Never Give Up

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"Never never never give up!"
Anthem by Lee Sencit
Released February 28, 2012
Recorded February 27, 2012
Genre National Anthem
Length 2:28
Writer Lee Sencit
Producer Shopper Government
Shop 'Til you Drop!
(2010 - 2012)
"Never never never give up!"

Never Never Never Give Up!, labeled Never Give Up officially, is the national anthem of Shops Island. It was written by a citizen and political activist named Lee Sencit, who submitted it to the government, and it became the national anthem.


After the February 2012 revolutions that threw Ben out of office were over, and Chill57181 was elected president, Shops was in desperate need of a new anthem. The government opened up submissions for a new national anthem, with a few requirements, such as the fact that it shouldn't glorify a certain aspect of Shops, or a certain person. Not many submissions were sent in, and most of them didn't meet standards or the given requirements. However, and penguin name Lee Sencit from Penguin City entered a submission called "Oh bless you Shops Island". The lyrics and the music was particularly striking, but they thought the title was underwhelming. In the song there was a quote at the end of a few verses which said "Never never never give up". So, the government chose that anthem under the condition that it would be renamed "Never never never give up!" It is still Shops' anthem to this day.


(Opening Tune)




Give up!




Give up!


We will

Stand tall

Oh bless

Our Shops.

We will fight

We will stand

We will die

To protect

Our land!

We may not

Be the best

But we

Don't need


To beat

The rest!

Oh bless

Our Shopper Land!



Strong and free

We will stand

Forever, thee

We live

Never fail

Never die

Never lose

and Never give up!

Alernative Versions[edit]


The instrumental version of Never never never give up is used at foreign events, sporting events, and other international associations such as the Olympics.

Presidential Anthem[edit]

This version is to introduce the President of Shops Island at speeches, events, or formal diplomatic meetings.


Never never never give up! (and its respective variations) is considered one of the Asiapelago's best national anthems; inspiring and plain, without need for major orchestras to perform it. It's been critically acclaimed for its uniqueness in contrast of the rest of the Asiapelago, of which most nations had older-style anthems. Never never never give up! has been noted as an example of a capitalist anthem, mixed with quite a bit of nationalism.

Cultural Significance[edit]

Shops' anthem has had somewhat of a cultural impact throughout Antarctica. The enlightening tune to the song, and its lyrics have been uttered as a chant of hope across Antarctica, especially when times have been tough. The phrase "Never never never give up!" is a popular rallying call for many.

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