Nightmare Crater

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Nightmare Crater
Suprisingly not many penguins can find this place.
Country Freezeland
Area ???
Monuments X-Virus Reservoir
Headquarters Nightmare's Mansion
Neighbourhoods Unknown
Mayor Nightmare
Population It's believed to be somewhere around 10,000
Inhabited species X-Antibodies
General information
Native name Place of Refuge
Foreign name Nightmare Crater
Demonym Polar
Founded Sometime During the High Penguin Confederacy
– Founder Finwe
Time zone ???
Summer time ???
Area codes ???

Not to be confused with NightmareCast. They both have initials NC.

Nightmare Crater is the base of Nightmare and the home of the Antibodies. Originally it was a city made by Finwe somewhere in the mountains of Freezeland so that penguins who were unable to fight could seek refuge there. However, Nightmare has recently turned it into her base for her operation. No penguins have found this place.


Nightmare Crater was originally made by the High Penguins as a place of refuge for penguins who wished to escape the war. Supplies were delivered to the city monthly and it had a noticably warmer temperature from the outside. It's not really known how the city came to being deserted, however the Snell-Libros are trying to figure out. Some say a plague struck the city, and others say the inhabitants moved out after Malcur was sent to The Simaril Void. Whatever the cause was, the only proof the Snell Libros have that the city existed is from a few old High Penguin documents and the city has yet to be found by penguins.

Unknown to many, this city was revived a few years before The Pie War. After Nightmare was defeated by Kwiksilver, she managed to escape to this city and spent the next few years there. When she did manage to get stronger again, she sought out to find several penguins to help her spread the X-Virus. Soon she managed to get her four X-Spreaders (Lizlord, IcE, Metal Explorer, and Zone) and they all lived in Nightmare Crater with her. With Lizlord's help, the perfected X-Virus was made in Nightmare Crater (as they now called it) and soon the town became filled with Antibodies. Since then they've all been living there without any knowledge of the penguins.



Nightmare Crater has mostly flat terrain, but has a few small hills. It's mostly rocky terrain with little snow. The city covers about 800 sq. miles and has one major lake that is more like a hot spring.


Despite being in the mountains of Freezeland, Nightmare Crater has a suprisingly warm climate. This is because that the crater was originally a volcano which is no longer active. It can sometimes reach temperatures of 49 °c (which is quite warm for Antarctica) and the lowest it usually goes is -5 °c. Because of the rock walls protecting it, Nightmare Crater is usually safe form blizzards and other natural disasters.


Nightmare Crater is a rather old fashioned city, but it has a few modern buildings that have been constructed recently.


The main style of most of the buildings in Nightmare Crater is gothic. From the houses, to the buildings, to even Nightmare's Mansion. However there are a few modern style buildings that have been recently built there such a Manny X's estate and a large Night Club.


Other than Nightmare's Mansion, there aren't that many famous landmarks here. They do however have a huge reservoir that holds the X-Virus which is quite large.


There aren't really any railroads, or airports in Nightmare Crater so everybody usually walks. The city does however had a lot of underground roads that stretch all throughout Antarctica. These roads were dug by Gargantuan so that Antibodies could get around Antarctica without being caught trying to get there. These roads are accessed through elevators which play this song in elevator music form.


  • This city is a slight parody of the Underground City from Fullmetal Alchemist.