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Be on your guard!
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction Good
Health Good
Level 100+
Friends Practically...anybody!
Enemies See above.
Archetype Neutral
Weapon of choice Her flippers

Not to be confused with Nat, which is in no way associated with this islander.

Natasha is a penguin living on an island, and is a penguin obsessed with being fashionable. However, it is easy to fool and persuade this gullible penguin to do what one wants, let it be evil or not. She is however a nice penguin, and would accept a chocolate cake if somebody offered one to her.


Early Years[edit]

In 2013, October 31, Natasha's (rich) parents were one of the first immigrants from Club Penguin to travel to a previously unknown island, and hatched from her egg as soon as the penguins arrived on the island. Natasha looked considerably very different from her parents or the other penguins, and stood out from the crowd. She was sensible about fashion, as she as brought up with stylish penguins around her.
Natasha as a chick, on her deluxe bedroom platform.
She was somehow involved in the construction of buildings on the island, and tried to help. When the construction was over, she was one of the first penguins to enter the first school on the island and used the scissors to cut the ribbon before entering.

Later Years[edit]

She grew taller faster than other chicks, and by her first birthday in 2014 was the height of a 5-year-old chick, and on her birthday tasted a chocolate cake for the first time and got hooked on the first spoonful. Her parents soon resigned her from school and tried to educate her themselves, and was now one of the penguins of high status. By now, all of the islander's chicks had a 3D-style, just like her. One morning in 2016, when Natasha was nearing the height of a teenage penguin and was toying with a coconut, her family received a message via post that in the next year, penguins would join them on an island named CP Island. Failing to notice that the address written on the back said House of Penguins. Area. Area. Island of Pufflepeng and that they were not on this "CP Island", they made a public announcement to place decorations and party hats everywhere, expecting the penguins to come in the next year.

Current Life[edit]

Natasha is being as patient as possible, and likes to point at everybody in a weird style that could make a puffle uncomfortable to be near her. She is classified as a teenage penguin, and is very sociable. But, as mentioned before, she is currently showing her weakness - the fact that she is easily gullible. She is currently practicing self-defence, including savate and slapping.


She and her family will read the old letter again, and will notice that the island they are on is written as "Island of Pufflepeng", and will make a public announcement to the other islanders that they are not on CP Island, and to take as many things as possible in a bag and wait on the beach. Everyone will meet, and will sail in a large boat to CP Island. Two years after finally getting to CP Island, she will skip high school and enter university. By some fantastic and crazy luck, she will pass with a B+ and will earn a job as a journalist's assistant. She will successfully help report 5 full articles before becoming missing. She will soon be found and will explain that she was fooled into believing a fake clairvoyant not to help the journalist. After being fired, she will soon (randomly) inherit a large amount of jars, and will get an idea to sell them for 10 gold coins each.

After running out of jars to sell, she will have at least 10,500 coins and will buy more jars, only to increase the price by a coin. At the age of 30, she will be an established bussinesspenguin and will open a store for second-hand amphoras, jugs, jars, cups or basically anything made of china. After buying some more clothes, she will be approached by a penguin who will offer her a chocolate cake if she would give everything to sell to the penguin. She, being gullible, will give him everything and will be given 50 coins before a yellow penguin will tell her she will soon be in trouble. The penguin was right, and Natasha will be robbed the following day, sparing 150 coins and some clothes. This soon will lead to a series of adventures, recorded in her diary.

The robber was soon unmasked at age 49, and after a round of savate, she will get her money and items back. She will go back to being a businesspenguin for a further 10 years, when she will retire in a cottage on the coast of the island and will have a chick named Henry3019. Natasha will live up to the age of 86, before disappearing in mysterious circumstances.




"When do you think the penguins will come?"

A penguin is placing a chocolate cake on his/her table.
Penguin: Yummity yum! I can't wait to taste this cake!
Suddenly, a purple penguin in 3D glasses crashes through the door and destroys the igloo.


  • She is an avid fan of chocolate cake, as hinted above.
  • When she smells it from afar, things can go really out of hand.
  • She likes pizza, especially when combined with soda.
  • nemolee.exe has a crush on her.