New North Etana

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New North Etana


NNE's approximate location.
Capital New West City
Largest City New West City
Government Republic
 -  2009 Idoreconise
 -  Declaration of Etanan Independence March 23, 2009
 -  New North Etana founded March 30, 2009
 -  Declared war on Japaland May 2009
 -  Disbanded by the USA and Freezeland May 2009
Today part of Freezelandian Ocean Territories

New North Etana was a short-lived declared US State, formed by citizens of the Doble Islands that wanted Etana to be a state of the USA. However, when the South Pole Council refused to make Etana a state separate from Weddell during the Etana Conflict, the separatists moved to islands on the outskirts of the Freezelandian Ocean Territories that had been found by The Leader's best explorers. New North Etana was officially founded on March 30th, 2009, after which the New North Etanans continued to petition the South Pole Council for statehood.

During its short span, the state claimed many islands and founded a few cities, including Wentley, Kanapa City, and the capital, New West City.


In the Etana Conflict, the population of Doble Islands realized that the Freezelandian army is huge. Governor Idoreconise decided to make a strong army for NNE. The main military base is located in Kanapa City, with Genteroo/Gentoo Base being the main naval base. The state's army was utilized quickly by Idoreconise to combat socialism by fighting East Pengolia and the United Penguin's Republic. However, after Japaland refused to diplomatically join NNE, NNE declared war on them since they have no military. After that happened, the USA, Freezeland and the Free Republic Union stepped in to defend Japaland. They demanded that NNE be disbanded, with all residents either swearing loyalty to Freezeland or being sent back to Weddell. All of NNE's territory was officially recognized as part of the Freezelandian Ocean Territories, with the area now being a tourist attraction and popular mining area, now called North Etana.

The country had a lot of mining spots, and were able to have a lot of gold, iron, coal, and others.


The mainland is similar to Warmslates, with a colder climate, so it is green, like the real world New Zealand. The forests grow in the middle of the big island, and the rest is usually sand or ice filled. It has two significant cities.

The mountanious areas are colder, and are much more suitable for penguins, although some penguins who can handle it reside on the mainland.


An island in NNE at sunset.
  • Charles Island (The Big Island)
    • Wentley (This city is famous due to NNE Movie Studios.)
  • Kanapa City (Another city, further north from Charles Island)
  • New West City (A large city in the central part of the state. Capital of the NATO organisation, and capital of the state.)
  • Mountain Island (Mt. Mountain's location.)


  • The name is a parody of an Australian state of New South Wales. "South" was changed to "North" and "Wales" to "Etana".