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Narwhals is a story about a huge pod of hungry, lost narwhals being discovered in the ocean by Puggie4276. Once it reached Club Penguin's docks, it caused massive chaos.

Chapter One: Narwhals, They Are Narwhals[edit]

The day was February 23, 2007. Just an hour before, narwhals were reported in the southern Yowien Sea, heading towards Club Penguin quickly. At about 11:00 AM PB&J timezone, it was estimated the leader of the pod was at Club Penguin's docks, as detected via radar. Unfortunately, Club Penguin Island heard of it too late.

It was at that time that Puggie4276 was fishing on the docks, having rejected the Ski Lodge fishing hole for the real spot. The Commercial Servers, filled to the brim with harbors and shops, were amazing spots to fish. Even the Ski Lodge hole boasted bigger, stronger, and more diverse fish. Puggie was a seasoned fisherman and knew this, so he resolved to make sure he was in a commercial server. Alas, this strategy failed, so it seemed; Puggie had yet to land anything, and he soon felt like going home for the day.

"Why won't these darned fish bite?!" yelled Puggie4276, in frustration.

It was then that Puggie's line began drawing slack at an amazing speed. It must have been one heck of a Mullet, or a shark, or something, because the reel was losing its line fast! Puggie was elated and grabbed his rod with both flippers, yanking back at the beast on the other line. It had to be bigger than two of him! What power, what a thrill for Puggie!

He spent the next several hours alternating between reeling in the catch of a lifetime and letting it swim away. Like any fisherman knows, our hero was tiring the fish to stop it from fighting getting reeled in.

At long last, the creature stopped resisting, and Puggie triumphantly pulled his catch out of the water... -and his heart skipped a beat. This was no simple fish- it was a narwhal. That was found out in the next π seconds, and Puggie4276 LITERALLY had a panic attack.

-and now for some music!

A narwhal is a powerful, very large type of whale with a collosal horn and a carniverous appetitie. Herbert P. Bear referenced them from time to time, and they made their living consuming all kinds of fish and skewering things with their trademark narwhal horn that is often more than half their own length! live at the NORTH pole, not the south. It is precisely that super-sharp horn that would make any penguin drop dead in fear. Exclusively Arctic in range, somehow a pod strayed all the way across the globe to haunt penguin-kind, and poor old Puggie.

Puggie4276 ran like the wind, his heart pounding. Running past the seafood markets and boats, Puggie4276 was fully aware of the smashing boats and screaming penguins. Within minutes, the EPF was on the scene, ordering immediate evacuations. Penguins didn't stand around- they ran for the hills.

Puggie shuffled through the screaming and smashing as he weaved his way through the uproarious crowd. He had no destination in mind, except to run.

"GAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! WHAT'S GOING ON WITH THESE NARWHALS?!!!!" Puggie4276 screamed. Fearing the narwhals, he teleported into a Traditional Server and ran straight for its Wilderness. They'd NEVER get them there.

Chapter Two: Causing a Commotion[edit]


"G, calm down and explain it to us!" a nearby EPF agent said, to his hyperventilating overseer.

"Okay, okay. Basically, and inexplicably, we've got ourselves a massive pod of narwhals, my friends."

"What's a narwhal?"

"A narwhal is an Arctic, marine mammal and type of whale. It is colossal and feeds on meat. It's deadly feature, and the reason we should be scared, is because it has this colossal facial horn."

"A horn, G?"

"Yes, a HORN! A sharp, terrifying, skewer of a lethal horn! It can stab through any penguin that dares swim near it, if they're hungry enough! Oh gosh, oh gosh..."

"-but they were first spotted in the Commercial Servers, right? Shouldn't that mean it'll be okay if we stop commerce users from swimming at the Beach and fishing at the Ski Lodge?"

"No. That's why I was panicking. This isn't just one narwhal. It's a pod of narwhals. A HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE pod! There's so many, that our servers are treating them as one unit, like they would the Migrator or an outside influence like storm clouds and stray icebergs."

"Does that mean they can change servers at will?"

"Yes, and they'll do so when they get hungry. It's only a matter of time before someone gets........"

G gulped in fear.