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Inspiration(s) Countless countries
Developer CrystalWare
Publisher Micro Hard and Soft
Release dates
Release in the USA
December 15 2013
Release in the UTR
December 18 2013
Release in Dorkugal
December 18 2013
Additional info
Genre Strategy
Units sold 1.2 million
Platform PC, icePeach
Rating 7+

Nations is a popular turn-based strategy game. It was developed by a small Culldrome game manufacturer, CrystalWare, only made up of a small team. Nations was CrystalWare's first game which instantly catapulted it to fame overnight. Nations was published by Micro Hard and Soft, it was released on December 15, 2013 for the USA and December 18 for all other nations. It was released for PC and icePeach and was met with critical acclaim, having sold over a million copies as of February 2014.


In Nations, the player represents a famous leader who must then control one of several nations available in the game. The player guides the nation over several thousand years. Nations uses a turn based system; during a turn, a player can control their nation in many ways. They can use settler units to found cities, which can then be used to produce other units (eg. soldiers), buildings (eg. factories) or Structures, which provide major bonuses and many points. The player must also balance several 'resources' - money, happiness, culture and science points. They player also has to go through diplomacy and wars, having to keep relationships in good standing with others and building their military up.

In addition to the nations, there are also several City-States. City-States are small, single city "nations". Other nations can ally with City-States through diplomacy and in doing so will massively boost their resources. Allied City-States will also help Nations during times of war. City-States also come in several types - Cultural, Coastal, Military and Economic. Cultural City-States provide a culture boost to allies. Coastal City-States provide a food and science boost to cities. Military City-States provide heavy military units to Nations. Economic City-States provide money and happiness to allied Nations.

The game can be won by several kinds of victories - Conquest, Scientific, Culture, Political, Economic and Points. A Conquest victory can be achieved when the player is the only player with their capital (first city founded) still in their possession. A Scientific victory can be won by researching all of the technologies on a technology tree and constructing an interplanetary space ship. A Culture victory can be won by completing 5 policy trees, which provide certain bonuses to your nation. A Political victory can be won by other nations voting you as a World Leader. An Economic victory can be won by amassing a large wealth and controlling most of the world's trade routes. A Points victory can be won by having the most amount of points in a set time frame.

Nation List[edit]

List of Nations
Nation Icon Leader Unique Ability Unique Unit(s) Unique Building Suited for...
Amataria Amigopen Evolution - Research rate and build rate sped up by 25% RoboSoldier- Replaces Soldier unit. -25% time to build, -10% speed, +10% health. Robot Factory- Military base, +80% time to build, +25% defenses to cities with it, +25% production when building robots. Scientific Victory
Antarctica Billybob Legendary Military - Military units take 20% less time to build and cost 20% less maintenance. Marine - Replaces Soldier unit. +10% strength when in foreign territory.
Super Tank - Replaces Tank unit. +2 movement.
Conquest, Economic and Cultural Victory
Culldrome Isles
Mark the Warrior Purple Hospitality -+30% happiness. +25 Diplomatic Points to other Nations. Porcyal Bomb - Replaces Nuclear Bomb. +50% time to build, +20% more damage. Sandstone Castle - +25 Diplomatic Points to Nations with embassies in that city. Political Victory
Ed Island EDFan12345 Immitative Power - When a city is conquered, gain a free Technology already discovered by its owner. Phantom Dropship - Replaces Helicopter Gunship. +30% time to build, +35% more damage. Ed Labs- Research base, +50% science output to cities with it, +30% time to build Scientific Victory
Freezeland King Triskelle
Margate Li Kwan You Trade Route Monopoly - +25% Competitiveness. +30% Productivity. +10% Expansion Persuasive Businessman - +10% Diplomacy. -20% Time to build. +10% Efficiency. Nexonan Research Labs - +40% Science points produced. +5% Efficiency. +30% Cost. -20% Diplomacy. Scientific or Economic Victory
Munijoch Victor Malkov The White Army - +25% Military unit strength. +20% Expansion rate. -15% Diplomacy. WhiteBlood Juggernaut - Replaces Soldier unit. +15% damage, -5% health. Malkovian Method - All buildings (when built) are reinforced with Munijoch Iron. +10% durability to cities with it, -5% time to build. Conquest Victory
Shops Island
Lavender Industry- +50% Productivity. +25% Expansionism. +10% Competitiveness. Shopper War Machine -+30% Military unit strength. +15% Expansion rate. -10% Diplomacy. -25% Morality. Industrial Division- Industry Hub. +40% Efficiency. +5% Costs. -5% Quality of Life. Conquest and Economic Victory
Snowzerland Swiss Ninja Snoss Army- +20% Military unit strength. -50% Diplomacy RDA Trooper Replaces Soldier unit. +35% damage, +5% Health. Snoss Eisenhaus-Military base, +40% durability to cities with it, +30% time to build Conquest Victory
Yow Kingdom King Alexander Annoyance- +15% International Distractions. -10% Morality & Ethics. -5% Diplomacy. +20% Secrecy Liquid Nuclear-Replaces Radioactive Materials. +70% International Scrutiny. F Island Castle-Labor hub, -20% production time on buildings and cities. Cultural Victory
Zhou Wu Jiao
Osloven Empire Emperor William Seoven The Red Force - +30% Competitiveness. +25 Productivity. +10% Expansion. Stealthy Mouse- +10% Military unit strength. +10% Expansion rate. -5% Diplomacy. -5% Morality. +5% Defense. The Liquid Tower- Military base Conquest and Cultural Victory


List of City States
City-State Type
Club Penguin Economic
Rockhopper Island Coastal
Mylou Cultural
Daire Isle Military


Nations has received critical acclaim, being highly regarded as an excellent game.


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Nations has had a highly positive sales record, managing to sell more than 1.1 million copies to date.

Country/Region Copies Sold
Culldromeislesflag.png Culldrome Isles 107,000 copies
USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica 295,000 copies
Flag of Ninja Archipelago Union.png Ninja Archipelago 245,000 copies
AUOFlag.png Asiapelago 211,000 copies
UnitedTerra flag.PNG UnitedTerra 192,000 copies
FlagROSn.png Snowiny 66,000 copies
Total 1,116,000 copies