Nightmare Epic

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The Nightmare Epic
Background information
Random Characters
Date March 31, 2015 - June 24, 2015
Location Antarctica

The Nightmare Epic is the tragic tale of woe that occurred because of several devastating events, resulting in more devastating events (such as at least 19 characters with articles dying). Despite the name, the Nightmare Epic is actually written in prose and not in poetry form. It just so happens to make it a lot easier.

This story is intended to be an interactive story, so when you read it imagine the scene playing out before you. It really enlightens you.


The sky was dark and stormy. I stood with my large army of X-Antibodies, and waited. I knew what was coming, and saw an army approaching. A black penguin with green sunglasses and a satchel lead the fleet, consisting of a penguin of light, a penguin of darkness, a golden train, a penguin controlling said train, a battleship, a yellow penguin with a hard hat and sweater, a ninja, and various others. They were armed with all different sorts of weaponry, no matter how weird.

Kill was at my side. I called to my army: "On my mark."

Thunder clashed. I gave my signal, and X-Antibodies poured out at the opposing army. Kwiksilver gave his signal at the same time, and the army charged at the same time. The X-Antibodies avoided everything but their respective counterpart, and became aggressive once they found them, no matter how calm they used to be. A few X-Antibodies still appeared normal: KwikXilver calmly approached Kwiksilver, while Xplorer approached the golden train. FredX trapped a group of the opposing army and forced them to complete the decimal of pi, and Gargantuan was throwing punches at the previous battleship and an emergency-themed robot, X-Creatures crawling all over them.

Thunder clashed again. I grinned, and looked back at everything that had happened up until now. I knew most of what was happening, and what I didn't know I was filled in by others.


It was about seven in the evening, and an orange penguin scientist, Anthodiel, was locked inside her lab, which she had been doing for months, working on something called "Project X".

You see, Anthodiel harbored a grudge against another penguin scientist, Finwe. Anthodiel hated Finwe for not completing the project. Finwe called it "crazy" and destroying it when they were half-finished.

A knock came about the door.

"WHAT?!" shouted Anthodiel.

"I need to talk to you," said Finwe, calmly

"No way! How do I know you're not going to just destroy the project again?"

"Please Anthondiel, listen to me! That project is doing things to your head!"

"Don't interrupt me any more! I will finish this thing if it's the last thing I accomplish! Leave me be!"

"But Anthodiel, your feathers are turning darker! They're, they're turning black!"

"See if I care! I will finish this! SHOO!"

"Anthodiel! listen to me!"

"I SAID GET AWAY FROM ME!" yelled Anthodiel.

"Please! Stop this insanity!"

"I SAID NO!" Anthodiel threw a desk at the door. "GET AWAY FROM ME!"

Finwe, with tears in his eyes, simply said as he walked away, "I'm going to regret doing this. Okay, I'm walking away now. Good bye Anthodiel."

Chapter 1: Celebrate![edit]

March 31, 2015

Six Years After the Pie War

It was a warm and sunny day in South Pole City, where the Good Guy army was setting up for the Two-year anniversary of the Great Darktonian Pie War, as nobody had been killed, and the sides were still good and evil, but didn't kill each other during the war.

"I can't believe it's been two years," commented Austin, as he helped Explorer hang up the welcoming banner. This was ironic, as Austin was a Snoss and Explorer a USA citizen. However, they were getting along fine.

"I know. It's been a wild ride, but I'm glad we've had peace for this long."

"Hey guys!" said Willy the Penguin, smiling as he came towards them.

"Oh boy. HIM." said an irritated Explorer.

"What'cha doing? Need any help?"

"No, we'll be fine, err, I've almost got it..." said Austin, in an annoyed fashion. Suddenly, he tripped over himself and sprawled the banner across the snow.

"Oh. Okay then. I'll see if anybody else needs help then."

"You do that," said Explorer.

"Sheesh. I can't believe Kwik invited him. He barely did anything during the war! Sure, he helped at it's climax, but seriously," complained Explorer.

Austin replied "I dunno. I mean, we all helped together."

Explorer rolled his eyes at him and tried to straighten the banner.

Willy sat down at a small cafe side table. Kwiksilver approached him.

"What's wrong Willy?"

"Oh, it's just I tried to help out, but nobody wants mine. They all think I'm a weirdo."

"Don't feel bad, mate. They'll warm up eventually."

"I dunno."

"Just keep looking at it in a postive light. Maybe one day you'll become something even more than you are now."

Kwiksilver left, leaving Willy disheartened.

"I wish I was that cool," moped Willy.

"Darn it!" exclaimed Nightmare.

"What is it this time?" asked an annoyed Lizlord.

"I still can't believe those two armies didn't wipe each other out. Now I have to do it! You know how busy my schedule is!"

"Yes. Yes I do."

"I must find a way to defeat them! But how?"

"Why do you want to defeat them so badly anyway?"

"You see, the two armies are very powerful and could defeat me. I don't want that. Now, call up IcE, Metal Explorer and Zone. I'm going to order a meeting tonight."

"About what?"

"Getting my ultimate victory."

Later that night, at Nightmare's secret warehouse hide out

It was around the time which Nightmare was supposed to arrive for the meeting. However she still hadn't arrived and the four of us where getting impatient. I, IcE, Metal Explorer, and Lizlord where playing cards, trying to pass the time until Nightmare arrived.

"Go Fishing in a lake," said Lizlord.

"Just don't tell PETF or they'll report you," replied Metal Explorer.

Everyone started laughing at this and eventually we got back to our game.

"We sure have been waiting a long time," I said.

"I agree," replied IcE. "How rude of Nightmare to be late for a meeting she's holding."

"Well atleast we've been guaranteed safety," said Metal. "Though I must admit if we have to wait this long for every meeting the old hag holds I'll begin questioning if it's worth it. By the way you got any Fives Zone?"

"Go Fish," I replied. "You're turn Lizlord."

"Okay," Lizlord said in his lizard-like voice. "Got any sevens Metal?"

"Go Fish," he replied.

"What is this meeting even for?" Asked IcE.

"Something about destroying the Good Guys or something," replied Lizlord.

"Correct you are!" shouted a voice from behind.

It belonged to Nightmare, and she walked over to the card table the I and the other three were at and sat down.

"Finally you show up," complained IcE.

"Agreed, I'm a robot with little patience you know," said Metal Explorer. "Your children may wait till the End of Time itself to hear you speak, but we ain't livin in Dream Land like they are."

"Yes, I know it was a long wait, but my whole plan will more than make up for it," smirked Nightmare.

"So, what is this plan of yours, Nightmare?" I asked.

"Simple, Zone. We destroy the Good Guys!"

"Why? How would that benefit us?" asked Lizlord.

"Quite simple indeed. When we destroy the Good Guys, the villains will beg us to take them in, but we will destroy them in the process, leaving only us and the antibodies, thus taking over Antarctica!"

"Hm, power over Antarctica," said Metal. "Sounds like you've got quite the plan there lady."

"Thank you Metal," replied Nightmare.

"But what shall we do with Antarctica when we take it over?" I asked.

"Oh, you leave the little details to me. Now, I need someone here to inflitrate those namby-pambies and get some information." Nightmare looked directly at me.

"And I think it shall be you, Zone."

Meanwhile at the celebration party Willy was feeling quite sad about not being cool. Just then he saw someone approach him.

"Speeddasher," he said. "I didn't think you'd come to the party."

"Oh," he said. "And why is that?"

"Well it's just that, you know you're not much of a party sort of guy."

Speeddasher simply laughed.

"Even I like to kick back and and have fun sometimes kid. Besides, you never know when some action is gonna happen."

Willy knodded his head in agreement.

"Hey Speed?" He then asked.

"What is it now kid?"

"I was just wondering, do you think I'm cool?"

Speeddasher looked at him and shrugged.

"Cool really depends on someone's point of view kid," he replied. "But it doesn't really matter what me or anyone else thinks. If you're happy with how you are, then you shouldn't worry about what everyone else thinks."

"Hey Speeddasher!" Yelled a voice.

Speeddasher looked to see that it was Tails6000. The two shook flippers and high-fived eachother.

"Haven't seen you in awhile Speed," said Tails. "So what've you been up to?"

"Eh, you know. Going on missions, trapping a villain or two. I barely have time to even blink at times, but I guess it's like they say. Evil never rests."

"Right you are," replied Tails who then saw Willy. "Hi Willy. How are things going with you and your mentor?"

Willy shrugged.

"I guess okay," he replied. "We've been doing a bit of travelling, but we haven't found many of these portals to other Dimensions you've mentioned."

"Oh they're real all right. I've seen lot's of great places. There's a dimension with robots that capture little animals, there's a dimension where you hop on turtles and little brown mushrooms, and there's even a...

"RUN!" Yelled a penguin.

The three turned around to see something that made them freeze. It was a a giant polar bear skeleton with a large X on it's forehead. It began attacking several penguins and tearing down the party decorations.

"What is that thing?" Asked Willy.

"I don't know," replied Tails6000. "It certainley dosen't look like anything I've ever seen. Unless, of coarse. He must be one of those things like Shroomsky X. What are they called again?"

"X-Antibodies," said Speeddasher. "The result of the X-Virus. We don't know who these guys are working for though, but I'm guessing not someone good."

"Maybe Metal Explorer," said Willy. "He did escape from EFF a few days ago. It said it in the news."

Speeddasher rolled his eyes.

"That robot has trouble leading signals to his brain. I doubt he could be behind this."

"Maybe Darktan II," said Tails6000.

"Possibly," replied Speeddasher. "But I've got a feeling he's not behind this."

While most of the penguins where running for their lives, Explorer had pulled out his shovel and gave a smirk to the Antibody.

"All right big guy," said Explorer. "I don't know who you are or who you're workin for. But your about to wish you'd never stepped foot in the party. However, since you decided to come here, let's play some party games. We'll have to use some imagination though. You can be the pinata."

The Antibody simply made several growling sounds and Explorer got ready to attack. Tails6000 then pulled out his hotsauce gun and slingshot.

"I'll go help Explorer," he told Speeddasher. "Get Willy out of here."

Speeddasher nodded and grabbed Willy as Tails ran up to meet Explorer. Star extended his Mike Sword and Austin pulled out a fish.

"You ready guys?" Asked Explorer.

"We sure are," replied Tails.

The four charged at the antibody, but it simply smacked them all, sending them crashing into different areas.


"THIS WAS A TERRIBLE IDEA!" Star yelled at the same time.

"Wait a minute," Explorer told himself. "Why are we doing this when I could just..."

Explorer threw one of Morshu's bombs, blowing up the skeletal bear.

"Well that was anticlimactic," Star said.

However, the underdeveloped Antibody just pieced itself back together and punched Explorer in the face.

"Wait, WHAT," everyone shouted at once.

Austin slapped the bear with his fish, causing him to collapse again, only to come back a few seconds later. Tails shot a Hadouken at him and Star slashed at him repeatedly, but both attacks just resulted in it just breaking down and coming back to punch its attacker.

3.14159265359 minutes later

"Soooo what have we been doing again?" Explorer asked.

"I think we left off trying to fight that... thing," Star replied.

Herbert P. Bear Xquire roared and charged, being stopped by Austin's machine gun.

"Wait, I know what to do!" Explorer told Tails.

"What?" Tails asked.


Obviously angered, Herbert X started chasing him while really funny music started to play. The music went on loop as Herbert X chased Explorer and Tails all the way to Club Penguin Island. When Herbert X caught up to them, they were on top of the Coffee Shop, having built a ramp up there.

"How sure are you that that's a weak point?" Tails asked.

"Don't sweat it, the script never lies," Explorer answered. "Now gimme a lift!"

Tails threw Explorer, who had his shovel out.

"Alright, I learned this somewhere on the internet," Explorer said. "HEY YOU!"

Herbert X looked up to see Explorer falling at him while using his shovel like a pogo stick. It tried to escape but was too late- the shovel dug straight into the "X" on his forehead. The shovel ricocheted Explorer backwards, letting him land safely, while the skeleton fell apart again.

Tails jumped down. "Are you sure he's not just gonna regenerate again?"

Explorer put his shovel back into his Player Card. "Relax, it'll be fine."

Five minutes later, nothing happened.

"This is the part where we confirm that he's dead," Explorer whispered to him.

"I see this," Tails replied.

The two high-fived (or is it high-one, since they don't have fingers?) each other and picked up the bones to have G examine them.

The two never came back to the attack site, so I decided to move on. I managed to move around undetected, but I wasn't able to find anyone, either. I was about to leave, when I saw none other than Theangol Anator!

The old, frail penguin walked slowly, all while being yelled at by others due to previously being Darktan before he was stripped of the Shadow Amulet's power. Nothing to see here, I left.

Meanwhile, he accidentally ran into Bugzy, the leader of the UPM. I stopped to take a glance, but couldn't listen in to much other than Theangol telling Bugzy he shouldn't be a criminal and Bugzy getting furious.

That evening, Lizlord and IcE met up with a gang of X-Antibodies. I wasn't there to witness it, but I've been told enough.

"Wait, so let me get this straight..," Agent X said. "You want us to help you annihilate the good guys?"

"A winner is you!" IcE replied. "If you join us, our combined forces will easily overpower them."

"Well, I can see several problems with this," 12yz12ab X argued.

"Such as?" Lizlord asked.

"Primarily, we're already in another faction. Darktan's Army, to be exact. Secondly, how much are we being paid for this?"

"We're supposed to pay them?" IcE wondered aloud.


"Alright, talk's out," Akbaboy X interrupted. "Now get out before I destroy you like I almost destroyed Antactica 11 and a half times."

Lizlord and IcE glanced at each other for a moment. "11 and a half?" they both said simultaneously.

"Don't ask. C'mon guys, let's get outta here."

As the X-Antibodies left the area, a few meters away a completely unimportant bystander slowly snuck away.

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