Neumenian Reich

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Neumenian Reich


Flag Coat of Arms

Capital Hoffnung
Languages English, German
Government Fascist dictatorship
 -  1934-1942 Friedrich Keller
Currency Reichsthaler (R⏇)

The Neumenian Reich, often shortened to just Neumenia, was a totalitarian splinter state of Ed Island formed in 1934 after dissatisfaction with the republican government grew to the point of civil war. Throughout its eight years of existence, Neumenia was led by Wulfen Party leader Friedrich Keller, a Khanzem War veteran who was greatly influenced by the ideals and methods of Whoot Smackler Whoot over Khanzem. This led Neumenia to be modeled after Khanzem in both policy and aesthetic, with much of Neumenia styled as the successor to Khanzem.

Declaring independence from Ed Island in 1934, Neumenia was in conflict for six of its eight years of existence until its surrender and secret escape to a newly-constructed lunar base, where Wulfen remnants would remain for over 70 years until the base's discovery by Ed Islandian spacecraft.




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States and Territories[edit]

Flag State ISO Capital
Anfang Wulfen Flag.png Anfang AN Lumenburg
Neumenia Wulfen Flag.png Neumenia NA Hoffnung
Khanzem Alternate Flag.png New Khanzem NK Ostberg
Waldreich Wulfen Flag.png Waldreich WA Großbeck

Relationships with Other Nations[edit]

Neumenia enjoyed relatively little international recognition throughout Antarctica, mostly from nations either genuinely supporting the Wulfen cause or those wishing to see Ed Island's demise.

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