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If you were looking for his original, see Wikipenguino45
For everything else, see Wikipenguino (disambiguation)

I was meant for far better. I am you! I was supposed to be you! But if I can't be you, then that makes me everything that you aren't.
— Negative Wikipenguino to Wikipenguino45

Negative logo.png
Born Negative Wikipenguino
January 19, 2015 (2015-01-19) (age 4)
Bureau of Fiction
Gender Male
Nationality N/A
Other names Negative
Education None
Alma mater None
Occupation Unknown
Years active 2015-present
Home town None
Height 4.2 ft (50.4")
Weight 45kg
Known for Impersonating Wikipenguino45 and trying to use his identity for countless misdeeds as well as attempted destruction of Antarctica.
Title Negative Wikipenguino
The Impersonator
Supreme Commander
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Parents None
Relatives Wikipenguino45 (host)

Negative Wikipenguino sometimes known as Negativepenguino or simply Negative is an evil, glitchy clone of the original Wikipenguino45. Brought into being by unrevealed means and transformed into a glitch soon after, Negative Wikipenguino is obsessed with becoming a "real" person and remodelling Antarctica how he sees fit.

A couple of years after he was created, Negative forcefully took control of the partially disbanded and leaderless S.H.A.R.K. as their unofficial new leader, but after his capture and escape, was made Supreme Commander by Wikipenguino X, the original leader.



Negative Wikipenguino claims to have been created accidentally by unknown methods in the Bureau of Fiction in the year 2015. The month and day are also unknown as is who was responsible for Negative's creation. Negative was a naturally evil and power-hungry penguin who once created, sought to cause terror and wreak havoc on Antarctica and its countries. The penguin, who had created Negative had merely dismissed him as something unimportant and insignificant and had apparently left the scene to avoid being found guilty. After noticing what he had created and realizing just how big of a mistake he made, attempted to fix it by deleting Negative who was trying to hack into the BoF's computer system using his newfound powers. Noticing the deletion blasts and the penguin, Negative fled from the penguin and started teleporting down the corridor to somewhere safe and possibly out of the building. In time however, the penguin had found him and fired a few more shots at Negative which hit him mid-teleportation seemingly deleting him.

However, Negative had reappeared not in the cold, eternal CyberVoid, but in Trans-Antarctica, mainland Antarctica in the even colder, freezing temperatures of the mountains. Very soon, Negative noticed the strange wikicode the continuously surrounded him that never left, his malformed appearance and newer powers. It took barely seconds for him to put two and two together and realized the result of teleporting being deleted at the same time had left parts of himself "incomplete" and started the glitching in the first place. After constantly teleporting through the mountains as far away as he could see and growing very tired, he recharged himself and his abilities at a nearby town. After teleporting around Antarctica for a few weeks, Negative had managed to gain access to the online world from an internet cafe and after few hours had gained a better understanding of Antarctica's locations, it's prominent or notable and much more.


He then made a small makeshift in a mountain range close to Blizzardville, where he would mainly reside for the next few months as he learned about the world. A few months after, Negative son learned that he was a just a clone and that there was already someone named "Wikipenguino" who looked exactly like him before his transformation. Angered to know he was merely a copy, Negative then took on the name "Negative Wikipenguino" believing he was everything his original wasn't and made it his primary mission to steal his identity one way or another. After looking up more about his host, he learned more about him including Club Penguin, Wikipenguino X, his own evil agency S.H.A.R.K. and his arrest, Tropicalis, the EPF, Wikipenguino's friends, family and much, much more. Negative continued to learn about his original as much as he could until he had enough information to successfully steal his identity and using his identity, proceed to his secondary mission of taking control of Antarctica.

Revealing Himself to the World[edit]

Negative then devised a plan to both capture his host and merge himself with his body and conquer Antarctica. After a couple of weeks of searching, Negative found a group of the partially dissolved S.H.A.R.K. remnants who had suffered a major blow from their previous defeat. Leaderless and disorganized, the S.H.A.R.K. agents had not much of a sense of direction or any hope of regrouping before Negative began electrocuting them until they forcefully accepted him as their new leader. Going about the continent and finding the rest of S.H.A.R.K., the organization soon began to regain its strength under his leadership. This soon attracted the attention of Negative's host, Wikipenguino, who assembled a team of agents to track down and disable Negative and S.H.A.R.K.

Successfully gaining his host's attention, Negative devised a plan to trap him and transfer his consciousness to his host's body. Eventually trapping his host and attaching him to the machine, Negative's attempt was almost complete until it was thwarted by the rest of Wikipenguino's team and the EPF. Negative's plan slowly began to fall apart as the EPF captured S.H.A.R.K. agents and started to gain the upper hand, forcing him to retreat with the escapees and go into hiding. The EPF eventually found and stormed Negative's secret base and despite him almost overpowering them completely, his overconfidence and recklessness allowed him to be defeated.

Supreme Commander of S.H.A.R.K.[edit]

Not too long after capture, Darktan approached Negative while he was being transported to prison, taking interest in his powers and believing they could be put to good use for his army. Darktan gave Negative two options - He would be freed in exchange for joining Darktan's Army and helping him conquer Antarctica or continue on his way to prison. Not having much of a choice and not wanting to accept defeat and be imprisoned, Negative chose to join Darktan's Army. He was then taken to the Darktonian Realm where he found all the other members of S.H.A.R.K., who were all seemingly freed. Though initially believing he was free to return to S.H.A.R.K. as Supreme Leader, Negative was later introduced to the organization's former leader, Wikipenguino X. Though Wikipenguino X was at first angered by the fact someone had assumed his position, he rethought his stance on the matter. Wikipenguino X allowed Negative to properly and officially join the organization, and impressed with how he was able to lead S.H.A.R.K., made him the Supreme Commander.

Project Shadow[edit]


In the first couple years of his existence, Negative had very little involvement, instead choosing to hide amongst the crowds and wander aimlessly around the continent. Eventually, after he settled down in some mountains located close to Blizzardville, Negative began to fabricate false identities to better hide himself and used his teleportation powers to get through security and country borders. By doing this, he was able to get to Club Penguin and "participate" in events Wikipenguino45 took part in to better learn more about him. Since revealing himself to Antarctica and gaining more attention after his attempted impersonations of Wikipenguino45, Negative has officially joined S.H.A.R.K. as Supreme Commander in their crusade against the leaders and citizens of Antarctica and their quest for continental domination. As Supreme Commander, Negative took part in S.H.A.R.K.'s attempted total destruction of Antarctica by unleashing the chaotic nature of the X-Virus' aftermath on the continent's population as well as several S.H.A.R.K. related raids, attacks and robberies.


Negative isn't particularly loyal to anyone, nor is he really friends or allied with others and is more of on his own side. Though he may be part of groups such as S.H.A.R.K. or Darktan's Army who share common goals and interests with him, Negative has never really considered himself their friends or allies but more of "partners". Negative only partners himself with others for his own benefit, and is willing to flee and abandon the rest of his team if things get awry and he ever gets the advantage as he cares only about himself, even if his teammates still trust him. Negative is allied with S.H.A.R.K. as its Supreme Commander and acts hostile towards the EPF, USA and reserves a very special hatred for his host, Wikipenguino45, mainly due to jealously and his interference in Negative's plans.


  • Shape Shifting - Negative Wikipenguino is a shape shifter, capable of morphing himself into whoever he wants to look like as long as he actually touches them. However, the frequent glitchy wikicode that always emits off of him may give him away.
  • Teleportation - Negative Wikipenguino can teleport, but only where he can see.
  • Electrokinesis - Negative Wikipenguino can manipulate electricity to his will, and is able to control any electrical device. He can also travel through electrical devices and power lines by turning himself into electricity. He is also known to make lights flicker on and off if he is nearby.
  • Pocket Dimension - Negative has access to his own pocket dimension, created as a result of his powers, which he enters whenever he teleports or travels through electrical systems. This pocket dimension also doubles as his own inventory, meaning he can summon anything he keeps stored inside by teleporting it out.


Negative Wikipenguino has several weaknesses including water, which not only slows him down, but cancels his powers like teleportation and his electrical manipulation which instead backfires on him and electrocutes him. His glitching gets even worse when in water, causing it to act haywire, distorting his appearance and often distracting him. His electrical powers also require great amounts of energy and power, meaning if left alone for a few days or weeks without "charging" his powers can decrease in intensity and will eventually become useless. Negative's powers also drain faster if he uses them for prolonged periods of time at higher levels of ferocity.


Negative's usual appearance, surrounded by the coloured boxes as a result of his glitching.

Negative Wikipenguino once looked exactly like his original host, but had his appearance changed and distorted after being shot several times with a deletion gun and attempting to use his powers to escape at the exact same time. Because of this, he has a very glitchy appearance with wikicode often surrounding him. He too once had the same feather colour and wore the exact same clothes as his host: A red hoodie, a puffle ball cap and blue face paint. However, after his transformation, his feather colour turned into a darker green, the brim of his hat turned red and the puffle became faceless (though sometimes the face is visible due to glitching) and his hoodie and blue face paint darkened and lost their colour giving him his current appearance. His current appearance also randomly glitches back to and between his original self, making things such as shades of red from the hoodie's original colour visible sometimes. Because of his powers, Negative is able to shape-shift with the help of technology and take the form of anyone that he touches. However, the occasional fleeting occurrence of glitchy wikicode that surrounds him may be noticed by certain people, therefore giving his identity away.


Negative Wikipenguino's personality shares some similarities with his host's X-Antibody, Wikipenguino X's behaviour, having a somewhat sadistic and cynical attitude. Negative is a rather quiet, reserved and secretive penguin, speaking not as often and usually doing so only when he has to. Despite this, he is known to have a very short temper at times and lash out when others make mistakes and things don't go his way. He usually keeps matters to himself, preferring to handle most situations on his own rather than having others help him. Rather than utilizing other, less violent methods first, Negative frequently uses his powers to intimidate, torture or forcing others into doing things either just for the sake of torturing or to get them to do things that he won't or can't do. Like most villains, Negative Wikipenguino is more concerned about his own life and safety than he is for others. He often becomes cowardly and fearful when his plans tend to go horribly wrong or backfire, as he is afraid of losing and even more afraid that once captured, he'll end up deleted.


Negative doesn't normally use weapons, instead preferring to use his powers, more specifically his ability to manipulate electricity. However, in the case that he is for some reason unable to use his powers or a weapon like a keysaber is used (which can combat his electrical powers), Negative may choose to brandish his keysaber. Unlike other keysabers, Negative's keysaber (which was also originally stolen) is modified to channel his electricity through it, acting as a power source so that he doesn't have to use batteries. His keysaber is also somewhat unstable, sometimes changing between colours and producing a less smooth blade. This is partially due to him using his powers as the keysaber's power source and also because of heavy tampering and tinkering with it while trying to modify the original power source.


Though most of his abilities stem from his powers, Negative is able to act very well, and when paired with his shape-shifting powers, can make a convincing impersonation. Negative is also able to cover his tracks quite well without his powers, and is able to blend in with any nearby crowds whenever he is required to. Negative is also quite agile and nimble, which has proven useful for him on many incidents where he has had to duck and dodge obstacles and opponents in order for him to successfully escape. Negative can also use pistols and wield keysabers, a skill seemingly copied from his original when he was cloned. He has a decent knowledge of how to use computers and technology even without his powers, something he learned to do before he had full control of his powers and wanted to know more about the world. He can also speak not only English but Spanish like his host.


  • Despite his electrical powers, he is not a Sith Lord.
  • Though he considers himself to be opposite to his host in many ways, he is still left-handed, unlike Wikipenguino X.
  • If he doesn't have access to any nearby power sources, Negative will sometimes uses entire packs of batteries at a time to replenish his strength and abilities.
  • As with his host, nobody knows what's under his hat.


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