Nightlife City

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Nightlife City
Nightlife City.png
A picture of Nightlife City with Mount Propeller visible in the background.
Country USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
Area Eastshield
Monuments Mystical Cave
City Gates
Headquarters Nightlife City Grand Dojo
Mayor Nightlife City Elder
Population 40,000
Inhabited species Penguins, Puffles, Card-Jitsu creatures
General information
Native name Nightlife City
Founded 1918
– Founder Nightlife City Elder

Nightlife City (Japanese: ナイトライフシティ) is a small city located in the upper parts of Eastshield in the United States of Antarctica, bordering the Great Forest and embedded into the side of Mount Propeller. An incredibly unique and diverse city, the city likely has the largest ninja communities in all of the USA, with over three quarters of the population being ninjas or having some experience or knowledge of Card-Jitsu or other forms of martial arts. Nightlife City is often the host of both local and inter-continental Card-Jitsu tournaments and events.

The city is also a conduit of Pectospheric energy, greatly increasing the power of any card-jitsu cards or Pectosphere-based items within its vicinity. The concentration of Pectospheric energy over the region is so powerful, that Card-Jitsu Cards literally grow within the rocks of caves and pockets both underneath the city and within Mount Propeller. These card hotspots are known as "card mines", and are wellsprings of Card Jitsu cards, often being harvested for their resources.


After the war with Khanzem, a High Penguin (Who is still the elder) decided to start a village on the side of Mount Propeller along with some other penguins. They constructed the city after months without notice, and found a strange cave where Card-Jitsu cards and weird creatures were discovered soon after. For some time, the small village remained largely unchanged in the number of inhabitants. Almost a year after the city's founding, its odd abundance of Card-Jitsu cards and energy directly from the Pectosphere attracted the attention of some ninjas, who continued to spread the word. The population exploded within a few weeks, attracting around a thousand or so more settlers and visitors. The increasing population prompted the small village to start gradually expanding upwards and around the mountain.

With the number of ninjas increasing and not enough Card-Jitsu cards, the Elder ordered some penguins to find more. After drilling through the strange cave previously discovered, a large cavern containing an underground lake was discovered where the Pectosphere was strongest. A dojo, complete with a bridge was built inside the cavern in mid 1922, giving the ninjas a place to train and compete with each other and use the full power of their cards. A floor beneath the dojo was built, where card-jitsu players would pass tests to become ninjas after competing with the Elder.


  • Arena - The arena is a building where many penguins play card-jitsu for Jitsu points. While they journey through the arean using the cards to help them progress, they battle other penguins in Card-Jitsu until they reach Jesse, an experienced Card-Jitsu fighter. They get a medal if they beat her in Card-Jitsu power.
  • Mystical Cave - Behind the village sits a large cave. The Pectosphere is unusually powerful in Nightlife, but it peaks over the cave. This concentration of the Pectosphere allows for Card-Jitsu cards to actually be upgraded within the cave.


Mystical Cave, Card-Jitsu arena, and several homes


  • Jesse - a Card-Jitsu master.
  • Nightlife City Elder


  • Jitsu-Fruit (Fruit that powers up your cards after eaten; rumored to be created by the Pectosphere), sight-seeing, clear water, special foods that only chefs here know how to make.
  • Card-Jitsu Cards


Insteand of using coins, Card-Jitsu is important enough to actually be its currency. Penguins will play Card-Jitsu for Jitsu points, which can be used for money.

The Card-Jitsu cards can also do special games, like Ice-Jitsu skating where penguins use Ice Card Jitsu cards to skate around an ice-rink and play games like hockey, and Fire Cards will allow the users to play a game where they walk across hot coals (they only hurt, they don't damage) with fire cards.

The cards constantly make the coals hotter until the penguin surrenders. The last one standing gets the most points. There are also sports with water cards where the penguins will swim or play water balloon fights with the cards. The winner gets a medal and the most points.

Electrotail Attack[edit]

They had just repaired the radio tower, when a large zapping noise was heard. The villagers fled in terror as several strange creatures began using lighting bolts on the tower, knocking the door open. Card-Jitsu cards didn't do a thing. They quickly spread fear all over Antarctica as they broke the signal and insulted several Weekee editors, calling them things like "E-Fail-1-Fail-1-4!". The angered Demon Penguin Mectrixctic after hearing herself being insulted came and to the tour. The Electrotails were scared off by her powers and they fled, but with several things stolen.

Sister Cities[edit]


  • It is a parody of Blackthorn City of Pokemon.
  • It is rumored that before it was actually a city/town, the first Sensei lived here. This theory was thought of when a high penguin journal was recovered, describing an old house with cards all over the floor. Despite this, the rumour has been disproven.

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