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Mysterious Pork is a food that can change the personality of the consumer. It doesn't change the memories or the general morals of the character, just their personalities.

For instance, if Fred 676 consumed some Mysterious Pork set to "Crazy", expect Fred to run around screaming about the "sheer awesomeness" of math. Or, if Explorer consumed a Mysterious Pork set to "Apathy", expect him to continue his Fourth Wall breaking and adventures, except with more sighing, "whatever", and possibly dressing in black. Or, if Snow consumed a Mysterious Pork set to "Angry", expect him to frequently blame people for things they didn't do, and then becoming Rapto for no reason. Get it?


Mysterious Pork is used to make yourself happy, sad or any other personality. The personality can change if you use them with different ingredients. The effects are also temporary.


  • Amigopen has an OBSESSION with mysterious pork; he even has a cell of them.
  • Snow will eat them with an O-Berry on top, but nothing else.
    • When he eats them, he always has a bigger case of the emotion it is set to. For example, if he ate one set to "Sad", he'd burst out in tears and run off.
  • When Mcdonalds394 eats one of these, he forgets he's alive. This is a running gag.

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