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"I'm pretty much a maid forced to do work around this... this building and I can't even go outside while you're a respected member of Kim's league and not seen as a walking and talking scientific breakthrough! When you're an anomaly treated like an idiot because of what you are, come find me. Until then, you should check your privilege, jerkbag."
— NX0, making use of his new-found vocabulary

Gender Asexual
Race Kimguin
Faction KKF
Favourite color Turquoise

Nexo, rightfully named NX0 and nicknamed Nex by close friends, is one of the sentient creations stemming from the KKF. Nexo is Camille's second failed attempt to create a race (known as kimguins in honor of Kim's name) bent on entering the penguin race and creating followers for Kim Karkrashian Their goal was to take over the penguin race from the inside and no one would be able to tell from the out. And obviously that backfired, thus creating experiment NX0— Camille's fancy way of calling the experiment "No." When Camille was executed, Nex discovered the wonders of the Internet. He found the site mischeviousArt and began to interact with other online artists of the world. With his full built-in understanding of languages and literature, (many thanks to the KK Manor's library) he entered the amazing world of the Internet.



After AV34 not coming out as she had planned, Camille promptly went to work on another kimguin. This one, she decided, will be the official start of the KKF kimguins. But of course, she was wrong. NX0 was born in the test tubes deep in the testing facility inside heart of the KK Mansion. Once the kimguin was formed and its DNA patterns, genetic code and artificial neural transmitters (that she had created to her liking, to worship Kim at all costs, yadda yadda) were all set, she drained the preserving gel from the tube and watched the body fall from the plasma cords. What she saw was exactly what she was hoping for; the kimguin began to shake and cough violently, getting used to its lungs.

The glass door on the front of the tube slowly began to slide across, letting the kimguin limp out, leaning onto a nearby table for support. She took a gander at it's penguin-like appearance. The kimguin had soft-white hair with an icy blue hue, similar to its snow white feathers. Camille laughed, clutching her clipboard. Her plan was running just fine. All she needed now was for the creature to speak. And that it did. She had prepped its cerebrum in advance for an accelerated lingual comprehension.

"'Ello, experiment two. How do ya do? Who's ya leader?"

She waited patiently for the the creature's response, looking down at her notes and checking off calculations. It lifted its head with an ashen gray beak; not what Camille wanted, but hey. Could be a side effect, she reasoned. But what shocked her most were the eyes. She had set a navy blue color in its code, she had no idea where the red pupils came from. Oh well, the more to represent the KKF with. But when the creature had finally gotten its beak to work, the words were not what she expected.

"And who..." It paused, taking a few cautious breaths and tastes of the air. "...who are you?" it raspily continued with a dry voice.

She found that strange... she didn't program her creatures with free thought. They were supposed to automatically reply "Kim Karkrashian" to any sentence concerning who their leader was and "Anhoo Aryu" most certainly was not its leader! No matter, she reasoned. Must simply be the genetic code getting used to such a new, weak, and underdeveloped host. But of course, as always, Camille was wrong. She constantly questioned it over and over that day, seeking the answer she so desired, just to confirm that her experiment was successful. But the kimguin didn't give her what she wanted. As it got more and more comfortable with speech and thinking, it would always ask her who she was and out of rage, she wouldn't answer. She just wanted it to say she was led by Kim but it couldn't.

Camille had to come to terms with her failure.

There was no way for her to reason the kimguin's behavior from then on out. She changed its name from EX2 to NX0 from how much she despised it and resented creating it as he would always represent her mistake; much like that monstrosity (in her opinion), AV34. They often got into arguments and unlike AV34, he could actually fight back. And win! NX0 grew independence and a mad scientist's worst nightmare: personal thought. She couldn't alter his DNA and seize his thinking. She was no longer able to control him like she could with AV34.

And soon, she wouldn't be able to control anyone— or anything— else.

Life Around the Mansion[edit]

After Camille's passing, the experiments were notified and promptly took off out of the facility and were allowed to wander around the manor as they pleased. They were given jobs (much more lenient than the ones Camille had given them) around Kim's Manor and along with that, they were given the freedom to do whatever they wanted as long as they were inside the mansion. They were also told under any circumstances to never interact with the outside world unless told to at all costs. But with so much freedom, Nexo chose the thing that always intrigued him: the Internet. The deep and vast interwebs began to consume much of his daily life.

As Nexo began to get out more from his recuperation chamber in the lab of the manor, he began to learn more from the web than he had from anything before, even the library's books. He grew an obsession with teenage Antarctican culture and fell in love with Emoguin fashion styles. Whenever he finished with his chores around the home he'd immediately rush back to the net to hang out with his online pals and to surf the seemingly endless web.

Speaking of pals...

One of Nexo's least favorite things— penguins, I mean— was Pal. Pal, used to having the more bossy role in the home except to his elders and of course his totally normal and not at all deranged and volatile sister, often took it to the next level with the ex-experiments of the household. While the other kimguins were used to taking such abuse from their old owner Camille, Nexo was not having it. Soon enough, Pal began to lay off the other kimguins and saved his wrath only for the already anxious and emotionally turbulent outcast. Nexo stood up for his fellow kimguins time and time again, souring his relationship with the bad-tempered penguin further.


  • Nexo hates Pal and often sarcastically refers to him as his "good old pal".
  • Nexo loves to read.
  • Nexo is genderless but referred to as male.

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