Nightmare Epic: The Video Game

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Nightmare Epic: The Video Game
Inspiration(s) ???
Developer Jumpy
Publisher All the main consoles
Release dates
Release in the USA
November 4th, 2011
Release in the UTR
November 9th, 2011(Nationwide)
Release in Dorkugal
November 8th, 2011
Additional info
Genre Platformer, Beat-em Up
Platform All
Rating ESRB for Teens

Nightmare Epic: The Video Game is a video game for the Snowtendo Vii, PengStation 3, PBOX 360, Snowtendo DS, and Snowtendo 3DS based on the Nightmare Epic. The game consists of several side stories, each told from a different character's point of view, that all come together to make one big story. It follows the actual plot of the Nightmare Epic quite well, with a few minor changes to fit the game. It was released a months after the war.


The games development actually started sometime during the war. Jumpy, a game developer in Antarctica, decided that the concept was perfect to make a game out of. It wasn't until after the war ended, that they asked several of it's fighters what it was like and to tell them their experience in the war. Eventually, they gathered all this information and decided to make multiple stories in the game. Zone was made the main character, and the one who fights the final boss. Other characters were then added and several X-Antibodies were put in as the games bosses. The main enemies range from penguin soldiers, to random X-Creatures (depending on who you're playing as). Each character has a different style of gameplay and different levels (except when to characters cross paths, but even then the levels are made different for each character). For instance, Zone's gameplay is a 3D platformers that sometimes shifts to 2D. You use his swords to attack and you can also fly for a short time (while Zone can fly forever, the developers didn't want the player to be able to fly throughout the whole level). There are flying levels in his story though. Tails6000's gameplay is more like a fast paced platformer, and Speeddasher's gameplay is more like a Beat-em Up.


The plot is pretty much the same as the Nightmare Epic. Nightmare is planning on remaking the entire world with the X-Virus and she's starting with Antarctica. She sends Zone in as a spy to get information about the penguins to which he does. You start out the game playing as Zone, but as you progress you unlock more characters who each have their own story. Once you complete everyone's story, you unlock the final story.

Zone's Story[edit]

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Speeddasher's Story[edit]

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Tails6000's Story[edit]

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Kill's Story[edit]

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Explorer 767's Story[edit]

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Kwiksilver's and Willy the Penguin's Story[edit]

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Tails X's Story[edit]

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