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Naomi Amanita Jones
Gender Female
Race Emperor penguin
Faction TurtleShroom's first cousin (TurtleShroom's Family)
Health There's something gravely wrong with her. ...-and this isn't counting the lisp, the teeth, or the lack of vision.
Level Directly related to the number of Stamps she has.
Location Travel
Occupation None
Interests Stamps
Friends Rocket Slug, TurtleShroom's Family, postal workers, her stuffed turtle
Enemies Uncounted
Archetype Good

Naomi Amanita Jones, also simply called Naomi and never referenced by her middle name, is TurtleShroom's father's sister's daughter (AKA his first cousin), and one of those relatives the family isn't too fond of disclosing.

Apparently inheriting a heaping side of crazy from her grandfather, she is on a lifelong mission to collect every Stamp ever manufactured in Antarctica.

She carries a crippling speech defect and has no understanding of personal space, an "inside voice", or the concept of "settling down". She, like Tammyshroom, has teeth, though hers are far worse and much more noticeable than her relative. She is a rambler in the old, traveling definition of the word, traveling the continent to get every last Stamp ever made. She wants to get the mainland Stamps before the Club Penguin Stamps, because she doesn't have any talent in games, like the rest of her family.


Naomi hatched in 1990 to one of TurtleShroom's many aunts and lived a crazy childhood, always bouncing off walls and having trouble sleeping. From day one, she could not see, and needed heavy prescription glasses. To keep her occupied, she was given a stuffed turtle; everyone would regret this soon enough.

At first, Naomi was mute. Her parents were saddened at the idea of a silent chick, and for years, her superstitious mother begged the sky programmers to give her speech, to let her talk, for her just to say "momma" or something; anything at all. She later learned to be careful what she wished for. Her wish was granted, but in far more ways than she asked.

At the age of four, Naomi's silence was broken, and it never came back. She rambled- in the talking sense -incessantly and never hesitated to say something to someone for some reason. Her voice was brutally defected, carrying one of the worst lisps in Antarctica.

Her parents were glad that their chick could talk, and so they put up with it for years, but no therapy really treated the lisp. She began to grow two buck teeth when she was in the sixth grade, which led to a lot of mocking on top of the speech defect.

Driven into isolation by bullying, she found solace in stamps and in talking to her stuffed turtle. Back then, stamps were just stickers on envelopes, but she collected them anyway. This lifted her out of depression and got her back into life.

When Club Penguin rolled out its promotional Stamp program, meant to encourage gaming and participation in its economy, other realms in Antarctica practiced the practice for business loyalty or tourism. Naomi first discovered the modern CP stamp system when she went to a family reunion in Mattress Village. Her grandfather gave her a stamp (apparently, riding with her grandfather awarded the passenger a stamp), and she was hooked. Naomi promised that she would collect every stamp that was, is, and will ever be made in Antarctica, and when that was done, she'd master the Club Penguin set.

While Naomi's parents were okay with this, the rest of the family really didn't give input, because Naomi was totally crazy. She took off with dust and didn't come back until two years later, with over one hundred sixty stamps in the book, and many more to go.


Naomi will stop at nothing to get her flippers on Stamps. Any Stamp offered will be hers. No one will stop her. Nothing will stop her. She will climb mountains, buy stuff, visit exotic locales, and meet penguins for stamps, and it is futile to get her to rest. In fact, trying is really a wasted effort. If anything, Naomi would drag whoever is trying to get her to rest into a whirlwind adventure, questing together for another stamp.



Naomi was not gifted in the appearance department. To say she is homely is a complement. Naomi wears a pale yellow colored blouse with a brown skirt and black dress shoes. She also wears a brown sash, as is customary for the Jones Family. She is never without her trusty stamp book, and she has unkempt, raven black hair that stretches about to her shoulders.

Her most glaring feature, though, is two buck teeth, one on each side of her beak, that may be the cause of her terrible lisp. It's a good thing that penguins don't have lips, or she'd be spraying penguins with saliva when she talked.


Naomi is energetic, naive, and cheerful. She is inquisitive and perky, always up to something and always ready for some sort of stamp-obtaining adventure. She also never shuts up. Ever.

Her happiness is either contagious or horribly annoying, depending on the penguin, and it is very difficult to upset her. She, like the rest of her family, is stubborn, easily tricked, gullible, and impulsive, but she has the added issue with arguing. She hates arguing and normally keeps telling the two combatants to stop fighting, or to break it up.

Her gullibility leads her into many unfortunate circumstances, and will do most anything that isn't amoral for a stamp. She'd never steal for one, but she would go somewhere (say, a ghetto), meet someone, or pay obscene amounts of money for a good stamp. Many times, Naomi has been taken advantage of for this, and when she finds out the truth, it hurts her very deeply. When Naomi is hurt, it's like her entire personality collapses out of her.

Naomi is always on the move and waddles very quickly. She jumps up and down when excited and enjoys being with others, even if they don't enjoy her. She admires her cousins and family, and hopes that she can make something off of her stamps. Since she often collects more than one of any stamp (even rare ones), she actually makes a good payoff by selling her extras.

She also talks to this stuffed turtle she carries everywhere.


Rocket Slug[edit]

Naomi befriended Rocket Slug mostly by excess initiative. Or, more correctly, she wouldn't stop hanging around her. Like a terrible fungus, Rocket Slug was at first annoyed at the buck-toothed penguin, but as she continued to appear, RS began to take a liking to this energetic TurtleShroom relative. She was good friends with the Joneses already, though this one in particular appealed to her.

Naomi was always up and at it, compared to the either lazy or formal dispositions of the other Joneses, but like the rest of her family, she acted on a whim and was extremely gullible. All of the family shared certain traits in such eerie uniformity that it was unnerving.

Rocket Slug also felt for her, since she was so easily tricked and as crazy as her on any day. They had similar personality attributes in some ways, and they really enjoyed each other's company. When tagging along, she will often defend Naomi after Naomi is tricked or conned by some bully or con artist.


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