Night of the Living Boxes

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Night of the Living Boxes
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Start October 30th, 2015
End October 31st, 2015
Location Club Penguin
Rewards The world is completely free of the cardboard contagion.
Fanon Characters Special 2015! Fanon Characters Special 2016!

After a plot by Questisbak gone wrong, Club Penguin has been overrun by zombie-like box creatures! With little time and even fewer survivors, can the Fanon Characters put an end to the trouble like usual, or will the infection be the end of penguin kind? Get your candy bags ready and thank mr skeltal, 'cause you're about to find out!

Chapter 1: Prologue[edit]

Explorer 767 was fighting against Questisbak on a cold October day (now that I think about it, they're all cold) on top of a tower when "it" happened. The horrible incident that severely threatened penguins like never before.

Questisbak: It's too late now; you might as well give up trying. The charge is almost complete and there's NOTHING you can do to stop it. Once this energy beam is fully charged, it'll use my DNA to enable me to zap every penguin in the world, making them a brainless copy of me, stripping them of their free will. We will rule and you shall be punished greatly for all my failed schemes in the past.

Explorer: I know. According to the exposition in the script you told me three times already.

Questisbak: ...

Just then, Explorer had a brilliant idea. He tossed a bomb (approved by Morshu) to knock over a pile of cardboard boxes. Most of them barely missed, but a single piece of cardboard fell in the DNA slot right as the beam had finished charging.

Explorer: Wait, why was that last action written in crude pencil markings?

Questisbak: That mistake was just what I expected from a fool like you.

Explorer: Eh?

Questisbak: You'll see what you have done soon enough.

The machine fired a single beam and exploded soon after. The laser beam was headed straight for Bert who was finally about to get the lid off of his can.


Unfortunately, sweet freedom was not almost upon him because the laser hit him. As electric sparks started to cover his entire body, he started turning brown and... Square-ish. His feet turned into cardboard boxes and so did his abdomen and head. The only thing remaining penguin of him was his arms. He fell back into the trash can. He, before being contained (again), horrifically uttered the words:

Cardboard Zombie (Bert): Many of me...

It had happened. The contagion had begun. Bert had become a cardboard zombie. He hopped over to a nearby restaurant where Doom Chef was working for a special event. Nobody could see what he had become because he was still in the can. He hopped into the kitchen.

Doom Chef: Honestly, how do vou people VORK in zis grease pit? (Notices the trash can, not realizing it's Bert) All right, vhich one of vou vorgot to take out Ze trash?

Bert barely managed to expand a single flipper from his metallic prison and touched Doom Chef. Sparks of electricity jumped from Bert's flipper onto the chef's body, and he went under the same horrific transformation that Bert went through. After that, the infection quickly spread through the kitchen and through the entire restaurant after that, with the only things to escape being The Propeller Cap Trio.

Fooly: Which one of Club Penguin's awful transformations was THAT?

Folly: It appeared to be some kind of box creature, and if it touches you, you become a box creature!

Fooly: I can't become a box creature! I know nothing about being a box!

Folly: You don't know anything at all.

Fooly: Oh right.

Folly: Well, we have to get out of here. We can't get infected. At this rate, all of Antarctica will be boxes by midnight!

Fuzzle: What... every former penguin left their sandwiches... sadness...

Fooly: Well, at least it's not like they now they could get into Tutupie City to access the rest of Antarctica easily.

Every box creature looked at them, some of the, moving towards the trio.

Fuzzle: Oh crap. We messed up, didn't we?

Within minutes, CPPD cops, and ambulances arrived.

Anthony: We have the whole area quarantined, now what?

James: I guess we go inside?

Thomas: Okaaay then. Let's see. I have a Mwa Mwa extermination ice bullet, a normal ice bullet, and taser bullet, but no penguin box extermination bullets.

Box Zombie: Many of me!

The Box Zombies quickly zapped two other cops while the CPPD cops and the Trio ran for their lives.

Meanwhile, in a luxury hotel not far from the restaurant.

ASF Agent: Yeah. WHAT?!? Okay. Yeah. Sure.

Brant: What was that?

ASF Agent: Sorry sir, we're going to have to cancel your speech and your other events tonight.

Brant: Why?

ASF Agent: Something involving boxes...

Brant: Wait, what? How? Why? When?

ASF Agent: We don't know. There are Acadian Special Forces and Diplomatic Security Unit agents out there finding out what happens as we speak.

Brant: What am I supposed to do?

ASF: Take a break. You have a big day tomorrow.

But night was approaching fast, yet he would not sleep that night, along with many others...

Chapter 2: Night Falls[edit]

As night fell, the situation had not gotten better. CPPD SWAT and Riot Police were called in, but did little effort in stopping the boxes, as they could infect penguins by touching. To make matters worse for the residents, they were locked in. All of Club Penguin's bridges to the outside were closed and barricaded. The airport was closed. The box epidemic just kept spreading, and the police and EPF agents were having trouble.

That night, Brant could not sleep. He watched as the bodyguards changed shifts. There was a lot going on in his mind. Paperwork to be done, family obligations, and this "box" thing. What was it?

Brant had enough. He left his room, and toured his floor. He wasn't stopped by ASF agents because there were other leaders staying in the hotel, so it was safe. He walked down the hallway, and entered a ballroom. Familiar sights, he thought. He had been here 15 yeas ago, at a party to celebrate the USA's independence, and where he had met his wife. Suddenly, a voice was heard.

Penguin: Brant, is that you?

Brant turned around, shocked that this penguin knew his name. He saw that it was Mr Cow2, and old friend, and breathed a sigh of relief.

Brant: Hi Mr Cow2, I haven't seen you in a while. What are you doing here?

Mr Cow2: I'm taking a staycation. I saved some money, and decided to spend a few nights here. Anyways, it's nice to see you. You got any plans?

Brant: Well, I'm supposed to give a speech tomorrow, and spend the day touring Club Penguin. It's my first visit here since becoming president. The events got cancelled today because of this "box" thing. Do you know what it is?

Mr Cow2: Well, from what I know, there are zombie box penguins roaming CP. Their numbers are spreading by the minute. So I suggest you cancel your plans for tomorrow. I don't think you'd look nice as a box.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Propeller Cap Trio comic relief.

Fooly: We've traveled quite a bit. How much longer to Tutupie City?

Folly: Actually, we've been traveling backwards.

Fooly: Then where are we now?

It's obvious they're in the Town Center.

Fuzzle: Dunno. Hey! The Night Club! Let's boogie!

Folly: Guys! We shouldn't go in there!

Fooly: (While entering the Night Club) Why not?

Folly: Because it's-

The Night Club is filled with zombies.

Fuzzle: Oh.

???: Hey, little help over here?

The trio look at the turntables and see Cadence and Penquino with Cp kiddo and Cp kidette

Foomy: Whoa. Stay put and don't move. What happened?

Fuzzle: Hey, when did you arrive?

Foomy: 9:20 PM is when is when I ALWAYS randomly show up.

Folly: You even have a schedule to do something pseudo-randomly? You've got to be kidding me!

Foomy: S-sorry?

Fuzzle: Furthermore, we lost our way to Tutupie. Again.

Foomy: Oh, that's simple. It should be towards that directio- no, wait. Was it over there? H-h-hold up a minute! Which way was opposite to the North? But since we are in Antarctica wouldn't EVERY direction technically be north? Was it pico-meters or kilometers? Maybe if we dig deep enough we'll reach the skyscraper...

Foomy got too confused and fainted.

Fooly: He's right, let's just dig!

Spinning with their propellor caps, they began to drill through the concrete in the most impossible of ways and soon they were off to somewhere else.


Penquino: Hey! Don't forget us!

The zombies in the Night Club started surrounding Foomy, but started shoving each other out of the way. Penquino used the time to turn the disco light on. The light scared the box zombies away and eventually one of them trampled Foomy, turning him into a box too.

Foomy: Ahh, I'm a box zombie already?! No wait! I mean... Many of me! (t-that's correct, right?)

As the Trio dug, they eventually fell into a sewer, already filled with zombies.

Folly: Nowhere's safe!

As she said this, a flipper gestured them to go into a door labeled "somewhere safe." Despite how fishy (yum, fish) the situation was, they went in anyways, because, really, what else would you expect them to do?

Folly: W-who's there?

Nicktang10: Don't be afraid, I'm not infected, well, I kinda am.


Folly: STOP! He's not a box zombie. Please explain.

Nicktang: Well, one of these things bit me, but they didn't touch me however. I have by 3 PM to work up a cure before I transform, and I need help, AND FAST! This virus is spreading like wildfire!

Fooly: My watch says its one hundred thirty thousand and nine.

Folly: You don't even have a watch. Can you even read one, anyways?

Fooly: Nope. Only the script.

Nicktang: Yeesh, you guys talk more than I do, plus you're taking up space. It's time to start chapter 3.

Fuzzle: Wat.

Chapter 3: The Effect on Puffles[edit]

Eventually, Nicktang was able to contact Penquino and Cadence. They regrouped and walked down the street, not even knowing where they were going, until coincidentally they bumped into the hotel where Brant and Mr Cow2 were staying, literally.

Mr Cow2: Hi guys. If you're looking for Brant, he's upstairs.

Penquino: Wait, Brant, as in President of Acadia?

Mr Cow2: Yes.

Nicktang: Where did he go? He might have a cure.

Mr Cow2: He's probably at the ballroom on Floor 4.

Folly: Let's go!

Penquino, Nicktang, and the Trio took the elevator upstairs. They walked through the hallway, not running into any guards, and arrived at the ballroom, with Brant inside, as expected.

Brant: Hi guys. What are you doing here?

Nicktang: I was looking for a cure for the box virus. If there is none, I will turn into a box by 3 am.

Brant: Sorry, we haven't developed such a cure, but you should go to Bro's place, two floors down, at Room 205. I think I heard that Shopper scientists have been developing some sort of cure for something similar to this.

Penquino: See you later.

Brant: Okay, bye.

Penquino, Nicktang, and the Trio took the elevator down to the second floor, and came to Room 205. They then knocked on the door, which was opened by a sleepy Bro.

Bro: *Yawns* Uh, hello?

Penquino: Hi we were looking for a cure for the box virus. Brant told us the Shopper government have been developing one.

Bro: Come on in.

Nicktang: Okay, we need a cure for the box virus, because I will turn into one by 3 am.

Bro: Okay. The cure is still in the testing stage, and I am not carrying with me either. However, the EPF has a weaker version that could slow down the infection.

Penquino: Thanks Bro. That was helpful.

Bro: No problem. Now I need to go back to sleep. See you later. Bye.

The group then walked to the EPF building. Then, they entered.

Penquino: Hi, we need the cure to the box virus. *Shows EPF phone*

EPF Agent: Yeah, we don't have such a cure.

Penquino: If he doesn't get a cure, he will turn into a box in...

Folly: 15 minutes!

Nicktang: And do you want to get infected?

EPF Agent: Right this way.

They followed the agent into a room, but Folly let out a high pitched shriek when she saw something made out of cardboard all over the room.

Penquino: Relax, it's just a CARDBOARD CUTOUT of a puffle! Nothing's going to go wro-

He couldn't finish his sentence because he was wrong and the cutout turned around to face him. It was revealed to be Snow and all the other cutouts in the room were either his siblings, or other infected puffles. Folly shrieked again.

Cardboard Snow: Many of me!


Everybody tries to run out of the room, but the EPF Agent and Cadence get left behind in the man scramble and they both get infected.

Folly: Well, if you excuse us, we really need to go back to Tutupie City. We left the taco oven on!

Mr Cow2: You're leaving I'm the middle of this madness?

Fuzzle: I guess we are.

Fooly: Turbo-boost, GO!

The Propellor Cap Trio blasted off through the ceiling of the headquarters, conveniently leaving an escape route for the group.

Penquino: Oh wow. How convenient...

Cardboard Snow: Many of me!

Nicktang: No time to comment on this! We need to escape!

As a rope inexplicably dropped down from above, the main group climbed out of the hotel into the roof. Holding the rope was the Trio, helping others escape.

Mr Cow2: Wait, you guys? Didn't you go and turn off your taco oven?

Folly: We did.

Fuzzle: Tutupie City was up here a few seconds ago, you guys just missed it.

Fooly: Then why did we spend an entire chapter looking for it if we didn't stay, which was our original plan?

The Trio: D'oh!

Nicktang: Well, that's confusing, but we got bigger problems in hand...

Nicktang spontaneously turned into a box.

Infected Nicktang: Many of me!

Folly quickly pulled everybody up and then whacked Nicktang down with the rope.

Mr Cow2: Wow.

Bro: So where is Tutupie? Wherever it went, it's now someplace else, so it'll be less convienient for the zombies to reach bit, right?

Folly: ...That's the bad news...

Tutupie City is now right smack dab in the middle of the area where the infection started spreading, the Plaza. This made it extremely convenient for the zombies to overrun it.

Penquino: We gotta hurry.

Chapter 4: "Tactical Retreat"[edit]

Penquino: Wait a second, though. How does an entire city fit in the Plaza?!


Fooly and Fuzzle: Nonononono!

Penquino: Sure, please explain.

An unknown period of time later...

Folly: ...and that's the basic introduction of it. If you want to learn the more technical stuff, however... where is everyone?


Bro: Great! We got away and she didn't notice.

Fooly: She'll be alright. Probably.

Penquino: Well, let's go to the Plaza, quickly

Meanwhile at Questisbak's tower, she's asleep when she hears a knock on the door. She goes over and opens it to see a lot of stationary box zombies.

Questisbak: So you pea brains have finally come to serve your master.

One of the box zombies moved forwards and touched Questisbak.

Box Zombie: Many of me.

Questisbak: Oh, right.

Questisbak became a box zombie.

Meanwhile, despite the efforts to block the infection, reports of the virus were in North Club Penguin, and Penjuana, the city across the bridge in the Antarctic Peninsula. This meant that the survivors had to think of a cure soon.

Penquino, Bro, Mr Cow2 and the Duo arrived in the plaza, and as expected, it was overrun.

Bro: Where do we go?

Suddenly, a voice appeared in the sky.

Penguin: Get the rope, now!

The group quickly grabbed the rope, seeing it as their only choice from becoming a box zombie. Once they got on the helicopter, they saw that the voice was Brant's, and it was loaded with ASF agents and Club Penguin citizens.

Brant: The hotel's overrun. My daughter and I were fortunate enough to escape in time. We picked up some people along the way. It's nice to see you again, not as a box I mean. I don't even know where were going to go. Do you have a plan?

Bro: No. The Shoppers refuse to put their officials in danger by rescuing us, so I'm kind of stuck.

Brant: Well, Acadia has closed their border, and nothing goes in, nothing goes out. We're pretty much stuck here.

Penquino: Well, we need to land somewhere.

Fuzzle: What about the Box Dimension?

Fooly: Fuzzle, that is a terrible idea, even by our standards.

Distant Howling is heard.

Bro: What was that?

Mr Cow2: It's that time of month for Nat again.


Mr Cow2: The time of month where she turns into a werewolf.

Brant: ...Nice save...

(I am User:Mr Cow2 and I sincerely apologize for that gag)

Fooly: Tutupie City doesn't matter right now then! Let's search for Nat!

Brant: But didn't you say that the city could help spread the infection?

Fuzzle: Yes but that is unimportant right now too.

Bro: Uh... sure...

Brant: Fine, let's search for Nat, where do we start?

Bro: Her igloo.

Penquino: The forest.

Brant: Okay, let's start with the forest.

The helicopter landed, and Brant got out, followed by the Duo, Penquino, Bro, and an ASF agent.

Brant: Anyone got any ideas where to start? This was your idea Penquino.

Fooly: The forest.

Brant: -_-

Mr Cow2: I know how to find her! One time, I read a wilderness survival guide when I crashed my sled!

Bro: But you don't have a sled.

Mr Cow2: Not anymore!

Mr Cow2 went to a puddle of yellow liquid, dipped his flipper in it, and tasted it.

Everybody else: EWW!!!

Mr Cow2: What's the big fuss? Somebody set up a lemonade stand right here a while ago!

Brant: By process of elimination, the stand is gone, so that means that zombies have already been here!

Mr Cow2: Yeah, that's what I was going for. I definitely didn't just want to have a beverage without paying.

(More howling)

Bro: Over here!

They ran over, only to find box zombies creating a ring around something...or someone

However, they...weren't moving? Another howl, and the zombies backed up, completely unaware of their new company.

Penquino: Must be the noise!

Brant: No, wait...

Brant noticed a ring of fur around Nat, growing thicker with each howl. Nat was shedding from stress! However, this fur was scaring the boxes away.

Bro: I got an idea! (Whispers into Mr Cow2's ear)

Mr Cow2 pulled a fur coat out of nowhere.

Mr Cow2: I sure hope this works.

He started waving it around like he was a bullfighter. The zombies around the group completely froze.

Penquino: That's it! Something about the fur repels the zombies, and may even cure them!

Fooly: I'm going to rub the zombies with it.

Brant: Please don't rub the zombies

Fooly: I'm gonna do it. :3

Mr Cow2: Wait a minute, that's genius, Fooly! All we have to due is rub zombies with fur and poof! Infection stopped!

Brant: Oh my goodness.

Fuzzle: Then how do you explain the Cardboard Puffles?

Mr Cow2: I don't know. Science.

Bro: There may be a place where we can go.

Chapter 5: The Psychopath[edit]

The group headed back to the bunker and found a note on a table.

Fooly: How did we not notice that before?

The note said "Look under the tarp." Brant walked over and took off a tarp covering a huge cage full on box zombies, each one having a sticker saying "test on me."


Penquino: Calm down. All we gotta do is test the fur on these zombies, and we're good to go!

However, Mr Cow2 was not calming down. He was starting to crack under the pressure of a zombie outbreak.

Penquino took the fur and tried rubbing it on the zombies. It only temporarily stunned them. Nothing more.

Penquino: Wh... Wh... What?

That was it for Mr Cow2. He started twitching all over his body and then laughing manically. He proceeded to tear one of the bars off of the cage, which thankfully was still too tight of a space for any zombies to squeeze through, and threatened the group with it.

Fuzzle: All right! Boss battle time!


Fooly: We get to cue the boss theme. Cue the boss theme... NOW!!

Cue "Golden Cow"

Fuzzle: But what are we going to do? None of us can write fight scenes!

Fooly: Easy! Look at the tip at the top of the screen.

A little black bar suddenly appears saying "Tip: Kick Mr Cow2 in the groin to end the battle immediately."

Fuzzle: Oh, that seems easy enough.

Unfortunately in the time it took them to read and say all that, Mr Cow2 had already knocked out everybody else in a surprising amount of time for an insane person. Fooly kicked Mr Cow2 since, ya know, he's the only one left who has legs and that snapped Mr Cow2 back to his senses.

ASF Agent: What the heck? Do you know what you just did? You realize that is punishable by a maximum of 25 years in prison with hard labor right?

Brant: You know what? Just forgive him. We don't have time for this. Anybody got a new plan? We're pretty much back to square one.

Mr Cow2: Actually, you're standing on square 2? Can't you see?

Brant and the others looked down. On the ground was a painted square with the words "Square 2".

Brant: -_-

Penquino: I just don't understand! What was in Nat's fur that isn't in a fur coat?

Mr Cow2: I have a sample of Wolf Nat's fur.

Penquino: Excellent! Wait, why did you take some of Nat's fur?

Mr Cow2: Don't ask...

Penquino fed the fur to an analyzer. It stated "99% fur, 1% sweat".

Brant: You're kidding. SWEAT is the secret ingredient?

Bro: It's the only option we have. Fooly, start doing jumping jacks!

Fooly: But I don't wanna!

Bro: DO IT.

Fooly did jumping jacks until he worked up a sweat. They "combined" Fooly's sweat and the fur coat and threw the mixture at the zombies in the cage. The cure spread rapidly and they all turned back to normal penguins, including a penguin a robber suit holding groceries


They used another machine to turn the fur and sweat into a serum, which filled up a large vial.

Brant: Now we just need to get this to every penguin in Antarctica. But how?

Fuzzle: I think there is a water tower in Tutupie or something.

Penquino: I have an idea! Let's mix the serum into the water and tip over the water tower! Plus, Tutupie is where all the zombies are heading anyway!

Chapter 6: Cured[edit]

After a long (and boring) walk, they made it to Tutupie city. They were almost too late.

Bro: Oh my goodness... All these boxes!


Mr Cow2 charged ahead and Bro threw the serum to him. Then, all the others ran towards the tower in a fast-paced action scene. Mr Cow2 passed to Penquino, Penquino, passed to Brant, Brant turned into a zombie but Bro caught it again in the nick of time. Fooly just flew over using his propeller cap to the top of the tower. Bro threw the serum at Fuzzle who passed it to Penquino, who gave it to Mr Cow2 right before becoming a zombie. The Zombies tackled Mr Cow2 who threw the serum in the air, which Bro caught. He then passed it again to Fuzzle who flew to the top of the tower and gave it to Fooly.


In his excitment, Fooly threw the serum on the ground and it broke. To avoid the growing zombie herd, Bro climbed a lamp post.


Fooly just kicked over the water tower, which absorbed the serum puddle and cured everybody.

Fuzzle: Boy, what an adventure!

Fooly: Yeah, but we delayed it for waaaaay too long, so no ending here. See ya!

Folly: ...and that's the basic introduction of it. If you want to learn the more technical stuff, however... where is everyone?