Mystery Island

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Mystery Island
The Mystery Island, seen from faaaaar away
The island map. Note Doctor Insano's Lab at the bottom, and one of his devices at the beach.
Key details
Type Island.
Location Near Bakunyumoria
Inhabitants Doctor Insano, Mutant Puffles

Mystery Island is a small, desert island located near Antarctica. It is ruled by Doctor Insano, its only habitant. The island was discovered in 1984 by Dr. Insano, when he tried to get away of everyone.
The Mystery Island has Subtropical climate. It is full of genetically altered plants and mutant animals, especially Puffles, because of Dr. Insano's Lab Ray. This place is not very studied because everyone is afraid of being hit by one of Dr. Insano's Lab machines, being captured by Doctor Insano or attacked by one of the Mutant creatures. Because of this, most of the island is still a mystery (hence the name).


The Mystery Island is the most recently discovered place, being discovered in 1984 by Doctor Insano (however, he may have known about the existence of the island before this). The island is used by the Doctor to make his tests with native creatures.

On 2003, there was a discussion if Mystery Island should be integrated to United States of Antarctica. On October 17, 2003, another discussion started to decide if Mystery Island should be a part of Eastshield or Bakunyumoria. Eastshield was chosen.



  • Mystery Island is the least populated place of the USA.

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