National Airports Authority

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National Airports Authority
Motto Going farther, faster and stronger.
Formation March 15,2001
Type Joint-venture (26% FAAA, 25% ACAO, 49% LCC Holdings Inc.)
Headquarters 1562 Emperor Avenue
Membership 77 airports
Official languages English,Penguinian
President Michael Dorry

The National Airports Authority is a joint-venture airport authority, that operates most of the airports in the USA (not including Free Republics), and handles more than 2.6 billion passengers per year, in 77 different airports across the USA. The authority has 8 different regional subsidiaries. They are the South Pole Airport Network,the Eastshield Airports Authority, the Club Penguin Airports Network, the Trans-Antarctic Airports Network, the Sub-Antarctic Airports Authority, the New North Etana Airports Group, and the Happyface State Airports Authority, which operate in states, and in major cities, such as South Pole City, Club Penguin City and the Club Penguin Island.

As of 2012, the agency now operates as a subsidiary of the CAAA

More coming soon.