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Neumenia Flag.png
Flag of Neumenia
National name Neumenia
Country Ed Island
Capital city Hoffnung
Formation 1812
Inhabitants Penguins
Other info
Location Ed Island
Alliances Ed Island and her Allies
Neighbours Waldreich, Anfang, Acher

Neumenia is one of ten states of Ed Island. It is most notable for being the origin of the Wulfen movement and the center of the Neumenian Reich.


In 1812, Neumenia was one of 21 kingdoms to unite under the Duke of Acher to form Imperial Ed Island. It was merged with two smaller kingdoms to form its current borders.

After dissatisfaction with the government of the Republic of Ed Island reached its peak, under the leadership of Friedrich Keller Neumenia along with Anfang and Waldreich seceded from Ed Island and formed the Neumenian Reich. With the goal of an independent fascist nation, the Neumenian waged war against the remaining republican states, until the Wulfen's defeat in 1942. Despite waging war against the other half of the country, Neumenia was swiftly returned as a state of Ed Island with few penalties.


The third most-populated state of Ed Island, Neumenia is typical of an Ed Island state; mountainous terrain with the few flat areas home to huge futuristic cities. Neumenia's capital, Hoffnung, is home to Empire Arms, which manufactures the famed P09 handgun for the Ed Island Army.

Mount Schirm, the tallest mountain in Ed Island, is located on the border between Neumenia and Waldreich and is part of the Amber Mountains that stretch across all of upper Ed Island. Also located in Neumenia is the fortress Glatisant, which was constructed in the late 18th century in the Amber Mountains by Neumenian royals. Glatisant was notable for being the last redoubt of the Wulfen forces before their surrender in 1942.


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