Nick Tang

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Title Nick
Gender Male
Race Zhouese-Peletoniums
Health High
Level 30
Location Margate City
Friends Innumerable
Enemies Innumerable
Archetype Good

Nick Tang, full name Nikolas Tang Min Zhi is a Margatian military commander, currently Deputy Commander of the MAF Special Branch. He is best known as the former Commander of the Elite Penguin Force's Weaponry Development Division, and his outstanding track record in the Margatian military since his conscription in 2003. Prior to his resignation, he was one of only two foreign nationals to have been given a high ranking position within the EPF, which has both brought his country a great source a national pride as well as major controversy within the USA.

Renowned for his abilities in advanced tech development as well as battle tactics during periods of war, Nick is held is high regard by many of his peers, having been described as relaxed and relatively easy to work with, although his snarky and sarcastic personality has somewhat annoyed many of his colleagues as well. Nick also has somewhat strong magic capabilities, being able to bend the element of fire, owing to a Hochstadt family member having married into his family line, although he is bound to secrecy about it due to his affiliation to the isolationist Margatian branch of bending arts.




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