New Happyface City

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New Happyface City
Country USA
Area Happyface State
Monuments Happyface Memorial Park, Wheaton Hill Avenue
Headquarters Pinnacle Place
Neighbourhoods Arkinson Bay, Harborfront City, Eagle Point
Mayor Landon Morton
Population 4,663,888
Inhabited species Penguin, Puffle
General information
Native name Civitas de Happyface
Demonym New Happyite
Founded January 7, 1966
– Founder James William Allton
Area codes 888, (876)

New Happyface City is a large city located in South Happyface State, and is located on the banks of the Allton River. The city was founded by James William Alton as a small village.. The city is the second largest city in the Happyface State and boasts a population of 4,663,888 penguins and puffles. The city is the state capital, and is a major financial, aviation, political and business hub, and also boasts advances in the financial and locomotive industries


It was founded in the early days of the Colonial Revolution (1995) as a factory supplying food to the rebels. Around the factory, a town was formed. Happyface, who managed it, named it New Happyface City after himslef.



New Happyface City covers an area of approximately 450 sq. miles along the banks of the Happyface River which runs directly through the core of the city.The city has little or no elevations reaching above 100 ft., as the city is located on the Jackson Plains, which has some of the flattest terrain in the continent. The city also has a large forest bordering it, whch boasts as a fire hazard due to the forest's proximity to the city. The city also has two river islands, one of which is used as a seaport and one as a small parkland. The city also has many tall skyscrapers, as the city has a total of 1,562 buildings reaching over 90 meters in height.




Many local city architecture critics state that the city has mostky post-modern, high-tech and glass buildings, with at least 1,200 buildings above 90 m. The city's largest and tallest building is the New Happyface Center Tower, which exceeds a hight of 1,110 feet. The city enjoys mainly high-rise buildings in an 11 mile radius of the Downtown area, and also has suburbs along many highways.







Public Transit[edit]

They have an extensive bus service, serving most of the city, and with 20 transit centers. The city also has 3 monorail lines, the RedLine, the BlueLine, and the YellowLine.



The Happyface Coastal Express starts here, and stops in Polaris. It also connects to the Antarctic Express, at Deer Mountain.



Notable Residents[edit]