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Nexon's state flag
National name The Margatian State of Nexon
Country Margate
Capital city Nexon City
Largest city Nexon City
Formation remains of the High Empire of Nexon
Inhabitants Penguins
Other info
Population 3,534,923
Leader Frederick Mueller (president), Josephine Lawrence (governor)
Location Margate Archipelago
Alliances Margate and its Allies
Neighbours Rest of Margate, Ed Island

The Margatian Special Territory of Nexon or simply Nexon (sometimes also known as New Westion), is a special administrative division of Margate.

Nexon is Margate's research and military-oriented region, where after recognizing Nexon's military prowess (at one point, the Nexonans claimed to have the ability to bomb the Margatian Archipelago into oblivion) decided to use its strengths. They allowed existing Nexonan scientists and military generals to keep their jobs provided they pledged allegiance to Margate. Most agreed, but some refused.


Empire of Xanadu

Centuries ago, albino penguins (with Zhouese ancestry) inhabited Nexon. They were separated into several kingdoms. Around 650 A.D., the strongest kingdom - Xanadu, won and it's leader - King Nelson, made himself the Emperor of Xanadu and the Emperor of all Albinos. He also made Xanadu an Empire.

Under his successors, Xanadu expanded. It conquered many lands now lost. Under the reign of Emperor Paul the Magnificent, the Empire reached its greatest extent. However, wars waged on the Sultanate of Machaca and several other Sultanates (based on small, nearby islands) dried out the Empire's coffers. Suddenly, the Empire collapsed in a sudden and all traces of its existence were lost.

The Empire was discovered to have existed when a team of archeologists found a massive underground palace near Nexon City. In the Throne Hall were the remains of some warriors and the apparent last Emperor of Xanadu (only because there was a platinum crown on the remain's head). They were wielding some early form of matchlock rifles and long swords.

After this, Nexon Island returned to its tribe-dominated era. However, descendants of the Xanadu Emperors managed to reunify the island into a kingdom before the High Penguins came.

HPC Colony of New Westion

In 1735, a fleet of High Penguin Confederacy colonists, some from the 6 recent-colonies of Kenestral Island (today the main island of Margate), invaded the island. The fleet consisted of 1,500 Alemanians, 3,500 Zhouese/Peletoniums and 2,500 Puffish penguins]. The invasion was successful and soon after, it became an HPC colony, along with the colonists naming the island New Westion, after colonial officer Clifford J. Westion. It remained an HPC colony and prospered for almost 200 years until the HPC collapsed. During the HPC’s rule, the colonial authorities kept the emerging descendants of the Xanadu Emperors as ceremonial figureheads who were seen as the leaders of the Nexonan Penguin community.

Japalandese Westion

Soon after the High Penguin Confederacy collapsed in 1912, Japaland invaded and conquered the island. The Japalandese occupation of Nexon was brutal. Nexonan Penguins were harshly treated, some of whom were sent to Kenestral Island to build a railway from Muxen-Liad to Margate City. Resources were scarce, and it was said many were tortured and killed. After a lengthy rebellion, the Westionans pushed the Japalandese off of the island in 1917. Since the Japalandese were tied up with Khanzem, they put off re-taking the island until after the war (and by then it was too late since they lost their military).

Puffish Westion

A few years after Khanzem ended, the island was once again invaded and occupied by Puffish forces. They remained under Puffish occupation until 2000. The years were relatively peaceful as the traditional Monarchs of the Nexonan Penguins, who held vast influence among the populace, cooperated with the colonial authorities. However, when Colonial Antarctica rebelled against the Puffish, they decided they wanted to be independent again, thus they rebelled and soon after chased the Puffish occupants off of the island (due to the unexpected rebellion). A Republican movement took over the new nation, causing the Monarchs to lose their influences and sending them to exile.

Republic of Nexon

The flag of The Republic of Nexon.

The capital of New Westion had been renamed to Nexon many years ago, after a spice trader named Steven Nexon who brought prosperity to the city, and citizens had basically renamed the island years before their independence. However, the Puffish never officially changed it. So, once the island declared their independence the first change they made was changing the name to Nexon. Later in 2000 after they declared independence, they joined the newly formed Rock Union. By the time the Rock Union was invaded in 2013, most nations had acknowledged their sovereignty.


For in depth 2013 history, see this page.

In mid-2013, Margate invaded and annexed all members of the Rock Union, including Nexon. However, the proud Nexonans wanted independence like they had since 2000, so citizens started rioting and rebelling. During that time, a sociopath named Octavian seized the nation and declared it as his own personal fiefdom- the High Empire of Nexon. At first the citizens despised him for plummeting their nation into depression, but after his army successfully chased the Margatians away from the island, the citizens rejoiced and embraced him as their Emperor.

On 19th September 2013, Nexon's navy found an oil rich archipelago just 26 miles east. The commander signed a treaty with the rulers of each state and they handed the archipelago to them.

After many conflicts, Nexon was a dried out, desolated nation with no military. In November 2013, Margate easily re-annexed the island and transformed it into a state, and gave the rogue "emperor" Octavian to Shopper forces for his war crimes.

Autonomy Status

In 2018, Margatian President Frederick Mueller (himself a Nexonan Penguin, although he was a renegade clone created by the International Syndicate) decided to grant Nexon autonomy. The exiled Nexonan Monarch, Zeno, was names as the nominal head of the new territory, while Josephine Lawrence became Nexon’s Chief Minister.


  • Nexon City - The capital of Nexon and second-largest city in Margate, it is home to most of Nexon's commercial activities, and also houses many research labs and military bases, most of which are mainly used to protect Nexons research labs and Auzua's agricultural fields due to its strategic location. It was founded as the capital of New Westion in the 1920s or 1930s, and it was named after businessman and spice trader Steven Nexon, who contributed much to the island at the time (mostly in the former capital city of Westion Town).
  • Westion City - Former capital of New Westion in it's various colonial forms, Westion City was replaced by Nexon City as the capital in the 1920s or 1930s. It was renamed to Westion City in the 1950s due to it's growth since it was founded, and it was temporarily renamed Octavii in 2013 under the High Empire of Nexon. It is soon to be home of Westion Space Command, which will be opened in late 2014 as Margate joins the numerous nations in the space race.
  • Millania - Blessed with rich farmlands, Millania, along with Auzua to the south-west, grows crops for the rest of Marate.
  • Hemiroye - The large district is dotted with military bases and forests for survival training.
  • Festos - A small district, with scarce resources. The inhabitants of this district have resorted to eating insects, and are know for their numerous holidays, having almost one holiday a week.
  • Ricoss - A district which produces power for the state, and many light industrial factories are located there.
  • Comptan - A new large industrial region, many heavy industrial factories are located here, notably those in the arms manufacturing industry and the chemical engineering industry. In order to attract domestic and overseas investors to the booming chemical engineering industry, a part of Comptan known as the "10 Eastion" is declared a tax-free industrial region.
  • Oil Archipelago - This oil and gas rich archipelago still remains in Margatian flippers.
  • Newdeal Land - A medium-sized artificial island east of the Nexonan island, Newdeal Land is mainly an agricultural and industrial hub. It is also the site of a bloody civil war.


After the re-annexation of Nexon by Margate, Nexon's state government was temporarily administered by the Margate Armed Forces. When martial law was lifted after the Antarctic War on Terrorism, Conservative candidate Josephine Lawrence was elected as the governor. However, this system was scrapped in 2018 when Zeno was reinstalled as the Nexonan Monarch, who’s the head of state of the new territory.. He acts as the Nexonan Penguins’ leader and spiritual figurehead. Lawrence became the new Chief Minister.

The state has a senate, with 120 seats representing the population In the Margatian Parliment, the state is represented by 12 members-of-parliament. 93 of the senate seats and 8 of the Nexonan MP seats in the Margatian Parliament are held by the Conservatives Coalition. In addition, Nexon has three state autonomies, which allow it to dictate it's welfare, taxation and security. The Nexonans' preference of having their tax funds going into military and security budgets allow the Margate Armed Forces to receive large amount of funds, but it partially abolished social security.

According to a state-wide poll, 87% of all Nexonans have a right-wing view in politics and supportive of the Conservatives Coalition. This is already hinted at when the Nexonan Loyalist Party (a major right-wing political party in Nexon) joined the Conservatives Coalition.


The climate is usually about the same as the rest of Antarctica, although due to the Margate effect, certain parts of the state are tropical in weather, allowing for crops to grow.


Nexon, with it's numerous races, has one of the most diverse cultures in Antarctica, even more so the rest of Margate.


Nexon's most popular sports is soccer. They have the second-largest football stadium in the Sub-Antarctic Islands. Another one of Nexon's main sports is martial arts. The aggressive population regularly trains themselves in fighting each other and self defense. The martial art Krav Maga is invented here. Krav Maga is a martial art used for survival only. Soldiers in the Army of Nexon are trained in this deadly art. Other martial arts the Nexonans liked are taekwondo, street fighting, prison street fighting, aikido, mixed martial arts (MMA) and Nutzilian Jiu Jitsu.

Other forms of sports the Nexonans like are firearms shooting, bow shooting, rugby and fencing. From these sports, it doesn't take a genius to realize that Nexonans are among the most violent penguins in the Fanon World.


Nexon's main staples are corn, rice and potatoes. The population likes Salmon and Mackerel. Beside that, spices are used in the Nexonan cuisine, creating several spicy dishes that included curried pork served with rice and potatoes. Pork is another one of Nexon's main meat. Lobsters are also available in Nexon's fish farms.

Breakfast is usually eaten in 6.30-7.00 in the morning. Some penguins who wake up early eat breakfast at about 4.50-5.30 a.m. , so they have another breakfast around 9.15 a.m. Lunch is eaten at around 12.45 pm -1.50 pm. "Fashionable" penguins have tea at 3.25 pm while all penguins have dinner at around 6.30 pm - 7.10 pm. Sometimes, penguins have supper a few hours after their dinner.


Nexonans preferred to listen to Classic, Jazz and Pop songs. Most of the songs' lyrics are in English. The Nexonans also like rapping. They dislike Rock & Roll.

Another genre of music the population like to listen to is Cantonese or Mandarin Chinese Pop songs. Honk Gongese singers are popular among the Nexonans.

Nexon also has a state orchestra and choir, which is funded the. Margatian government. A Lavish opera house wasalso built in Nexon City. It is called the Imperial Theatre of Nexon.


Chinese calligraphy is practiced by many Nexonans. Originally, the Emperor had intended it to be a mandatory subject, but then he changed it into an after-school class subject which isn't compulsory. Despite the numerous subjects the Nexonan students study, most of them stayed at school to learn calligraphy (and also martial arts). There is an arts exhibition in Nexon City, just between Nexon's National Museum and a 80 meter tall statue of Emperor Octavian.


See Margate Armed Forces for more details

Law enforcement

Nexon's primary law enforcement is the NSA (Nexon Security Agency), which was absorbed into the Margatian Special Branch in 2013. Candidates are sent to USA to receive EPF training. It used to have intelligence and special activities divisions, but now they mainly do work such as patrolling and making sure that Margate's research labs are not compromised. The agency is also is responsible for maintaining order in Nexon. All agents have pledged allegiance to Margate and anyone who is caught or suspected to be plotting against the nation will be jailed.

When the NSA was shown to have little effect against the deeply-entrenched International Syndicate, President Frederick Mueller established a Crime Regulation Force (commonly called Regulators) based on Club Penguin's pre-EBUL Moderators system. The Regulators are often Special Branch assassins and top-spies whose only pays as Regulators are the free use of the Regulators' network of health facilities (in case they are wounded), arsenals (in case they need go to on an emergency mission) and houses (if they wanted to evade the heat of gangsters). The primarily lightsaber-armed Regulators' job is simple, which is not to arrest or detain criminals, but to slice them to death on the spot. Although the Regulators were criticized for its radical techniques, they are effective in wiping out the International Syndicate's branches in Nexon and Margate.


The electric supplies of Nexon is mostly generated by solar panels. Nexon has almost full control over its gas and water supplies as well. Despite Mr. Shockings wanting to build a nuclear power plant, Vince rejected his idea. 40% of the electricity are generated by windmills and freakishly huge solar panels. The rest are generated by dams.

Solar panels and roof gardens are compulsory in every building, and the Margatians have since adopted this idea.


The re-annexation of Nexon has made its mark on the state. There are now at least 250 research centres in the state in the midst of the 2014 Margatian Rearmament Program. The main industries of Nexon are the arms-manufacturing sector, bio-engineering industry and the chemical engineering sector, with an aircraft-manufacturing sector and a finance sector following behind. Thanks to the newly enforced policy of enlisting jobless but fit penguins into the Margate Armed Forces, employment rate is at a staggering 100%, not counting young penguins and those who are retired or disabled.

Nexon also has vast reserves of metals and gems, such as platinum, diamonds, aluminum (bauxite), iron and gold. Because of that, numerous metal refineries have been set up here. These also resulted in a sprawling manufacturing industry here because of the easy access to metals. Oil and natural gas deposits are also found offshore, attracting several local and multinational energy companies to set up platforms and refineries here to build up a petrochemical industry.


While tourism isn't something Nexon is worth visiting, the military-oriented state is an ideal holiday destination for middle-class Margatian tourists on a budget.

Immediately after conquering Nexon, Vince ordered the construction of the biggest casino resort in the Sub-Antarctic Islands. A few months later, with the help of 10 millions illegal immigrants from poorer countries, the casino resort was finished as the largest hotel and casino in the Sub-Antarctic Islands, with 3,500 suites, 345,000 square feet of space for commercial use (such as shopping and dining, 5 theaters for performances, 2 cinemas and 145,00 square feet of gaming space. The project cost 2.4 billion fish, which Vince happily funded, knowing that the casino could bring the Syndicate TONS of money.

Beside that, he had a Puff Flags built near the casino, opening the first Puff Flags in the Sub-Antarctic Islands as well.

A majority of hotels in Nexon are rated 4-5 stars. They are usually priced at 75-350 Margatian Dollars one night. These attractions remains open even after the re-annexation of Nexon.


The total population of Nexon is 3.4 million. Like Margate, the race of Zhouese/Peletoniums made up a big percent of the population. High Penguins from Freezeland made up only 3% of the population, the smallest race in Nexon,


Like Margate, the official languages are English, Mandarin, Cantonese (a dialect of Mandarin Chinese), Italian (due to the Sicilian origin of Vince), German, Melayu and Tamil. Unlike Margate, Japanese is rarely spoken here, instead being replaced by Italian and German.





Dark Penguins-7%

High Penguins-3%


There are four ways of transport in Nexon:Air, Sea, Land and Railway.


According to a recent survey, most Nexonans own a car, while a household will own at least 3 cars. Buses and taxis aren't common here, as every public transport companies are created to serve tourists.

The reason why buses and taxis aren't frequently is known:Nexonans prefer traveling by trains.


In the Ducal States, tourists often travelled by water taxis. This is because most of the Ducal States' motorway is part of a grand canal, ironically called the "Grand Canal. Other than that, mainland Nexonans preferred airplanes rather than ships. The citizens of the Ducal States owned their own boats too.


Nexon has only one international airport. It is called the Tony Nat International Airport. It is situated between Nexon City and Octavii. Nexon's main airline company is called Nexonan Airlines


Finally, we have the railway. Only some Nexonans use this, as most own cars. Tourists also frequented bullet trains.


Nexonan chicks start education when they are 5, where they went to kindergarten until they are 7. Kids start primary school at 7 until 13, when they will go to secondary schools, which they will attend until 19. At the age of 20, Nexonans go to universities. They must study in a university for at least 3 months.

In their final year in primary school, Nexonans chicks (like their Margatan counterparts) will take a test. If they pass the test, they will get a certificate that allows them to attend secondary schools. If they don't, they will have to study everything they learnt in primary school in a year, and retake the test. Their next largest tests in their school life is the UEC Junior (United Examination Certificate) and HSAT (stands for Higher Standard Ascension Test). Their final important test in secondary school will be the HLAT (Higher Learnings Ascension Test) and UEC Senior. The certificates of the final tests are used for universities.

There are 7 subjects in primary schools. They are:English, the student's primary language, Chinese, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography. Living skills are taught at the age of 9. Students must choose an additional language to learn at 9. The language includes:German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. In the end of the year there will be a test for the additional language. If the student passes, he can choose another language to learn or stop.

There are a total of 10 subjects in secondary schools. They includes: English, Chinese, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, student's own language, History, Geography and Business. Again, the student must choose an additional language to learn at 14. Here, they will be given a test of the language they had chosen in their primary schools. If they fail, they will have to learn the language again. If they pass, they could chose another language.

  • Additional languages aren't subjects for tests.
  • The students will be informed of the surprise test in secondary school once they start learning additional languages. This is to make sure that they study well.


Some students may want to do better in their subjects, so parents send them to a "tutoring center" or a "tutor". Students who are sent to a tutor study in a group of maximum 7 students, while students in tutoring center study in a group of 15-30 students, with 4-6 classes. Each class will be tutored by 2 teachers. They will divide the subjects between themselves. For example, among the 2 tutors (if they tutors secondary school students), one will teaches History, Geography, Chemistry, Business and English while the other teaches Physics, Mathematics, Chinese, student's own language and Biology. Private tutors may only tutors for a few subjects, so the students will have to find another tutor, Average tuition fees ranged from 160 Nehco to 235 Nehco.