Nifty Nifty Pop Boom

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Nifty Nifty Pop Boom
Nifty Nifty Pop Boom.png
Type Homemade Motorcar
Effects Making popping and booming noises, flying, swimming, being a normal motorcar, getting Popcorn 3000 into fights with the local random immature students
Source Popcorn 3000's garden shed garage
Location Its garden shed garage
Cost to build 5000 coins in total
Cost to buy Priceless
Cost to sell Priceless

Nifty Nifty Pop Boom (also known as Nifty Pop Boom, Nifty Nifty Pop Boom! or simply Nifty) is a homemade, mini motorcar build by Popcorn 3000. It is named after its curious popping and booming sounds coming from its exhaust(ing) pipe, and its remarkable speed.


One sunny day, Popcorn 3000 was bored out of his mind. Although he had many options to cheer himself up, he wanted to do something out of the ordinary, that nobody else at his age could do. He suddenly had a brilliant idea, and ran out to his garden shed, taking some useless junk with him, including an old speedboat. He had decided to build a robot, and spent many days inside the shed, only coming out to get food, rest and to sleep. From the window (which was usually covered with a calendar), he was seen carving wood inside, and hammering nails (and accidently hammering his own flippers at the same time) into a large, metal hunk of motorboat and other oddities. Finally, after a grand total of 3 weeks, he had finally finished. The result, however, was not what he had expected, for the new item looked more like a motorcar than a robot, and he was greatly disappointed. However, his father Phenguinus Phoom contemplated his work, and suggested that he may have made a handsome little motorcar instead of a robot.

Gaining back his morale, he jumped in (note: he did without a driver's licence), and began pulling the lever he intended to make the robot start. Finally, the engine began running, and he drove out of the garden. He decided to show it off to Penguinpuffdude first before anyone else, and was happily driving along the lane and passed the local school, when a random immature student waddled out, and taking one look at the back, shouted after him that he admired the "picnic basket on wheels that you're driving". Outrage, Popcorn waddled out, shouted his trademark "WHADDYA MEAN BY CALLING NIFTY A PICNIC BASKET??", and punched the poor student. He eventually got into a fight, and when the police were called by the teachers, Popcorn was almost arrested for disturbing the peace and driving without a licence, but thankfully, Penguinpuffdude arrived at the same time, and using excellent hyperbole skills, she managed to get Popcorn to get a small fine and a driving licence, along with a warning to try not to do it again.


In the making of the motorcar, there was -

  • 1 white, broken motorboat
  • 25 spare cogs
  • 4 wooden wheels
  • 1 picnic basket (a bad idea)
  • 1 disused plate of metal
  • 1 steering wheel
  • 4 disused chairs
  • 50 tins of ointment and plasters.

And to make the extra devices built in later on, he used -

  • 15 broken computers
  • 20 sheets of plexiglass
  • 6000 coins
  • 10 pairs of rubber gloves to protect his flippers.

Nobody, not even Popcorn, remembers everything what Nifty is made of, obviously.


Nifty Nifty Pop Boom usually has a minor involvement, but is known to be very useful in transport, helps rescuing penguins, lost or kidnapped, with the tracking device, and can get Popcorn into fights with the local random immature students over claims of Nifty's "resemblance to a picnic basket", to the point that the teachers now accept it as a normal routine of the day.


  • Popcorn believes that the motorcar may be able to understand penguin speech.
  • Sometimes, the motorcar is used as transport in some of Popcorn 3000's adventures.
  • To tease Popcorn and to get into a fight, the local random immature students love to call Nifty a "picnic basket on wheels" whenever Popcorn drives past.

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