Nightmare's Revenge

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Nightmare's Revenge
Inspiration(s) Sam Rudi, Kwiksilver, Swiss Ninja, Nightmare.
Developer Snowtendo.
Publisher Snowtendo
Release dates
Release in the UTR
May 15, 2009 (Nationwide)
Release in Dorkugal
March 18, 2009
Additional info
Genre Action/Adventure
Platform Snowtendo Vii, Snowtendo DS, and SES
Rating ESRBA for Everyone
Sam Rudi Is Missing Kwiksilver's Time Machine→

Nightmare's Revenge is a sequel of the Snowtendo game Sam Rudi Is Missing


One you start the game you see three characters in different places Sam Rudi at a fencing place, Kwiksilver with the Time Agency, and Swiss Ninja at Keukenhof Castle. Then on each TV a big story comes with the headline "Nightmare has escaped Owcatraz and some fugitives have also escap-" then Nighmare appears and says "I have escaped and now my revenge" So Sam, Kwiksilver, and Swiss Ninja go to capture Nightmare. Each of the player's have there own power Sam with his fencing sword, Kwiksilver has the ability to teleport and his gadgets, and Swiss and his card jitsu (Fire, Snow, and a hose) and super powers (Running at the speed of light and the ability to grow ten times his normal size.). Like in Sam Rudi Is Missing every time you beat the boss a hovercraft will come and fly you to the next world. Once you reach the Nightmare Castle this time also like the last instead of him ramming off the tower, this time you must get him to ram into a tube of X-Virus. Then the game is over.

Worlds, and Bosses[edit]


  • Sam Rudi- One of the main characters you play as.
  • Kwiksilver- One of the main characters you play as.
  • Swiss Ninja- One of the main characters you play as.


The game critics rated this a 9.8 claiming they loved it.

Sidescroller or not[edit]

Sam Rudi is Missing, Nightmare's Revenge and the upcoming one Kwiksilver's Time Machine will be a Sidescroller game.

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