Nancy Nectar

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Nancy Nar
Born September 10th, 1975
Gender Female
Other names Nancy Nectar
Occupation PCC Council-penguin
Home town Polaris
Height 3'0"
Known for PCC's only rightist
Title PCC Council-penguin
Political party Conservative Action Party
Opponent(s) Democratic Party
Board member of PCC Budget Committee, PCC Parks and Recreation Committee
Spouse(s) Pachyderm5
Children Ned, Kyle, Gregory, Jack, Right99, Ulysses (all male)

Nancy Nar, usually called Nancy or Nancy Nectar, is a Polaris City Council official, and the only rightist left in the government, the last standing after the successful and massive purge undertaken by the leftist city since 1942. She is a Macaroni Penguin and is considered to have one of the most beautiful voices in Antarctica, which is how she earned her "Nectar" nickname.

However, just because she's on the right doesn't mean she is completely pure. Though purer than her comrades in office, always remember: those who lie down with puffles get up with puffle hair on them. Nancy has used the rampant corruption in Polaris to benefit herself, but she normally uses it for an ironic, hypocritical twist: she stops corruption with corruption. For instance, she'll appropriate funds to her own war chest (like all the other PCC members), but then use those funds to pay outside anti-corruption groups to wiretap and mess around in Polaris. (She had a heavy hand in the Harbor Affair, for instance, funding the wiretappers and investigators straight from Polarian tax money.)

She always goes back to her motto when called a hypocrite: "The ends justify the means.". She got into her office by electoral fraud, mainly by ballot stuffing, but remember that every currently serving Polarian elected official, with the sole exception of Sancho Monte Captio, got their seat, without fail, by electoral fraud, cheating, and bribary.


Early life[edit]

Nancy Nar hatched in a taxpayer-funded, single-payer Polarian hospital that was rampant in corruption (this was pre-HOLINESS, remember), overpriced doctors, bribes, and unforeseen patient illnesses and deaths because of it. (This was erased in the 2000s.) Her parents were radically conservative, recalling the pre-1942 dominance of the city by rightists, and often spoke out against the mainstream of their city, only to be laughed at and dismissed as the last of their kind.

Her parents were also corrupted- after all, Polarian rightists, when in power, gave themselves "perks" too, just for different reasons (which led to the sweeping leftist landslide that erased them in the 1940s) -and, because of this, were extremely wealthy. The Nars gathered in the secluded, high-rise, wealthy, gated communities where like-minded rightists holed out in the liberal metropolis.

There, Nancy's parents and the other rightists schooled Nancy in their way of thinking.

School life[edit]

Nancy's rightist beliefs contrasted violently when she was sent to the municipal government's liberal indoctrination machines schools, and she often fought with the teacher on ideologies, battling about "privatized healthcare" over "socialized medicine", balancing the budget over rampant spending, and all sorts of "troublemaking dribble"- as one teacher put it -that repeatedly got her scolded.

Of course, she was never given a real punishment like detention, timeouts or corporal punishment, because that would "warp her psyche", "scar her for life", "destroy her personality", or something else the liberals claimed. Her parents picked up that slack, though; Nancy was punished if she dared consider the liberals' points. (Although this was rare, because she considered them as insane as they did her.)

She was extremely unpopular in school despite being a rather good-looking penguin. (Not beautiful, but decently attractive.) Nancy wasn't bullied, but she was certainly picked upon and isolated by her comrades, picked last in sports, and ignored in class. She was eventually expelled in the tenth grade, when one liberal assistant principal got the guts to stop her, much to the politically correct chagrin of that same administrator's peers. (The principal was fired but Nancy's expulsion upheld.)

From there, Nancy was homeschooled and pretty much brainwashed by the conservatives of Polaris. Indeed, she was the model version of a Polarian rightist, which is to be contrasted by the rest of the rightists by its general approval of corruption.

Nancy's beautiful voice made her a natural speaker, and she discovered that she was able to lead the conservatives and rally them with passion.


In 1990, Nancy, merely a teenager at the time, was surprised to find a sealed envelope slipped under her family's suite entrance. She opened it and read its contents:

Miss Nar:

We are extremely impressed with your natural speaking abilities and your passion in the righteous cause of fiscal sanity, accountability, privatization, and conservatism. We have been watching you since you were about thirteen, and have decided to bless you as our pick for "grooming".

We want to help you in your goals and advance your ideology, possibly into the deepest bowels of this filthy liberal wasteland's government. We have ties dating back to the 1900s in Polaris. Our influence, once a body of private security penguins dedicated to protecting and enforcing the ways of our regime, still has a legacy in the bodyguards of powerful penguins to this day.

We were pretty much thrown out in the Liberal Revolt of the 1940s, but we're always around, lurking, waiting for brilliant penguins like you to surface and perhaps save this city, and make it a better place for yourself, for us, and for the rightists of this nation. We are a resistance dedicated to undermining the liberal fortress from the inside, and have small pockets of assistants all over the municipal government.

If you want to begin "grooming" sessions to join our machine, please meet us at <name and address withheld> at

Nancy accepted.

2000 PCC election[edit]

In 2000, aided by "N" and practicing her skills with their "grooming" help, Nancy began a bid to run for election to the Polaris City Council. The plurality system made it a steep battle. The conservatives already agreed to vote her in with a landslide promise, but their votes were not enough to make her the sure-fire winner. She won a lot of votes by honest campaigning and canvassing, but the Polarian liberal machine was going to out-do her anyway. Being a corrupt penguin at heart, Nancy was willing to do anything she needed to reach both her and N's goal of getting into power.

"N" saw this coming. At the end of the 2000 elections, an "old, foreign-looking penguin with an exotic accent" arrived in the Polarian Board of Election Analysis (which officially counted ballots) carrying ten sacks of "absentee votes". All of these, conveniently, came from "conservatives too scared to get out and vote for fear of harassment". The precinct judge didn't buy it, but after the weird penguin gave him a few sacks of money, he "realized his mistake" and "figured out" that the ballots were legit. He entered them in, and because of these, Nancy got "elected" to the Polaris City Council by cheating.


Today, Nancy continues serving her term as a Polaris City Council-penguin. She is the only representative of the "Conservative Action Party", which is a front operation operated by "N" in Polaris. She is the highest CAS member in the corrupt city. Most CAS politicians usually land a small job as a civil servant or bureaucrat, because the liberals out-do them by raw numbers and more efficient cheating.

Her political leanings are obvious: fical conservatism, privatization, and in a hypocritical move that distances Nancy from the Antarctican right, a campaign against corruption by using corruption. Or, in other words, Nancy fights corruption with corruption, and does not want the entire system of corruption dissolved. She only wants the left's corruption abilities dissolved, so that Polaris can be restored to its "proper, red state of being".

When confronted about this- she's not very good at being subtle -Nancy answers that "the ends justify the means". (This has become her catchphrase to the point that pro-Nancy campaign lawn signs read it.)


Nancy is an extremely serious penguin that lets nothing get in the way of her work. She has no time for fun or goofing off, unless in private. She puts her work/job over her family and self, and this is commended by her parents. However, Nancy is a generally happy penguin and can easily fake it when she's not. Nancy is very manipulative and brilliant at convincing others with truths distorted to fit her agenda. Even liberals admit that her beautiful voice attracts the attention of anyone in the room. Nancy is charismatic and a leader by nature. She models herself after her parents and is not afraid to attack her opponents.

She is not afraid to by hypocritical, but she has one place where she draws the line, and that's lying. Nancy never lies, but she does twist the truth like a pretzel, so much so that, while still true, it sounds like propaganda for her agenda.

The insignia on the lapel pin that Nancy wears.

In her private life, Nancy has a great sense of humor and is not afraid to mention "N" or how she got elected. It's an open secret in Polaris that everyone cheated to get into office, but the complacent citizenry do not give a rip. She smiles a lot and adores her husband. When she has time, Nancy likes to play with her chicks, especially their eldest son, Ulysses, and her spouse have decided that Ulysses Nar will be the next Nar to go into office, and they hope that "N" will like him.

As for "N", Nancy meets with them in their secret meetings every two weeks to continue practicing and "grooming" herself to keep up the rightist's never-going-to-win fight.


As a Macaroni Penguin, Nancy's defining feature is her large, bushy, Rockhopper eyebrows. If she shaved these off, she'd be far more beautiful, but with them, she's just sort of pretty. She has very pale-colored eyes and is unfortunately not blessed with eyelashes. However, she doesn't wear or need glasses, so it could be worse.

Nancy has some natural hair, but it doesn't grow very well. She can't seem to get it past what would count as her shoulders, so she just usually ties it up in a ponytail or styles it the best she can. She takes pride in the fact that what hair she does have, eyebrows included, is a natural blonde. Her mother did not have any hair outside of her Macaroni eyebrows (and refused to have a wig), and neither did her father, again spare the eyebrows, so she always thanks her very grandmother for it.

Nancy usually dresses very plainly. She normally wears a pale yellow blouse and a somewhat short skirt. She never goes anywhere without her pearl necklace, her golden wedding ring/bracelet, or her special pen bearing the logo/seal/insignia of the "Necisty Resisty", as "N's" club is called. She refuses to wear pants or no pants, always insisting on a skirt. Interestingly, and unlike many female right-wing politicians, hers isn't floor-length or that long. (It's certainly not a real mini-skirt, though.)

Relations with Sancho and other liberals[edit]

Comments regarding Nancy Nectar[edit]

On the P-GOV show "The Issue", hosted by Polarian Democratic Party member, Will King labels Nectar as a "stupid piece-of-crap", after Nancy Nectar said that the entire PCC was responsible for her papercut on P-GOV during the daily broadcast of "Municipal Assembly" on January 31st, 2011. King also stated on February 2nd, 2011 in relation to Nectar's comment in the MA that "...Nectar was extremely childish in this sense, and lacks competence in representation of her district, Rogerston. Though she is the one true conservative in the PCC, she does not deserve respect for being so, as she does not deserve to be in Polarian politics. I mean, Nancy or any other politician like her should not blame her Democratic and Continental Union Party colleagues for a simple papercut. And is she even above that? No, she isn't."


  • Nancy is the most powerful Conservative in Polaris. No other "Conservative Action Party" member has a position anywhere near her in importance, prestige, or influence.
  • She loves giving big grants to her neighborhood of Polaris, and literally just gives tax money to her conservative friends, family, and neighbors.
  • Before anyone asks, Nancy is an original character.
  • She is an amazing singer, one time serving as a backup vocalist for Meaghan.
  • Nancy, compared to many female (liberal) penguins in Polaris, is very plain. This being said, by all of Antarctica's standards, she's more than enough in the pretty field, but when leftists are involved showing off how great they are, "pretty" is not enough and "beautiful" is mediocre. Polaris seems to be filed with divas.
  • Outside of Polaris, Nancy isn't well-liked by fellow rightists. Most conservatives look down on her, because she is "incurably tainted" by the "unholiness of Polarian politics".
    • Few know what "N" means, but TurtleShroom, for some reason, nervously tugs at his collar when it's mentioned or when he sees a similar pin to Nancy's.
    • Some note that the pin's insignia looks a bit Naughtzee.
      • Indeed, Nancy finds High Penguins "annoying", but she isn't bent on removing them; she just doesn't like them.
  • Nancy is always hit with a "CITY OF POLARIS" gold-plated fountain pen numerous times during a session of the PCC, due to the proximity to strong, liberal zealots who somehow throw pens to the right, where Nancy is seated.

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