Newdeal Civil War

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Newdeal Conflict
Part of The Nexonan Nationalist Movement's struggle for liberation
Date September 23 - October 27, 2014
(1 month and 4 days)
Location Nexon
Result Decisive Allied Victory: Nexon granted more autonomy, NNM is crushed, Friedrich Rommel assassinated in Greenfield
Casus belli •Friedrich Rommel escaped from custody
•Abuse of WMDs by the NNM
No changes
MAI.png Margate
FlagROSn.png Snowiny
NexonFlag.png Nexonan Loyalists
NNM symbol.jpeg Nexonan Nationalist Movement
Volunteers from Penland
LittlePenland.png Little Penland
NexonFlag.png Supreme General/Military GovernorSlenderXP
NexonFlag.png Colonel Joshua Sparks
NNM symbol.jpeg Friedrich Rommel
NNM symbol.jpeg Leaders of NNM

The Newdeal Conflict is Nexon's bloodiest civil war to date.


One bleak morning, ten Margatian prison wardens walked to a prison cell in a maximum-security prison. One of them, the Head Warden, opened the door.

Head Warden:"Come out!"

Out from the cell came out a male penguin who was below the average height. He had lots of tattoos on his body, wearing a white singlet and black pants. Despite his small stature, everyone feared him. He was the brutal head of the Nexonan Nationalist Movement - Friedrich Rommel.

Friedrich:"What now? Some daily verbal abuse?"

Head Warden:"SHUT THE ******* UP ****** ******* &*%#^ &*$*^?!"


Thirty more guards arrived at the cell. They are soldiers of the NNM, armed with an assault rifle that Supreme General SlenderXP issued to all soldiers. Five of them were carrying a large steel cage. The others grabbed Friedrich.

Friedrich:"STAPH! I'll do it myself. Geez, you don't have to act as if I am gonna escape..."

Head Warden:"We only do that because you will do that!"

Friedrich:"C'mon, when have I ever attempted escape?!"

Head Warden:"Errr, in the near future?"

Friedrich ignored the Head Warden and waddled into the cage. After that, the five pure Nexonan soldiers carried him into a cargo lorry. The thirty soldiers walked into the lorry too, just in case the spymaster attempted escape. After that, the lorry left for a courtroom, where he will be trialed.

At the bridge that connected Nexon Island to Newdeal Land, there was a small-sized mall in the middle of the structure. In one of the closed fast food restaurant (since it was a holiday), fifty members of the Nexonan Nationalist Movement were in their black battle suit. Most of them were enjoying a hamburger. The apparent commander of these terrorists was shoving some chilli cheese fries into his throat.

NNM Commander:"Mmm, tasty! Must eat more!"

Nationalist 1:"Sir, I thought that you told us not to commit gluttony ><"

NNM Commander:"You can't blame me. This may be my last meal."

Suddenly, the Commander felt a pain in the stomach.

NNM Commander:"Dude, dispose of this food. I gotta go to the toilet."

The Commander ran for the WC.

Nationalist 1:"Typical Joseph. Hypocritical glutton."

Everyone in the room laughed over his statement.

Joseph:"I HEARD THAT!"

Nationalist 1:"Lol sorry."

Joseph:"GIMME 50 PUSH-UPS!"

An hour later, the lorry was at the toll booths of the Nexon-Newdeal bridge. All of the booths were manned by NNM operatives. There were three black SUVs trailing the military convoy of 1 transport lorry, 3 military jeeps and 2 APCs. Suddenly, one of the gas mask-wearing operative from one of the SUV fired a rocket-propelled grenade at the middle of the convoy.


Instead of an explosion, poisonous VX nerve gas burst out of the rocket. The Margatian soldiers exposed to the gas helplessly held on to their throats while NNM operatives emerged out of the mall, 200 total led by Commander Joseph. He took out a golden desert eagle with style before shooting one of the choking Margatians in the head. Since they were all wearing gas masks, the Nexonans weren't affected.


The operatives started firing at the Margatian soldiers, who weren't able to put up a fight. The others walked out of their vehicles out of confusion, only to start dying from exposure. Twenty of the soldiers guarding walked out of the lorry, leaving ten there.

After about ten minutes of gunfight, most of the Margatians were dead. Three of the Nexonan Nationalists threw gas bombs into the lorry before massacring all of the soldiers. Friedrich, somehow unaffected by the gas, was rescued and set free. He was given a machine gun.

Friedrich:"Thank mein doctor for installing an artificial machine that filters out poisonous gas from my body!"

Joseph:"I suppose that's why you paid him 3 million Club Penguin Coins for that?"

Friedrich took an earpiece from Joseph.

Friedrich (COMM-LINK):"Air support base! RhineWolf here! Ordering the bombing of the Newdeal Bridge with a VX gas missile and the destruction of the bridge!"

NNM air support HQ communicator 1 (COMM-LINK):"NNM78595 here! Heil mein Präsident for successfully escaping! Order received. Evacuate your troops to Newdeal in 5 minutes!"

Suddenly, there were gunshot sounds from the NNM air support HQ.

Friedrich (COMM-LINK):"Hello?! HELLO?!"

Joseph:"Anything wrong, Mr. President?"

Friedrich:"The bridge will be bombed in 5 minutes! Get outta here now!"

All of the NNM operatives got into the military convoy left by the Margate Armed Forces and left for Newdeal Land.

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