Newton Town

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Newton Town
Country United States of Antarctica
Area Trans-Antarctica
Monuments Cusack Park
Headquarters Newton Town City Hall
Neighbourhoods Oceanside, Bayview Harbor, Newton Islands, Cusack Field
Mayor John Hilton
Population 1,500,000
Inhabited species Penguins, Puffles
General information
Native name Newton Town
Demonym Newtonian
Founded June 14, 1974
– Founder Sir Cusack Newton
Time zone Trans-Antarctic Time Zone
Summer time TTZD
Area codes 734, 791

Newton Town is a large city on the coast of Trans-Antarctica, it is very scenic, known for it's rolling hills, beaches and exports. It was founded in 1974 by Sir Cusack Newton of Penguin Island. The city is continuing to thrive and grow. The city now has a current population of 1,500,000, making it the largest city in Trans-Antarctica and the 9th most populous city in the United States of Antarctica.


On July 14, 1974, Sir Cusack Newton and his crew of 25, were sailing in very strong winds, causing their ship, The Aramada, to crash onto a small beach, which is now known as Promenade Beach, in Newton Town. The group soon built a small camp and called it Neotoen Tyown (in Olde Pengunian). They soon made a very small settlement of about 500. For a time, the population grew steadily. The city was also not damaged by the Colonial Antarctica War from 1999 - 2000. Because of that, after the war, many former soldiers, looking for a new life with their families, moved to Trans-Antarctica, because of its lush farmland and sparse population. Because of that, Newton Town grew rapidly, from 90,000 in 1999 to 600,000 in 2005. The population continued to grow, reaching 1,500,000 by 2015.


  • The Harbour - A small marina near Promenade Beach, there are many boats, cruises and ferries docked there.
  • Promenade Beach A mile long beach with white, snowy beaches, which has attracted many tourists.
  • Newton Park - A very big park with many memorials, forests, open spaces and ponds.
  • Cusack Point - A small peninsula northwest of the downtown core. It is very vibrant, it has many trails
  • Newton Town International Airport - The main airport of the city, near the downtown core
  • Hertz Place A theatre for the preforming arts, it is located in the downtown core
  • Princeton Palace - The former palace of the Mayor of Newton Town, now a museum
  • Queen's Hill - A cliffside park,located 12 miles east of the Newton Town financial district
  • James Island A small island, located 2 miles off the coast of the city's harbor, and is a very popular spot for tourists.
  • Newton Town Continental Station is a train station. It has 11 platforms and it is the largest in Trans-Antarctica.
  • Sky Center- The local sports arena. A very common place to find Wings fans.

Sports Teams[edit]



  • Fruit
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Vegetables
  • Manufacturing
  • Wood
  • Electronics
  • Aircraft
  • Newton Town Wings merchandise

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