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Nexonan Nationalist Army
NNM symbol.jpeg
The symbol is worn as an armband on all members during meetings
Name Nexonan Nationalist Army
Type Army
Location All around Antarctica, prominent in Club Penguin Island, Margate, Alemania, Rusca, Puffle'and and Nexon (duh)
Head Friedrich Rommel
Job Achieve independence for Nexon, world domination and rule by Alemanian, Puffish and Zhouese-Peletonium penguins
Members Friedrich Rommel
Headquarters Nexon

Not to be confused with the Notronean Liberation Movement, which fights for good.

The Nexonan Nationalist Movement, simply known as the Nexonan Nationalists was an army, political party and terrorist organization whose main goal is to rule an independent Nexon. The Army and Party was headed by the President (Party) and Commander-in-Chief (Army) - Friedrich Rommel, who was the Director of the High Empire of Nexon's secret service and the de facto right hand man of Emperor Octavian, the now deposed Emperor of Nexon.

The Nexonan Nationalists were responsible for numerous terrorist attacks on Margate, Nexon and Snowiny. However, the government has so far been unable to trace the crime to the Nexonan Nationalist Party. In reality, the Nexonan Nationalist Army and the Nexonan Nationalist Party were two different organizations. That way, the Movement was able to hold positions and seats in the Parliament.

In late 2014, the NNM was crushed by the Snowinians and Margatians and Friedrich Rommel was assassinated, only to shortly after, Key Preston, a general in the NNM, take over leadership and launch a failed invasion on Snowiny, in which NNM ceased to exist.


The Nexonan Nationalist Party was started in 2000 when the Republic of Nexon was established. There was no need of an army as the Rock Union was peaceful, although there was a secret service organization. The Nationalist Party managed to make Nexon the most economically-powerful nation in the Union.

However, with the beginning of the Margatian annexation of the Rock Union in 2013, the Nationalist Government saw the need for an army. A small army of 5,000 Nexonans was created too, which laid the foundations for the Nexonan Nationalist Army. Despite receiving intensive trainings and taught numerous military skills from Friedrich Rommel, a former elite SSS agent and a Snosstropper, the Nationalist Army lacked equipment. This was blamed on the scarcity of weapons in the Rock Union. A typical soldier at that time will be an Alemanian or Puffish penguin wielding a battle rifle armed with a bayonet, 2 grenades from the Khanzem War and wearing nothing but a pair of pants and headband with the Party's symbol on it.

While the Margatians did captured Nexon, they were unable to hold on to their new territories for long. A rookie Imperialist and mob boss named Vince intervened and fought against the Margatian Army with his mercenary armies. He then crowned himself as the Emperor of Nexon. Friedrich Rommel was hired as the Director of his Secret Police and given the rank of Field Marshal. The Nationalist Army became part of the much larger Imperial Nexonan Armies.

With the Plague War, Margate annexed Nexon again and handed Emperor Vince to Shops Island, as a sign of mutual friendship between the nations. Since then, Friedrich had taken over and declared a government-in-exile.

The Party and Army were split into two factions:those who wanted to stay in Margate and those who wanted independence. The Nexonan Loyalist Party was currently the most powerful party of Nexon and one of the most influential in Margate, while the Nexonan Loyalist Army joined the Margatian Army. Meanwhile, Friedrich became the head of the Nationalist faction, both Party and Army. The Nationalists have became increasingly violent in their ways. The Movement joined the Frosian War on Hans Traugott's side.

Incidents and attacks[edit]

Being a terrorist organization, the Nexonan Nationalist Movement has caused many unwanted incidents in many places.

  • The Space Command Strike - The Margatian Government has decided to make Nexon their main headquarters for their Space Command. Many of the workers building the first fleets of spaceships and the command centre were members of the NNM. They were instructed by Friedrich Rommel to demand a 700 Club Penguin Coins pay rise. Money gained from the pay rise were intended to buy weapons. On 4 January 2014, the Strike started. The Nationalist Workers stopped construction and stood at the unfinished space-port holding picket signs. Other workers, who were definitely unaware that the Strike was staged and persuaded by their co-workers, joined in too. When the Government refused, the Nationalist Workers were ordered to disassemble the spaceships and damage the spaceport. The more militant Nationalists were instructed to destroy supplies in order to stall progress. In the end, the Government gave in and gave all workers a 800 Club Penguin Coins rise. The Strike lasted until 31 January 2014 and would've went on longer if not for Zhouese New Year. The Strike costed the Government 20 million Club Penguin Coins in damage. This is the Movement's most successful operation that caused few harm.
  • Bombings of the Imperial Palace of Nexon - Only 20 minutes after the Margatian Armies successfully captured Nexon City and Emperor Octavian, a massive explosive device weighing 1,650 kilograms was detonated inside a luxurious Alemanian car parked at the basement of the Imperial Palace of Nexon. The explosion ripped through the whole Palace, leaving only the Garden intact. The explosion also set off many more bombs planted in every car parked in the basement, destroying the foundation of the Palace, leading to a total collapse of the skeleton. The bombings killed a squad of 23 young soldiers looting the Palace at that time. The Alemanian car has been confirmed to be owned by Friedrich. However, this act was sometimes considered to be an act by the Nexonan Secret Police rather than the Nexonan Nationalists.
  • Milania Food Sabotage - When the Margatians handed over Octavian to the SIA, Friedrich ordered the Nationalists to start poisoning crops grown in Milinia that were ready to be exported to other parts of Margate. Over 4,500 penguins were affected, however only few died. Schools were forced to close for 1 week.
  • Shops City Fire- A Nationalist militant only known as Ali Chang was instructed by Friedrich to start an 'accident' in Shops City, as revenge for taking away their sovereignty. Ali Chang found a job in a Shopper real estate company. He soon became a manager. Meanwhile, he had also befriended some neighbors. One night, Ali invited 4 more Nexonan militants to his house. Inside, they made a large amount of Molotov cocktails. The pyromaniacs started throwing the incendiary devices at the upper-class apartment. When the penthouse was on fire, they set the entrances on fire too. Ali and his accomplices fled the apartment and went to his office, with the intention of setting it on fire too. However, they were caught and given life sentences in Fort Celatum. The Fire caused millions of WB$ in property damage.
  • Snowinian Terrorist Attack - On 27 March, 2014, an experimental drone plane dating from the High Empire of Nexon crashed into Snowiny's tallest building, killing 2,000 penguins and injuring 20,000 penguins. Snowiny, later, discovered that NNM attacked them, and therefore, with it's allies, started an operation to hunt down NNM and destroy it, which later became a full scale war against Puffalia and Puffarus. Snowiny defeated the NNM.

Positions held in Margate[edit]

Most of the Nexonan Nationalists were based in Margate and Nexon. In order to earn a living, they assumed many jobs.

  • Scientists and workers for the Margatian Space Command - More members joined the Space Command in order to gain intelligence following the Space Command Strike. Some have even worked to the top brass.
  • Construction workers for the Government - The NNM could halt a construction project as part of their operations if necessary.
  • Soldiers of the Margatian Armies - Some of the Loyalists Soldiers have changed their allegiance to the Nationalists. They are responsible for collecting intelligence and occasionally stealing firearms and ammunition. They can also be used to sabotage military equipment. A planned mutiny was even proposed once!
  • Members of the Margatian Parliament - Those that work here are all members of the Nationalist Party rather than the army.
  • Senators of the Nexonan Senate - The Movement formed the Opposition in the Senate. Their opponents are the Nexonan Loyalists.
  • Farmers and restaurant workers - They can be ordered to sabotage agricultural products and food.


A typical Nationalist Soldier would wear a suit of completely black body armor, a helmet that covers the face and a random weapon of their own choice. Most chose Snoss-made firearms, some chose M16 rifles to act as a cheaper substitute for the FN-SCAR, some chose AK-47s for its association with their allies - Puffalia and the WhiteBlood, the elites were armed with the FN-SCAR rifle to reflect on their aim for an independent Nexon. The soldier will also be armed with a 9mm pistol, a combat knife and occasionally some grenades. They can chose to arm themselves with Molotov cocktails too.

Relations with Nations and Other Terrorist Organizations[edit]

  • FlagROSn.png Snowiny - Snowiny assassinated Friedrich Rommel and Key Preston and made NNM cease to exist. NNM carried several terrorist attacks on Snowiny.