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Snoss Secret Service (SSS)
SSS Insignia.png
The Insignia of the feared evil Secret Police.
Name Snoss Secret Service (SSS)
Type Secret Police AND Secret Service
Location Snoss Empire, occationally undercover in Castilla and the USA
Head Swiss Ninja
Job Spy on enemies, Censor/Monitor Media, Spy on Snoss Citizens, Assasinate Traitors
Members over 10,000.
Headquarters Geneva, Snowzerland

The Snoss Secret Service (stylized as ᛋᛋᛋ) is the ever feared main espionage branch of Snowzerland, who is a major rival to the EPF. Despite its name, it doesn't just collect intelligence to protect the heads of state and government. It serves as the entire espionage package, performing all of the duties of the PSA, EPF, AIA, CNIC, and even AIB in one group.

It is argued as to how far the secrecy of the SSS should go (if the people should know anything at all), and whether it is a secret service or a secret police. (It is both). The latter seems to have more evidence since they seem to drastically alter the state-owned media and influence the masses. They also censor. Not the good kind, either. While Holyberden, the Inquisition, and its censors deal with suprpessing unclean acts of any kind and leaving clean-but-differing opinions alone, the SSS censors political dissent and a lot of clean-but-differing-from-SN free speech.


In the beginning around 2000, Swiss Ninja started the SSS to protect the citizens of the young Snowzerland from any dangers, and the SSS started with mostly retired, quit, or fired PSA, AIA or CNIC agents. Their job was to simply infiltrate suspicious activity, and they were rather sucessful. However, as years past, Swiss Ninja grew bitter, and he grew furious when he heard other Snoss embarrass and talk bad about him in public. Immediately, the SSS became a secret police as well, and they were given the permission to arrest and execute all who spoke out against SN. In time, the group became more organized and feared, and more citizens joined since they had a good salary pay. Swiss Ninja gave the SSS all acess to all Snoss Media companies and printing factories, thus giving them complete control. The upgrade of the SSS on the mainland was sucessful as more and more Swiss Ninja Critics in the Empire vanished from existance. Citizens give a high token to the organization, since they are the controllers of Snoss society, and are still high at work today.


The official Uniform of the SSS is well known. The SSS Officer looks similar to the Elite Snosstrooper, wearing a grey Trench Coat, but the SSS wear grey helmets instead of hats. Their helmets are shaped differently than Snoss Military Helmets, and the insignia of the SSS, which are three Armaen rune characters that all say S (think thunderbolt shaped S's) on both sides of the helmet- a trademark symbol that has brought fear to many.

However, when agents are on overseas missions, they tend to wear casual clothing or tidy tuxedos.


There are several Stormtroopers working for the SSS. They usually are responsible for protecting SSS Facilities and certain crime scenes. Stormtroopers are also used for covert operations during the wintertime since their uniforms are naturally camouflaged in the snow. During the winter, Stormtroopers can also be dispatched to spy, arrest, and execute opponents. They recieve about the same pay as the Stormtroopers that serve the Snoss Army.

Modes of Transport[edit]

The most iconic transportation vehicle of the SSS is the motorcycle. The Service is the owner of a large fleet of simple looking high speed motorcycles, also known for it's loudness. The motorcycles are used inside the country and are used to chase enemies quickly or get to other places quickly. The second most common mode of transport is the "Paddy Wagon" Truck. It is only used when the SSS is off to arrest someone. When on spy duty in foreign countries, SSS spies do not fly in special planes nor have any special transport while outside Snowzerland, thus they are subjected to rent cars, take the train, taxi, boat, or bus.


  • The official anthem of the SSS is No Snowzerland Without You.
  • The SSS has been known for brutally kidnapping, arresting, and executing Swiss Ninja opposers in the Snoss Empire.
  • The USA considers the SSS to be a Terrorist Organization on it's own citizens, limiting their freedom of speech and thought. Therefore, any SSS agent caught on USA soil is immediately given the Death Penalty for Spying and Acts of Terrorism.
  • They are a loose parody of the SS.
  • They have a bitter rivalry with the NRR.
  • They have a Jail Warden subdivision in full Uniform on Pen Chi Island.
  • The SSS is NOT considered to be a part of the Snoss Armed Forces but as a Government agency.

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