National Bureau of Investigation

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National Bureau of Investigation
Intelligence agency overview
Formed June 24, 1905
Preceding Intelligence agency Bureau of Investigation
Jurisdiction United Provinces
Headquarters NBI HQ, Winsburg, United Provinces
Employees Classified
Annual budget Classified
Intelligence agency executive James Edward Humphrey, Director of the NBI
Key document  ?

The National Bureau of Investigation (srb. Narodni istražni biro) is the domestic intelligence and security service of the United Provinces and the nation's prime law enforcement agency. It is one of the most renowned and most feared agencies throughout Antarctica as it is very effective and strict in its job, and is led with an iron fist by the brutal director James Edward Humphrey, often shortened to J. Ed Humphrey, who has been the agency's director since November 2013 and remains so until his death in February 2045 at the age of 80.


It was founded in 1905 as the Bureau of Investigation. In 1947 it was turned by President Julien Lawrence into the National Bureau of Investigation as Snowiny effectively became a fascist police state. In 2003 after the end of the civil war and a Republican victory the NBI became an independent organization, and under J. Ed Humphrey it became more powerful than ever before in its history, so much that President Simon McClark once said he himself is afraid of the NBI's growing influence in the country's politics.

Key Figures[edit]

Political parties of the key figures are in brackets in front of their names. L = Liberal, C = Conservative, N = Nationalist, Ind = Independent.

  • (C) James Edward Humphrey: Director of the National Bureau of Investigation
  • (C) Nelson Eugene Rice: Deputy Director of the National Bureau of Investigation
  • (N) Ted Pinkerton: Agent.
  • (Ind) Cornelius Lavrov: Agent.
  • (L) Sebastian West: Agent.

There are many more figures in the agency, but they're either insignificant or their names are classified.


  • They are known to do operations abroad as well.

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