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The Narrator
Exists before the beginning, exists after the end. And everything in between.
Title The Narrator
Gender Asexual
Race Otherworldly being
Location Everywhere, even inside your toilet.
Birth date The Beginning of Time
Occupation Narrates everything
Height None
Nationality None
Interests Talking in the 3rd person, narrating
Friends BOF
Enemies Fudd

The Narrator is an otherworldly being which tells the tales of every single thing in the world. Heck, it is even the one who is telling about this page, which talks about itself. Unlike various powerful entities, the Narrator is completely omnipotent, though it has always preferred to take a neutral side in conflicts and never directly interferes with anything that is happening. The following article refers to the narrator of this very wiki.


The Narrator is said to appear in most, if not all stories to ever exist storytelling every action, thought or description. It has been known to literally narrate everything, from characters to their actions, into existance, provided that what is happening happens in a teir-2 type universe or below. From the beginning of times (sometimes called "You" for some reason) to the most recent page, he narrated it. As you'll read below, it is not bound to a single universe.


The Narrator is know to be found through the different universes, sometimes changing its point of view or even voice, depending on the situation. A few universes have different nicknames for the Narrator, such as "You", "God" or even "Morgan Freeman" for some reason.


Though no one has truly seen it, it is said to be invisible, right down to not having eyes. It claims to read from a script, but how can it read, anyways? It, however, is proven to actually exist. Unlike most versions of the narrator, the one in the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki has its own personality.

It is known to be very straightforward and just does its job of narrating, but certain fourthwall breaking creatures are known to have full conversations with it. It seems to be quite stubborn and that it DOESN'T like conversations with "lesser beings". But he still responds, for some reason.


  • Since April Fools 2013, Fudd has been trying to be " the new narrator".
  • Even though it is a fully sentinent being, the Narrator can be controlled by using the Narrator's Organ.
  • His voice and accent often change, depending on what he's narrating.