New Protectors

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New Protectors
Name New Protectors
Location United States of Antarctica
Job Protect Antarctica from villains
Members Android, Arachnid Boy, Captain Antarctica, Darty, Detective Focci, Doctor Logic, FutureSeeker, Gamma Gal, Iron Walrus, MadCap, Psychic Shape Shifter, Shadow Guy, Silver Skier

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The New Protectors are an independently operated group of superheroes mainly based in the United States of Antarctica. They were established in the aftermath of Constantine's quest to collect the Destruction Gems as a response to the decreasing involvement of Antarctica's Protectors. Unlike the original Protectors, they have no affiliation with the Bureau of Fiction.



Following the Power4U Affair, Antarctica's Protectors began taking a decreased role in Antarctic events as they grew older and slowly drifted apart, desiring to fulfill their own aspirations. As a result of the death of Sprocket during the Affair, Kwiksilver stole an experimental device from the Bureau of Fiction's Department of Research, and transported himself to an unknown dimension. Willy the Penguin briefly continued in his role in the Protectors, but quit after hearing about what happened to Kwiksilver and became a janitor. Tails6000 and Eclipse settled down and later had a son, Taiz. Explorer 767 chose to pursue a career in acting.

Meanwhile, with the Protectors largely out of the picture, several events happened which had the potential to prove disastrous for the entirety of Antarctica, including the continued activities of S.H.A.R.K., high-profile hackings across the continent, Dennis the Oppressive forming his own crime syndicate, and finally culminating in Constantine's search for the Destruction Gems.


Shortly after Constantine's defeat, Iron Walrus decided that Antarctica needed a new alliance of heroes to fill the void the Protectors left behind.


The New Protectors exist to protect all of Antarctica from threats, but mainly operate within various locations around the United States of Antarctica. Aside from operating as a team, most of its members also continue their independent activities. Based on where they live, each member is assigned a "sector" under their jurisdiction, which they continue to protect and can call the other members of the New Protectors to assist in the event of an emergency.



  • Android - The New Protectors' robotic supercomputer, created by Iron Walrus.
  • Arachnid Boy
  • Captain Antarctica - A superhero from the days of Khanzem. He is technically the oldest member of the New Protectors.
  • Darty - He has the power to move at incredibly high speeds after eating sugar, which he discovered on Halloween night in 2018. He is the youngest member of the New Protectors.
  • Detective Focci - One of the founding members of the New Protectors. He is a master detective and uses various gadgets to fight crime. Although he is usually a loner and reluctant to be involved with a team, he recognizes the necessity of the New Protectors and works with them for the greater good.
  • Doctor Logic - He possesses one of the highest IQs in Antarctica, making him an expert in logic. He takes a backseat role in the operations of the New Protectors, using his knowledge to plan out their missions and preparing for any contingency.
  • FutureSeeker - After waking up on the street with amnesia, she discovered that she had the power to see into the future.
  • Gamma Gal - One of the founding members of the New Protectors. She gained the power to create plasma after touching a meteor which fell on Club Penguin. When teamed up with her partner Shadow Guy, the two become a powerful force to be reckoned with.
  • Iron Walrus - One of the founding members of the New Protectors. He operates a highly successful company, allowing him to provide the majority of the New Protectors' funding. Combined with his knowledge of engineering, Iron Walrus is able to create various gadgets for use by the New Protectors, along with his iconic suit.
  • Jane Hammer - Niece of Jacques Hammer and master detective of her own. A newcomer to the team and superheroics in general, she gained her powers closely before joining from an unwanted meeting with Power Crystals. It sharpened her mind to the point where can she visualize a person's psyche when talking to them, which helps her spot lies and secrets, heightening her already slightly above average detective skills. Less impressive is her ability to lift things only about two or three times her size and limited flight.
  • MadCap - A blind penguin, but still sees more than anyone else. He joined after the New Protectors gave him the funding he needed to finally complete law school, and acts as the team's defense attorney when he's not helping them fight villains in costumes. The other members regard him with a modicum of caution due to his explosive temper and penchant for violence, however.
  • Psychic Shape Shifter - One of the founding members of the New Protectors. He is an alien who has the abilities of telepathy and shapeshifting.
  • Shadow Guy - One of the founding members of the New Protectors. He gained the power to manipulate shadows after being zapped by one of Gary's prototype inventions. When teamed up with his partner Gamma Gal, the two become a powerful force to be reckoned with.
  • Silver Skier - A peculiar silver penguin who skis through the sky. He is not very helpful in combat other than poking opponents with his ski poles, and usually serves as a distraction.


  • Count Candula -
  • Forj - The shadowy weapons dealer quickly found himself on the New Protectors' radar, but despite their efforts they have not been able to locate him or disrupt his activities. While he has not come into contact with the New Protectors, he has supplied weapons to other foes that they have had to deal with.
  • Scrubby - Although he isn't necessarily dangerous, his powers make him tricky to deal with and capture. At least one of the New Protectors usually has to be sent out to stop him whenever he attempts a heist.
  • Someone -
  • Stealth - The rogue ninja's amazing agility, stealth, knowledge of EPF tactics and protocol, and desire to delete all of penguinkind have made Stealth a high priority and very difficult enemy for the New Protectors.
  • Ultimate Protobot 10,000 - The creation of Gary's rogue Test Bots has proven himself to be a thorn in the New Protectors' side on multiple occasions.
  • Underground PWN Mafia -
  • Walrus Crime Ring -


  • Speeddasher, a member of the original Protectors, disapproves of them and considers them pathetic knockoffs who were too unoriginal to come up with their own name.
  • Captain Moose attempted to join the New Protectors at one point, but his application was unanimously rejected.

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