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The Newton Town Wings are a Major Hockey League team, formerly known as the Snowville Skuas, based in Newton Town, Trans-Antarctica.


They were originally the Snowville Skuas, who played in Snowville, Eastshield. The Snowville Skuas were formed in 2000, and were not very successful. They lost a lot, and were losing fans to the much more popular and successful Snowville Snowdown. In May 2011, they were bought by a Newton Town based company and would move to Newton Town if the MHL approved it. The deal was approved, and the Skuas were going to Newton Town! The name was announced at the MHL Draft 2011, which was the name of the first Newton Town hockey team. The logos were revealed soon after.



Former Wings[edit]

  • 11- Ryk Rypper (Rick Rypien) (Center) (May he rest in peace)
  • 30- Satoshi Luxray (OC, parody of Scott Darling) (Goalie) (Now playing for the Mcdonalds All-Stars)

As the Snowville Skuas[edit]


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To Newton Town Wings


The logo is a penguin with wings, outlined by a blue circle. The team colors are blue, silver, red, and white. The jerseys are navy blue with a lighter blue/silver trim, and some say that they look like "a Snowville Snowdown or Blizzardville Wishes jersey, if they played in Trans-Antarctica". This was called the "Jet Pride Colors"

In 2013, the team announced that the logo's colors had changed the Jet Pride Colors from Blue, Silver, Red and White to Green, Silver, Black and White. The jerseys now are green and now has a black trim. For the alternative jersey, it is black, but the team looks like they kept the silver trim.


  • Play-by-Play: Daniel BeYak (Dennis Beyak)
  • Color: Shade Lind (Shane Hindy)