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Nat being VERY angry.png
Title The Beserking
Gender Female
Race Northern Penguin
Level 120
Status Alive
Location Club Penguin Island
Birth date May 23, 1999
Occupation Nothing

Nat, formerly known as Natalie Esbern under the hands of the Esbern Family, is an energetic Northern Penguin and a child-at-heart who has the special ability to go rampant when extremely angered. On Club Penguin, she does not have a job, but she lives a double life in thievery, and the Nat life which all changed due to a flight mixup to Japaland. In order to escape the country, she currently works as a part time "professional" high school girl under the name "Natto Yamaga" to buy a brand new super drill.


Early Life[edit]

Alternate name: Foster's Home For Losers

Nat's true parents were never known. Her egg drifted from the distant ocean all the way to Antarctica. Specifically, Club Penguin Island in the Outback server. The egg landed nearby a fishing shack where one fisher penguin was able to spot it.

The fisherman couldn't afford feeding another being, so he sent the egg to an adoption center. Several eggs at the adoption center hatched far more early than Nat's egg, which didn't show a single scratch. Weeks after, around the time when the carers proclaimed the unborn chick to be dead, a crack started to appear. It grew wider and wider until the chick finally broke free. All of the penguins were super relieved, albeit extremely shocked at the same time.

Growing up at the adoption center was very difficult for Nat; her right eye was blind at birth and all the other chicks made fun of her because of that. Her rage grew on the inside but she was never able to unsheathe it. Parents looking to adopt a child always walked past Nat due to the eye, as well as the solitude she had from the other chicks. One parent was very intrigued by Nat's unique burden, and adopted her. For the first time in her life, she was able to live without anyone hurting her.


Alternate name: Nat's Bizarre Adventure

By the time she was adopted, she lived under the name Natalie Esbern since she was now living with the Esberns, a rich family who owned most of the Outback Server. She lived with her adoptive father and adoptive brother, George and Jonathan Esbern. Jonathan was quite older than Nat, who was 7 when she was 3. Jonathan and Nat were almost polar opposites. Jonathan was the good kid of the two and Nat was the rowdy troublemaker. Of course, the two of them didn't get along so well, which got them into quite a lot of fights.

Sometime before now[edit]

Alternate name: Straight Outta Club Penguin

Prior to Nat's current life, she lived on Club Penguin island and resided in a cave system she made herself. At that time, she robbed from the Pizza Parlour and the Coffee Shop to satisfy her basic needs. This had gone unnoticed by the citizens of Club Penguin for several years, until she somehow managed to afford a plane flight to head to Amataria. Unfortunately for her, she accidentally bought the wrong ticket and was heading to Japaland instead. Since she didn't want to waste her money, she just rolled with it and went on the plane for Japaland.

During the flight, her seat was assigned next to a female half-Prep-Japalandese penguin sitting next to the window, and can someone else add a character for me here I can't think of anyone at the moment who was sitting next to the aisle. By the time the plane was over Dorkugal, Nat had already watched ever single documentary and movie available. To keep herself entertained, she plugged an electronic ukulele which also functions as a microphone into the tv and played the most epic song she could think of. Half of the crowd was astounded and the rest were almost terrified.


Alternate name: Beauty and the Weeb

After she came out of the closet, Nat now lives in Japaland with her waifu Maki.


Alternate name: Nat's A Series of Unfortunate Events

At the start of 2021, Nat became a freelance criminal roaming through Antarctica. Due to this, she resorted to wearing several outfits and masks ranging from ninja masks she earned from different Card-Jitsu arts to makeshift party masks she makes at a particular arts-and-crafts venue while ditching her bandana to hide her identity. Due to her personality, she does not intend to commit murders but she enjoys thieving from high-security banks, vandalising walls with spray paint as well as crashing parties, the main victims being weddings, most likely due to her never having one (ouch.).

Her last crime happened at one of South Pole City's most protected banks. When she was on her independent heist, she was finally caught by the police force and was sentenced to around 2 months in Owcatraz Prison. Nat was forced to wear the cone of shame and rubber gloves to prevent her from clawing or biting anyone.

After she was released from prison, she vowed to never commit a crime in Antarctica for the rest of her life.


Her most known features are her spiky hairstyle which, when observed closely, become more softer the calmer she is, and her trademark bandana. Most of the time, Nat wears an oversized trenchcoat. Due to her optimistic and childlike personality, she is usually rather plump when standing alongside fully matured penguins at around 83cm to 136cm, although her real height shows when she bears negative emotions, when she's trying to look cool, or when she's just being normal, at 168cm. Her feathers are orange, but they will sometimes turn a light shade of green when she is about to transform. Nat also has a pair of normally triangular eyebrows, if you haven't noticed yet. She used to wear an eyepatch, but she discovered the existence of contact lenses.

Nat in her Wolf Form looking up while she's in the void.

In her beast form, her feathers are replaced with dark brown fur matching her hair, while retaining the bandana. She stands much more higher than even an emperor penguin, as well as being rather heavy. She is armed with claws on her flippers and feet as well as broken shackles. Nat also has wolf ears and a wolf tail, so wouldn't she be a werewolf? She technically isn't but she prefers referring to herself as one, since it sounds cooler to her. It is also known as the Berserker Form, Wolf Form, Wolfy Form, or Furry Suit.


Nat has an extreme proficiency in dual weaponry, especially with axes. She can also handle two-handed weapons just as well. Nat is also somehow capable of firing lasers wih her own eyebrows. Even without her weapons, she is a threat. She is capable of carrying an adult penguin with her own jaw, as well as having an extreme biting power.

When in extreme danger or extreme anger, the soul living inside her eye grows over her body and she becomes a monstrous creature. This can have ups and downs. Nat becomes more agile and can endure or dodge many attacks. However, she also becomes savageous and she cannot control her own actions or when she can return to normal. She had recently learned how to control this power, but she only uses it in situations that could risk death.

Strengths & Weaknesses[edit]


  • Her puns can easily take down the confidence of several penguins, although some opponents who either rival her level of humor or do not have a sense of humor at all will laugh along or feel no effect.
  • She has a tremendous amount of strength in some circumstances.
  • Surprisingly, she's very good at sorting things as well as hiding stuff.
  • In terms of fighting, she has a great proficiency in combat.
  • She can turn into a phreaking giant dog.
  • Did I mention she can fire lasers from her eyebrows?
    • To activate this ability, however, Nat must focus a lot of her power into her head, which has a high chance of her passing out.


  • She has a hard time trying to decide on things, especially under pressure.
    • She's also not very decisive on what should be her theme song.
  • She's lazy. I don't know if I should say anything else about that.
  • Although she doesn't exactly hate anyone, she sometimes hold grudges against other people for reasons that don't make sense.
  • In her Berserker Form, Nat's incapable of speech and can only make dog sounds.
  • She's super poor, which explains why she lives in a cave and steals stuff.
  • Nat's right eye is completely blind, which leaves her right side vulnerable to sneak attacks.
  • She can't tie knots.


Nat also carries several pieces of equipment with her, including:

  • Several pieces of clothing she sometimes substitutes her traditional outfit for. This includes:
    • Her Extreme Winter Outfit that is used in the harshest climates (or just to look cool), consists of a hooded white coat and a fully masked version of her bandana.
    • When she's on heists, she wears her Sneaky Stealing Outfit, which consists of a modified version of her bandana and sunglasses to keep her identity different and a black hoodie to keep her hair style intact.
    • She also carries casual attire with her, which is simply a short-sleeved grey shirt and a pair of shorts.
  • A few pieces of weaponry for self defense as well as some heists she commits.
    • Nat's signature weapon, the Twin Axes, which are two one-handed axes that can transform into a single large axe.
    • A Snowball Gun. She doesn't use it a lot but she mainly uses it for heists.
    • A Knicicle for emergencies or small cuts.
  • Also some food.
    • Which obviously includes a lot of fruit juice. Specifically, orange juice.
    • She also keeps a bone or two to occasionally chew on.
    • She is usually holding onto an assortment of snacks, including fish jerky and branded potato chips.
    • As well as a bottle of water, just in case.
  • Most importantly, she carries her player card with her at all costs.

Theme Music[edit]

Theme Songs
Casual Battle Berserk Boss Battle


  • Gary: "What is your name?"
    • Nat: "Nat."
    • Gary: "What is your FULL name?"
    • Nat: "Nat."
  • Nat: "=D"
  • Nat: "Oh boy!"
    • Herbert P. Bear: "Get out of my face, flightless bird!"
    • Nat: "I think I'm in a beary bad situation right now!"
    • Herbert: "Whenyouhearareallybadpun.gif"
  • Nat: "Hey Guys!"
    • {placeholder characters}: "Hey, Nat!"
  • Nat: "I just found this little star lying around."
    • {placeholder characters}: "Oh no."
    • Nat: "I just hope you'll start to enjoy my puns a bit more!"
    • {placeholder characters}: "Whenyouhearareallybadpun.gif"
    • Mcdonalds394: "Bravo!"
  • Gary: "What's 5x5?"
    • Nat: *sweats*
    • Gary: "Don't tell me you don't know your multiplication tables."
    • Nat: "Of course I know my timetables! I just uh..."
    • Gary: "What is it?"
    • Nat: "I just don't sit at them very often...?"
    • Gary: "Whenyouhearareallybadpun.gif"


  • Nat has a strange obsession with certain types of food. Examples would be cheese, jelly and fish-bacon.
    • Nat also likes to chew on bones, which slightly freaks out some passer-bys that witness this.
  • Nat also has the tendency to make really bad puns. This can really annoy some people.
    • However, this has also given Nat quite a few friends, such as Mr Cow2 and the Flipplings.
  • Mcdonalds394 likes her puns. He told her to be a comedian.
  • Nat has been known to ask basic math questions to people, usually only responding with a "huh.". No one knows if she's measuring their IQs, or if she's just straight up bad at maths.
  • Due to her androgynous name and appearance, as well as her rather tall height, many penguins have mistaken her for a male.