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The National Schools of Antarctica or the NSA, is a not-for-profit partially government funded organisation to link and classify. what it deems the top schools of the USA. A school inducted into the organisation recieve the title National school, which is recognised nationally and internationally alike. Schools of all type, from private to state to boarding to day, is eligible to be a member, provided they pass the requirements.


The NSA was found by Antarctic Academy, Antarctica University Preparatory School, St Louis Education Facility, the Institute of PWNAGE and Aquarius Academy, as requested by the government, in 2000. The organisation has since expanded; there are now 18 member schools.


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  • The school must have 90% or over move on to an institution of higher education.
  • The school must have recieved the highest form of grading by the state, if applicable.
  • The school must be based in the United States of Antarctica.
  • The school must pass NSA standards.
  • The school must be considered outstanding overall for a place in the NSA.
  • The school must provide a learning environment suitible for students.
  • The school must exceed the national requirement (the "Alseef codes") for quality of education.
  • The school must invest in the safety, welfare and health of the students under its care.
  • The school must have outstanding staff who can effectively teach.
  • The school must regularly inform parents and guardians on the students progress.
  • The school must handle complaints well.
  • The school must ensure that 90% of students with the least advantages pass their class.
  • The school must ensure the teaching's effecient.
  • The school must ensure it has effecient leadership and management.
  • The school must have largely positive opinions from parents.
  • The school must ensure order and dicipline among its students and faculty.
  • The school must be well guarded and defended, and the students must be safe in the building.
  • The school must be fully capable of squashing any and all student protests within three hours or less.
  • The school must be able to cope with and eliminate any and all student disruptions like sit-ins, protests, and disobediance,
  • The school must be fully able to enforce any bans, rules, dress codes, or other policies it lays down effectively.
  • The school must have at least fifty student or more.
  • The school must have edible lunches.
  • The school must have a graduation ceremony of some sort.
  • The school must be capable of handling bullying on sight.

Among other complex requirements.

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