Night of the Living Sled

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Night of the Living Sled
Background information
Participants 2 Penguins, Mad Scientist, Sled
Date NoTLS 1: October 26, 2007
NoTLS 2: October 28, 2008
NoTLS 3: October 27, 2009
Location Club Penguin Island

Night of the Living Sled is an Antarctic horror film franchise about a sentient sled that chases around penguins in its path, created by the Party Development Center and produced by Economic Borders Unlimited. The series began as a single short black and white silent film to be played on Club Penguin Island's third annual Halloween Party as a homage to classic Antarctic horror films created in the early twentieth century. After the success of the first short film, it was followed by two sequels, a play and its own cinematic movie series.

List of films[edit]

Film Release date Director Studio
Night of the Living Sled October 26, 2007 Party Development Center
Night of the Living Sled 2 October 28, 2008 Party Development Center
Night of the Living Sled 3 October 27, 2009 Party Development Center
The Night of the Living Sled October 5, 2012 White Point Productions


Short film series[edit]

A couple of months prior to October 2007, the Party Development Center were thinking of ways to ensure Club Penguin's next Halloween Party topping the one from the year prior. A few uncredited members came together to film a short film on their own time that could be played in the Lighthouse throughout the event. The result was the first Night of the Living Sled, which was approved by Billybob and proved to be a massive success when the party launched. The short film gained a small supportive base of followers who sought to see a continuation or sequel.

Upon the initial short film's success, development on a Night of the Living Sled sequel began with the same writers and crew, now financially backed by the Party Development Center. By October 2008, the highly anticipated sequel, titled Night of the Living Sled 2, was released for Club Penguin's fourth Halloween Party. The sequel met audience expectations and overall approval. Many assumed the series would become a staple for every Halloween Party hosted on Club Penguin and another sequel was expected for a release October 2009. Much to those expectations, the second sequel titled Night of the Living Sled 3 was released in October 2009, which was also highly enjoyed by general audiences much like its predecessors.

In 2010, fans were left disappointed when there was no new Night of the Living Sled sequel released that year. There was no reasoning given to the general public as to why, though in the years to come it was revealed that both a script and a storyboard were ready to be put into production for Night of the Living Sled 4. The storyboard was eventually released to the public October 2011, showing audiences what could have been. Rumors circled around for why it was never completed, such as the Rad Scientist's actor refusing to reprise his role, the idea that the prior film had a perfect ending, that ending the series as a trilogy would ensure its iconography, or that the Party Development Center was devoting their resources to other aspects of the party.

Following the disappointment of fans in 2010, a play version of the first three Night of the Living Sled films combined titled Night of the Living Sled: Live was introduced to Club Penguin's Stage for October 2011. Along with it were released the blooper reel for all three Night of the Living Sled films and the storyboards for the cancelled Night of the Living Sled 4.

Cinematic film series[edit]

On January 6, 2012, Night of the Living Sled fans were ecstatic upon the reveal of the first trailer for The Night of the Living Sled on WaddleTube, the first full cinematic movie that would be released internationally on October 5th that same year. Unlike its lower-budget predecessors, the movie would not be a silent black and white film, and its director wished to feature more dimensional protagonists that weren't possible with the original run time. The cinematic feature would also mark the very first time any iteration of Night of the Living Sled would be officially aired outside of Club Penguin Island, as well as the first time Economic Borders Unlimited would produce its own film under their new studio subsidiary White Point Productions.

Pop-culture influence[edit]

Knowledge of the Night of the Living Sled franchise was uncommon outside of Club Penguin Island prior to the launch of the cinematic series. The name of the short film series was widely associated with the annual Club Penguin Halloween Party beforehand. For screenings of Night of the Living Sled, penguins would occasionally dress up as the sled or the mad scientist. This became much more frequent after the release of official costumes for Night of the Living Sled: Live.

Upon the release of The Night of the Living Sled, the Living Sled became an international horror icon for its powerful portrayal and stunning use of practical puppetry.

Short films[edit]

The original Night of a Living Sled short films


  • Dr. Warp has falsely claimed that the original short films are a true story based on a time he brought a toboggan to life.