Imperial Empire of Snowzerland

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The Imperial Empire of Snowzerland
Kaiserreich Snozerland
Flag of Snowzerland
MottoSchauen den Snoß Stolz (Show the Snoss Pride)
Royal anthemSieg Heil Swiss Ninja
Location of Snowzerland
Largest Conquered Territory Snowzerland Island
Official languages German, French, Italian, English
Recognised regional languages Dutch, Spanish, Penguinian
English, Penguinian, Leet, Celtican, Dutch
Species  High Penguins, Penguins, Puffles
Demonym Snoss (In German: Snoß)
Government Absolute monarchy, bureaucracy-choked, empire, colony-holding realm
 -  Lord, no, wait, Emperor!
Oh, they changed it: Kaiser!
Swiss Ninja
 -  Lord Protector Sparta
 -  Archduke Jsudsu9988
 -  The UCSN was established 2009 
 -  The UCSN was declared war on by the TerraMounts and destroyed Late August 2009 
 -  Maggiore was rebuilt was finally named to Snowzerland November 2009 
 -  Snowzerland begins to go... ahem... "shopping", annexing defenseless countries as colonies. January 2010 
 -   estimate 45,000,000 
Currency Club Penguin Gold Coin (GC)
Drives on the Right
Calling code 576
Footnotes There are UCSN cities and colonies scattered around the Antarctic continent.
Footnotes Swiss Ninja set up colonies on Tierra Del Fuego, but lost them.
Footnotes Swiss Ninja outranks Gaston in land ownership.

Snowzerland, formally referred to as the Imperial Empire of Snowzerland (Kaiserreich Snozerland in German) is a powerful island nation in the Ninja Archipelago. Led by the tyrannical Kaiser Swiss Ninja, Snowzerland has become a menace to the international community, starting six 'Great Snowzerland Wars', a prolonged conflict against Castilla and an invasion of Yow. Priding itself in its Imperialist nature, Snowzerland has a long list of colonies spread throughout the Ninja Archipelago and elsewhere. It is one of the foremost powers in the Ninja Archipelago alongside its rival Castilla, and Snowzerland holds significant power and influence throughout Antarctica, largely due to its aggressive and belligerent nature. In Swiss Ninja's quest for Antarctic domination, the Snoss people have suffered greatly under international sanctions, military repression and egregious rights violations from the SSS.


Snowzerland Island was first discovered by Swiss Ninja in 2000. Now, Swiss Ninja was a Hochstadt. He meant to do serious buisness with his life. So, he decided to become a ruler, like his brother Gaston. He went about and recruited 2000 of the smartest and strongest people he could find, and had them build a small city which would become known as Zurich. He also started to take loans from the USA. The USA was happy to fund a new country, even if it was in the middle of nowhere. For a long time, Swiss Ninja ruled Zurich as it's ruler and helped develop it. Zurich's success led to an influx of immigrants that expanded its streets and into the countryside. Eventually several years later, Swiss Ninja decided to expand his control of the island by establishing more cities on (what was then) Lake Zurich. Swiss Ninja decided to call the collection of city states the United Cities of Swiss Ninja. The collection of cities were under his control, and he earned the nobility title of "Lord". Swiss Ninja attempted to expand his territory to far away lands but mainly advertised his nation to hopeful immigrants. In the end, the cities soon became interconnected by roadways, and Swiss Ninja knew that a nation had been born. He had originally called his nation "Maggiore" after a lake in Liguria. However, Swiss Ninja felt that the name did not reflect his country's culture, thus he renamed the island to Snowzerland.

About 10 years later, Snowzerland was a thriving tourist spot, full of scientific greatness and a great militia. The USA poured more tax money into Swiss's coffers, and he started to buy more citizens. Not only that, but his original citizens were starting to have children. These children created cities, made more jobs, and started an actual military. In this time, Snowzerland became a good nation, with 3 great cities. However, Swiss had a good military, and took over all the other islands in the Ninja Archepelego, like Holyswissia (had the nerve to name it after himself), Frankterre, and Osterreach. He offered jobs, education, better technology, and a great military. It was almost as if Snowzerland had sprung up overnight, as the colonies were thrilled and created more jobs. However, jobs started to run out...until Swiss introduced the military. The military was the prime job for every good Snoss, and Swiss was thrilled to see that he had a decent army in this time.

Once he had assembled his army, he started attacking remote colonies and pillaging them, and taking people back to Snowzerland to work as civilians. The USA saw this, and wasn't happy. They started to think of Swiss not as a realistic entrepeneur, but as a triggerhappy bandit. Immediently, they realized how much the Snoss owed them. They sent an envoy over to collect the money.

The envoy returned, covered in mud and ice, and a message. The message?

 "HECK NO, USA. -Swiss Ninja". 

The USA was furious. How dare Swiss do this! They immediently stopped loaning to Swiss, but it was too late. Snowzerland, the regime of Swiss, had started. After extending diplomacy to West Pengolia, however, the GSWI started. After that, there were 5 Great Snowzerland Wars, and each time Swiss was hindered by the Hochstadt Gang and the bravery of the USA. However, in the GSWV, Snowzerland was bombed by a Triple X. Luckily, they shot it out of the sky before any casualties happened. Nevertheless, the USA attacked them again after discovering the plans for a Avatar Warmech V10, when they bombed Snowzerland completely and devastating the whole country. Although things may have looked bad and Lake Zurich became a bay, the explosions caused the discovery of limitless platinum mines that were hidden below the ground near the coastline of the island and the bay. However, Swiss, despite forming Snowzerland, had lost some of his genius, and sold the land he had conquered in Freezeland. Despite being imperious, proud, prideful, not as smart as he was in his youth, and VERY narcisstic, Swiss is still a decent ruler.


The Head of State and supreme leader is the Kaiser (Emperor). This is a hereditary title, the highest rank of nobility. The Kaiser has supreme power which he can use without any limits. Swiss Ninja holds the title Kaiser. The second in command is the Archduke of Snowzerland, who also serves as a Head of Government. The position is always hereditary but the Kaiser has rights to appoint a new one. There have only ever been two, including the current one, Jsudsu9988. The Lord Protector isn't hereditary but chosen by the emperor. The Lord Protector is the highest rank in the military. He follows Swiss Ninja's military will. Only he can appoint Field Marshalls or Generals and he must always bring a military report to Swiss Ninja. Only Jsudsu998 and Swiss Ninja have the right to appoint any new nobles. Any members of the royal family whose not the Emperor has the right to have the Prince or Princess. Yes that means that Gaston is a prince (though he removed the title) as is Cheddar Ninja.

Snowzerland's legislature known as the Snowzerland Council, is bicameral, divided into an upper and lower house. The upper house, known as the (Kammer des Herzöges (House of Dukes), consists of 10 representatives (who are all dukes and duchesses) from each major city. The Lower House, known as the Zweite Kammer (Lower House), consist of 45 representatives. Three representatives are chosen from each Canton (province), while each colony only receives 3 representatives for all of its provinces. For all provinces and colonies (Except Pen Chi Island, Johnfrum Island, and Nuke Island), two out of the three representatives are elected by an Electoral College consisting of all of Snowzerland's nobility class, while one representative is elected from the Popular Vote. Pen Chi Island, Johnfrum Island, and Nuke Island elect their representatives by the local military commander. The Snowzerland Council meets at the Parliament Building in Geneva. The dukes sit around on the east wing the Archduke while the elected sits on the north and south sides of the building. The west is the entrance and exit. The representatives then propose new laws based on the requests of the peoples and the representatives. The representatives either agree or disagree on it and what the majority vote is is what the decision will be. It's always a free vote.

The judicary is divided into two departments: civil and law. Civil deals with domestic and civil issues such as family breakdowns or disagreements in a community. Law deals with crimes. All courts have no jury. There are two types of courts used in the civil department and they're the county courts and the high courts. The county court is where a case will go first. There is a judge, the defendant and the plaintiff. The judge listens to both sides of the case and if it remains undecided then it goes to the high court. There is only one high court and it's the High Court of Geneva. Extreme cases go there however they're rare. Undecided cases go there more often then extreme cases. The law department deals with crimes. It's divided into a court of justice, the supreme cout and finally the Emperor's court. The court of justice is for minor, the supreme court is for serious crime and the Emperor's court is a court for high treason; in other words a crime against the emperor. The Emperor, the Lord Protector and the Archduke are the three judges. They listen to the defendants plead who has lawyer to help him or her. The Lord Protector and the Archduke then decide whether he's guilty or not. The emperor can override the decision.


Mainland Snowzerland Cantons

Kanton (Canton) Capital Language Spoken Location
Kanton Deutchschweitz Süd Zurich German Located near the south part of Snowzerland, and includes the cities of Zurich and Basel. Includes the area of Mount Matterhorn all the way to the Southern Coast.
Canton de Romandie Geneva French Located on the Western Side of the bay. It includes the cities of Geneva and Lausanne.
Kanton Deutchschweitz Nord Luzern German Located at the top of the Zurich Bay. Serves the city of Luzern and the neighboring towns and villages that surround the top part of the bay on the East side.
Kanton Graubünden Sankt Moritz German, small Romansch minority Located above the Deutchschweitz North canton, starts above half way down the river from Luzern, and goes all the way north at the edge of the end of the mountain range. Serves the city of Sankt Moritz.
Canton di Svizzera Liguriana Bellizona Italian Located at the Western end of Snowzerland around the Bellizona River Delta. Serves the city of Bellizona.
Kanton der Nördlichen Küste (Canton of the Northern Coast) None. unincorperated territory overseen by the city of Zurich. German, French Located at the very north of Snowzerland Island, and is known for being the least populated part of the island. It is home to large farms and military bases.

Outside Territories

In the order they were conquered.

Name Conquered Capital Language(s) Spoken Location Map Notes
Lichenstien Lichenstien Flag.png 2008 Vedutz German East of Snowzerland Island
Lichenstien Map.png
A small island colonized, not conquered, by the Snoss in 2008. It is highly dependent on Snowzerland and Osterreach for manufactured goods, textiles, and technology. Lichenstien is mainly a farming community, and it's small villages and towns also have some small specialties like woodworking and Cream Soda production as well.
Pen Chi Island 2009 None Various, depending on the prisoners' backgrounds. Northern Ninja Archipelago
Pen Chi Island.png
Used as a prison. Retaken from Swiss' brother Gaston.
Osterreach Osterreach Flag.png 2009 Wein German East of Lichenstien
Map of Osterreach.png
Nuke Island WE GOT NUKES DON'T YOU FEAR US NOW.png 2010 None. English, German, French, Leet. Off the coast of Trans-Antarctica
Nuke Island shape.png
Has no permanent population; used for science only.
Alemania Alemania Flag.png 2011 Boorlin German North of Snowzerland Island
Alemania is the largest Snoss possession. It was originally conquered in 2010 and renamed "Holyswissia", but was liberated by the USA in the Liberation of Holyswissia.
Snoss Yow 2013 Sieg Village German, English Northwest part of Yow Island
Top right corner.
Terninia "Section A" English, Leet Northwest of Snowzerland Island Founded in 2006 by Terns. The Snoss never officially conquered Terninia, but they claim it as a Snoss territory.

Former Territories

In the order they were lost.

Name Capital Location Gained Lost Notes
Johnfrum Island Johnfrum Island flag.png None SW Ninja Archipelago 2009 2009 Still claimed by the Snoss, but abandoned in 2009 for being too militaristic. Continues to be self-contained.
Southwest Slumolia The Slums West of UnitedTerra Mid-2009 November 2009 Liberated during the Giant Swiss-Terrain Cookie War, but not officially "given back" until November.
Frankterre FrancterreFlag.png Parie NW Ninja Archipelago 2008 August 2010 Set up as a secret puppet state. Liberated by the USA at the beginning of the Great Snowzerland War V.
Penguinia Unknown Snoss Freezeland and the Viking Empire August 11, 2010 October 2010 Shortly known as the Snowviet Union before it collapsed. Puppet state of the Snoss.
Batavia Pengvaria Flag.png Schipol West of Snowzerland Island 2010 2011 Declared independence from Snowzerland. They decided that Snoss rule was unnecessary.
German Servers borders None Sub-Antarctic Islands 2011 2015 The German Servers were claimed by Snowzerland until they were closed by CP.


Snoss Soldier Ready.png
See The Royal Army of Snowzerland. If you want to see the Secret Agency of Snowzerland, see the SSS.

The Snoss military is one of the largest and most advanced militaries in the Antarctic, competing only with the USA and Castilla. Not only does the Snoss have a diverse amount of military regiments, they also hold a large armada of ships, tanks, submarines (Unterseebooten), and aircraft. The Snoss military does NOT import any weapons, ammunition, or vehicles, as most of its supplies are mass produced in brutal Political Prisoner Forced Labor Camps. Furthermore, the Snoss have the largest nuclear stockpile in the Antarctic, as they had invented the nuclear bomb.

Interestingly enough, Snowzerland's armed forces are also fully integrated in gender; males and females both serve in the same troop. Males and females receive very similar uniforms and both are required to hide their hair under their helmets. However, their sleeping barracks remain segregated, which is the only time when males soldiers and female soldiers are separated from each other while in service. To avoid issues, all romantic relationships between two fellow soldiers are prohibited as it is seen as a sign of "weakness". Soldiers said to have broken this law are said to be taken to Military Tribunals where there can be brutal consequences. Puffles are still known to be in segregated troops from penguins. Soldiers are also fully integrated in terms of geographic location as well; there can be soldiers from nothern Snowzerland, southern Snowzerland, Alemania, and Osterreach in the same troop. On the other hand, troops tend to be segregated based on native language (German, French, or Italian only) in order to clarify orders. Snowzerland does not have a Foreign Legion program like Francterre where they can recruit foreigners into their military; most foreign recruits are placed in German speaking troops (or French or Italian if they speak said languages instead) since the German speaking troops are the most numerous. Despite the various languages spoken by the Snoss Army, German is the unifying language of communication for the entire Armed Forces.

Military service is technically not required for Snoss citizens. At the age of 16, Snoss citizens are given the choice to join the Armed Forces. By the time they are 18, they must make a decision to either join the Armed Forces or to take a part-time job working for a Government owned agency while going to University. Most Snoss military contracts for service are usually around six to ten years, depending on how old the recruit is when he or she joins or depending on how their physical health and fitness is when first joining. The Snoss Government also offers students to go to University for free if they agree to join the Armed Forces by signing a contract. Snoss soldiers are forbidden to resign from military service during their contract period under any circumstance- even if they are injured. Most injured soldiers that can no longer return to the battlefield, after rehabilitation, are reassigned to non-combat jobs such as being a janitor, a cook, etc. Anyone who attempts to leave the Snoss army during their contract service is swiftly arrested and executed via Deletion gun firing squad without being brought to a Military Tribunal. Snoss soldiers who complete their years of service are either offered to renew the contract (usually set at six years maximum) or may retire. Snoss soldiers are known for receiving the best pensions in the nation.

Military conscriptions were abolished by Swiss Ninja in 2013, but he reserves the right to mass conscript eligible citizens to the military at whim whenever there is a major war that breaks out.


In 2009, Swiss no longer wanted to be a customer of the Governance. He wanted to hire electricians, not the P.O.P.E., because he tried to split the See and was labeled a heretic. Now, the country has its own Power Farm on the north part of the Island, making its own Electricity. The P.O.P.E. no longer has any power in the land because of this new system. That was, until Director Benny heard about it. He and Mayor McFlapp caused problems with Snowzerland's solar power and wind farms. The whole island was shrouded in mist and fog for months, without any sunlight or strong gusts.

Many angry citizens wanted refunds. Swiss Ninja had no choice but to call back the Governance. The Governance began persurcuting Snowzerland and the Gigabishops and MetroCERNS increased bills. Swiss Ninja had to create the Utilities Tax to pay off all the citizens tax. By the end of the month the bills were up by 7% in Snowzerland.

This infuriating action caused Swiss Ninja to secede Snowzerland from Governance control. (again, this time successfully) Thus, a new company, called the Telenacleship of Snowzerland, or ToS for short, became the national utilities company. The ToS decreased bill prices tremendously, and it's sucess brought many new customers. However, the Governance still has customers in Snowzerland, but not as many as the ToS. Now, in a desperate race to regain their customers, the Governance has lowered their prices dramatically as well to compete with the ToS.

In Snowzerland, most chain restaurants/cafes/hotels have free wifi, but non-chain restaurants/cafes/hotels can vary. Some very rural and poorer areas of Snowzerland may not have electricity, or even plumbing at all. (Nevertheless, the peasants who live in these areas still maintain themselves and keep in good condition. Usually, these poorer areas use candles for light, and use water wells, lakes, rivers, streams, or springs for water. Water used for drinking is filtered for health reasons in these areas. Other than that, most Snoss homes and buildings have electricity and water.

It is a known fact that the Snoss government can cut off electricity and/or other basic utilities to the homes of penguins and puffles who have criticized or oppose the government and its policies.

Relationships with Other Nations

  • MAI.png Margate - Great. MAI are good trade partners with Snowzerland. The election of a President with Alemanian ancestry allows the two nations to become rather good diplomatic partners as well. Ever since then, Margate has been acting as mediator between the Snoss and the USA to achieve peace. Despite that, Margate's previous government had condemned Snowzerland for it's imperialistic antics.
  • Liguria Flag.png Liguria - Good. They are Allies. Liguria often serves as a mediator state between Snowzerland and Castilla in their multiple conflicts.
  • Waffleland flag.png Waffleland - Fair. Snowzerland and Waffleland trade technologies with each other. Still, Waffleland has the slight upper hand as it has Humongous Insane Superweapon Missile, so any invasion on Waffleland is currently impossible unless if someone can find a way to safely destroy T.H.I.S. without blowing themselves up in the process.
  • Bandera de Lisboagal.png Lisboagal- Poor. They used to be allies due to their mutual hatred of Dorkugal. However, relations soured significantly when Snowzerland invaded Lisboagal's territory during the GSWVI.
  • Valnordore Flag.png Valnordore - Neutral. The New Valnordorians, the ruling party of Valnordore, does trade with them and are alligned but dislikes their conquest of numerous small islands. The True Valnordorians, another party, doesn't take involvement in this arguement but does allow it's mercenaries such as Java Ghent to serve under Snowzerland. The Black Eye, the third party, supports Snowzerland's conquests and provides soldiers to aid them.
  • Ruscoe Federation Flag.png Rusca- Bad. The Ruscans and Snoss have nukes pointed at each other in fear that one will invade the other.
  • SlumoliaFlag.png Slumolia - Poor. Snowzerland tried to occupy them and tried to destroy Slumolian Culture.
  • Dorkugal Flag.png Dorkugal - Poor. Ever since Malcur ran them over, the nerds have begun to be paranoid of every military power except the USA.
  • East Pengolia image flag.png East Pengolia - Poor. Monarchies and Marxist realms are natural enemies. East Pengolia has recently begun stockpiling weapons, but not for the Snoss (but the Snoss don't know that). This has led to tension, though, because the Snoss think they're arming against them. The weapons are actually for West Pengolia.
  • FlagOfJapaland.png Japaland - Horrible! Swiss Ninja has openly considered taking Japaland off the map, partially because of all the rednecks, and partially because they are an unbelievably industrial nation. They also scare him, because that technology is mixed with conservative, pro-war views from the rednecks, a sense of unity from the Asian aspect of the country, and a work ethic better than anything else because of both cultures combined. It's a good thing that Japaland is forbidden from having a military. In the 1910s, they had better weapons than the Naughtzee.
  • USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica - Very poor. The USA is tired of SN not paying his loan back and SN wanted to conquer the USA. Their relations broke down completely in the GSWV, when the USA attempted to nuke Snowzerland. The USA constantly sends privateers such as Rockhopper to rob Snoss cargo ships docked out of Snoss territory.
  • Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island - Poor. Despite their close cultural ties, Ed Island sees the "Kaiserreich" as outdated and a technological rival.
  • Flag of Castilla.png Castilla - Horrible! Castilla claims that it was the "original" Snowzerland and both countries share a strong competitiveness. As much as Snowzerland dreams to Germanify Antarctica, Castilla wishes to Hispanify Antarctica.
  • UnitedTerra flag.PNG UnitedTerra - Horrible! UnitedTerra is sick of constant wars started by The Imperial Empire of Snowzerland. They are always in a cold war in between those wars and during those cold wars there is the occasional proxy war. Although the UTR has not meaningfully participated in any of the Great Snowzerland Wars, military tensions between the two countries are incredibly tense.
  • Mflag.jpg Maverick - Horrible! Snowzerland has made several sneak attacks against little islands, leading to a bitter rivalry between the countries. Maverick is rumored to have begun development of weapons of mass destruction to stop this.
  • FrancterreFlag.png Frankterre - Horrible! Frankterre considers Snowzerland to be one of the foremost threats to Frankterran national security ever since they were liberated from Snoss occupation in 2010. The two nations clash frequently and there are no formal diplomatic relations between each other.
  • ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island - Poor. Shops Island and Snowzerland have engaged each other in frequent conflicts, as both are imperialist powers seeking to control as much of Antarctica as possible. Kaiser Swiss Ninja (aka. Darth Swissius) particularly reviles Shops Island due to their harboring of the Jedi.
  • Asaina flag.png Zhou - Good. Snowzerland and Zhou share a large amount of trade, and have collaborated in military endeavors in the past. Snowzerland believes Zhou is the rightful superpower in the Asiapelago instead of the conventionally-accepted Shops Island.
  • AcadiaFlag.png Acadia - Great. Acadia previously had poor relations with Snowzerland, as Acadia was a close Antarctican ally and would support its allies in wars against Snowzerland. However, this began to change after Brant Esser, a childhood friend of Swiss Ninja's, became the President of Acadia, and Acadia's exit from the Free Republic Union over a year later which severely hurt its relations with its former ally the United States of Antarctica. In the midst of the Acadia Crisis in which the United States of Antarctica almost invaded Acadia, Acadia turned to Snowzerland for help, and since then both countries have been extremely close allies.


Snoss Building.png

The Culture of the Snoss is slighly different in different provinces.


The Snoss penguin's food is very European Based. The Main Dish is bratwurst with mashed potatoes, saurkraut, ketchup, mustard, and some vegetables with possibly a biscuit. Many enjoy replacing the bratwurst with a hotdog for an equally delicious meal. Other meals could be Pasta, German Noodles, Lasanga, Salads, Chinese Food, and Sushi. The country banned pancakes after they annexed Slumalia, and continued the ban after the war so not to anger the TaliBEANs any further.

For Dessert, Penguins like to eat ice cream, chocolates, tarts, strudel and Creamy Cakes. Pie is rare, and is not eaten commonly. They also eat small hard candies too. For drinks, penguins like Hot Chocolate, milk, tea, water, and coffee. Cream Soda is extremely popular, but it is not drinken often because Snoss laws have only limited the sales of Cream Soda to Restaurants and Bars. Few Penguins and puffles grow and make their own cream soda, but it is illegal.


Zurich is known for its fashion, and most penguins there are very avid to the latest styles. Hovever, some areas that are more rural and have more poverty tend to wear European peasant clothes.



Snowzerland's architecture is influenced off of Alemania's and Osterreach's. Typical Snoss houses and buildings tend to have timber framed buildings like the ones above, and usually have roofing made out of wooden shingles or (rarely) thatch, which is only seen in the countryside or in small towns.


These Penguins have the decent technology. They tend to be Computer Savvy; they also really like the IcePod. Television is as common as a house fly. SARP, a former Snoss Agency, was responsible for scientific Advances, until it was bought by the RDA, which is now the National Science Agency.

These luxuries came at a high price, though. The Governance continued to punish Swiss Ninja by charging higher fees in his country, and of course labelling him a heretic. Televisions had only the basic channels because of the steep prices, and Internet bandwidth speed was limited strongly. That all stopped when the ToS was founded, and it became the main utilities provider of the nation and it's colonies. The ToS is much cheaper than the governance, and the Snoss live in paradise with it to this day.


The lives and political views of the citizens of Snowzerland vary in many ways. Citizens at average wake up every day around 7:30 AM each week day morning, and 8:00 AM during the weekends. For the children, all schools start at 8:30 and end at 3:00. Adults usually attend work from 8:40 AM - 5:00 PM on average not counting overtime or night shifts. Breakfast is eaten around 7:30-8:00 AM, Lunch is eaten around 12:00-1:30 PM, Happy Hour, the time when restauraunts and taverns begin discounting Cream Soda, is from 4:00-5:00 PM except on Christmas and Swissmass, when it is all day. Dinner is around 5:30-7:00 PM. Chicks under 4 years old go to bed around 8:30, while the average time is around 9:30 PM. Adults usually go to bed around 11:30.


See Snoss Television for more Information.

Most Cantons in Snowzerland have their own individual newspaper, usually called "city demonym Zietung" for the German Provinces, with the Zurcher Zeitung being the most popular one. Snowzerland also has four news channels, Channel 1 (German Speaking Channel - for the Zurich, Luzern, and Sankt Moritz Provinces), Channel 2 (French Speaking Channel for the Geneva Province), Channel 3 (Italian Speaking Channel for Canton of Bellizona), and Channel 4 (English Speaking Channel mainly for Tourists and Immigrants)

Snowzerland is well known for its Propaganda.


The official demonym in English for Snowzerland is Snoss. Since Snowzerland has three official languages, here are the foreign language versions for "Snoss":

  • German: Snoß, some dialects Schnoß
    • Noun: Snoß (m. sg.), Snoße (f. sg.), Schnöß (pl.)
    • Adjective: Snoßer (m.), Snoße (f.), Snoßes (n.), Snoße (pl.) Snoßen (pl.)
  • French: Snoss (m. sg.), Snosse (f. sg.), Snoss (m. pl.), Snosses (f. pl.)
  • Italian: Snozzo (m. sg.), Snozza (f. sg.), Snozzi (m. pl.), Snozze (f. pl.)

"Snoss" in other languages not spoken in Snowzerland:

  • Spanish: Snoserlandés (m. sg.), Snoserlandesa (f. sg.), Snoserlandeses (m. pl.), Snoserlandesas (f. pl.)
  • Dutch: Snosse (cm. sg.), Snoss (n. sg.), Snosse (pl.)
  • Swedish: Snåsk (indef. art. cm. sg.), Snåskt (n. sg.), Snåska (pl.)
  • Portuguese: Snoserlandês (m. sg.), Snoserlandesa (f. sg.), Snoserlandeses (m. pl.), Snoserlandesas (f. pl.)


Snowzerland has a Mixed Market Economy. Citizens do have the right to start their own businesses, but they must receive government approval first and must swear their allegiance to Swiss Ninja. All foreign businesses also must have permission from the Government in order to operate. The Snoss Government reserves the right to interfere with domestic and international businesses if they are located within Snoss territory. Imported products to Snowzerland undergo heavy scrutiny for approval from the State and are always placed with a tariff to make domestic products cheaper. Snowzerland's military related businesses are almost all State owned. The Banking sector is the only area where the Snoss maintain a strict laissez faire policy.

The Economy of Snowzerland is divided into four sections: Agriculture, Services, Industry, and Tourism.


Agriculture is a big part of Snowzerland Island's economy, since much of the land outside the cities are farmed and forested. Most Penguins inside the mountain range usually raise cows and focus mainly on Dairy products that include Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, and Butter. Within the mountain range is also where cabbage, lettuce, and carrots are grown as well. In the Bellizona Canton, Grain is the main cash crop of the Region. All of Snowzerland's farms are privately owned.


Services, such as stores and restauraunts, make up the bulk of Snowzerland's privately owned businesses, with Agriculture not far behind. The government typically does not interfere with the service sector, but it requires stores and restauraunts to purchase licenses if they wish to sell imported goods or finished goods made by the same company that contain imported goods. Furthermore, these imported goods must be taxed when they are sold, therefore making the prices of imported goods more expensive than domesticly made products (from any of the German States). The Snoss Government is vigilant about it's "Made in Snowzerland" policy and reserves the right to shut down businesses, permanently or temporarily, if they do not possess an up-to-date license or if they refuse to add tax to their imported products.


Industry plays a key role in the prosperity of Snowzerland's military prowess. About 50% of factories on Snowzerland Island alone are known to be weapons and/or military vehicle producing factories, 30% deal with textile and clothing manufacturing, 15% deal with oil and metal refineries, plastic production, and the production of several chemicals, while 5% of industry deals with miscellaneous things, such as toy, domestic vehicle, or tool production. 90% of industries in Snowzerland are Government owned; the remainder are industries that have trade deals with the Snoss Government. The Snoss Government likes to sell all of its non-military based products to local businesses at set prices.


Snowzerland focuses a lot on tourism, especially since Swiss Ninja wants his nation to look better than all the others, and thus the Tourism industry is completely dominated by the Government. Public Transport like Airports, Buses, Taxies, and the Swiss Ninja Express train are common on the island, and are available for everyone 24/7. Some Cruise Ships also make stops in Bellizona as well. Public Tours are also available but you must make reservations online. For now, Snowzerland remains open to the public to travel without the guidance of a government minder, but it is rumored that tourists are secretly monitored daily to make sure that they do not do anything to cripple the regime. Snowzerland's government offers relatively cheap guided tours for all tourists, though almost all foreigners give it poor reviews for being filled to the brim with pro-Swiss Ninja propaganda. Most Antarctic travel books advise visiting the country without any guided tours.


The Banking sector of Snowzerland is considered to be World Famous. The Snoss government has a strict laissez faire policy on banks as it has strictly banned any sort of tax on banks or bank accounts. Snoss Banks also happen to be extremely secretive and reserve the right to refuse disclosure of any information regarding banking accounts to any government. Therefore, Snoss banks have become a haven for wealthy foreign penguins and puffles who want to evade taxes or for illegal groups to conduct business.


Club Penguin coin.PNG

The Hesse, The former official Snoss Coin, is worth about 1.77 USA Pebbles. It is made out of 70% Nickel, 20% Copper, 5% Platinum, 2% Silver, and 3% of Mixed Metal Alloys. The 1 Hesse coin has a diameter of 3 Centemeters. Then one day, it was decided by the Snowzerland Council that Snowzerland switched it's currency to the Club Penguin Gold Coin to be in line with the rest of the AU, whom officially adopted the GC in 2005.


Interestingly enough, Snowzerland has political parties that are represented in the Snowzerland Council. ALL official political parties must be approved by Swiss Ninja if it is to exist. The party also must be Pro-Swiss Ninja, or else the party will be abolished and the leaders/represenstives/creators of the party will be excecuted. Nevertheless, there are small, secret Anti-Swiss Ninja party that are not known to the public. Here are a list of official and unofficial political parties listed by Popularity and Power.

Swiss Ninja Imperialist Party

The most Popular Party in Snowzerland, the Swiss Ninja Imperialist Party supports Swiss Ninja's intentions of invading other countries and influencing them politically and culturally. The Imperialists are very, very patriotic. Imperialists support a strong national government. Most of the citizens who are part of this party are soldiers, police, government officials, ToS Workers, and other Snoss citizens who do not support the other parties.

Swiss Ninja Green Party

The Swiss Ninja Green Party is the second most popular party in Snowzerland. Citizens who consist of this party are mostly farmers, tree huggers, and penguins who hated the Governance. The Swiss Ninja Green Party believes that Snowzerland should use alternative power sources to produce electricity. Party members are known for having solar panels on their roofs, which produce free electricity for the house, consideringly lowering their electricity bills. The Swiss Ninja Green Party also supports the conservation of wildlife and nature. The Green Party also supports agriculture, fishing, and tourism as Snowzerland's economy main focus.

Swiss Ninja Economy Party

The Swiss Ninja Economy is the third most popular political party in Snowzerland. It's main focus is to make Snowzerland's main economy based on industry and services. In contrast to the Swiss Ninja Imperialist Party, they do not support the conquest of other countries because they believe that it is a waste of time, money, resources, and soldiers.

Swiss Ninja Neutrality Party

The Swiss Ninja Neutrality Party is the least popular political party in Snowzerland. The main belief of the SN Neutrality Party is that Snowzerland should not invade other countries and that it should be a completely neutral country. They believe that these wars and conquests are preventing Snowzerland from reaching it's potential for being a popular and powerful nation. They still strongly support Swiss Ninja, though.

United Front for the Liberation of Snowzerland Party (Unofficial)

This is a top secret, unofficial political party and future liberation army. The party, shortened to the acronym of PFLS, is very anti-Swiss Ninja. They already have a rag tag rebel army, and the party meets in secret in a hideout located behind a hotel in a village near Zurich. They meet at least twice a week as they complain about the lastest stupid actions of Swiss Ninja and plan his downfall.


  • It's a joint parody of a corrupted Switzerland, and Nazi Germany.
  • It is rumored that a since-dismantled agency in the Snoss government, the "Department of Redundancy Department", was responsible for coining the term "Imperial Empire of Snowzerland".

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