuine. He always goes to the most important penguins in their Water Dojo to explain what really happened, but the others just pooh-pooh him off. As a result, he has become a sort of outcast, and doesn't visit the Water Dojo as often as he used to do.

Fish Warriors[edit]

The Fish Warriors either don't know about him, or they just repeat the same information as the Water Ninjas. As a result, both full-time warriors and part-time warriors alike know next to nothing about him, instead just saying that their Ninja allies, who live in vicinity of their Dojo, said that he's not true. The elders of the Fish Warriors have agreed on this, and so they couldn't care less about him. Sensei, their venerable leader, is glad they think like this, as he thinks he's a great nuisance who may break into their own base if they know of him.

Snow Ninjas[edit]

Shadow Ninjas[edit]

Air Ninjas[edit]

Lightning Ninjas[edit]



The Mysterious Ninja legitimately has nothing to do with normal penguin society. All he does is going around the Dojo and/or related/random places, spooking any ninja he sees. Many think that he's a great nuisance who should be sent to prison immediately, but others think that he should be trapped and treated humanely. After all, he too is a penguin. As consequence, he has stirred up mass debate, thinking, opposition and inner tumult, and he either doesn't know about it or he couldn't care two hoots about it.

In fact, it's been suggested that he likes it and is of a sadistic personality, as each time he does something, his offences grow steadily worse.


  • Beware of Snare...
  • BOO!


  • Many penguins think that The Mysterious Ninja is a ghost, an alter-ego of Box Creator or the Director of the P.S.A..
  • He doesn't use his gold belt in Card-Jitsu.
  • It's rumored that he is a Shadow Ninja, but this has not yet been confirmed.

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