New Year

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New Year
Fireworks in Club Penguin.
Type Celebration & new year
Official name New Year's Day
Also called None
Observed by Antarctica
Dates December 31
January 1 officially.
Begins Midnight
Ends Midnight
Celebrations Bonfires, fireworks, parties
Related to None

New Year, also called New Year's Day, is the day when a new year commences. It is widely considered a holiday in many countries, resulting in long Christmas vacations off school for chicks and extended weekends for office employees. The holiday excitement begins on December 31, the last day of the year, with excitement peaking to when the clock strikes midnight, marking January 1 as the first day of a new year.



While there are a wide variety of traditions around the continent, two of the most common ones involve fireworks and countdowns. In various countries, citizens flock to city squares or bars, in little communities or living rooms, to commence a countdown during the last 10 seconds before midnight strikes. This would usually be the triggering point when fireworks are set off to welcome the new year with a pyrotechnical show, to literally start the year off with a bang. In countries within the Asiapelago, it's a common sight to see elderly and children alike banging pots and pans to greet the new year as an alternative to fireworks.

Individually, these are specific traditions originating from a certain country:

  • East Pengolia - Penguins slap each other with fish upon the stroke of midnight.
  • Finipines - Chicks jump during the countdown in hopes of growing taller during the year.
  • Ghostlia - Ghostly35 and his siblings-in-power overindulge on Cream Soda.


  • Sales for Cream Soda usually surge up dramatically during these times, to the point that there could be shortages in local supermarkets.

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