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Manufacturer Some Zhouese company
Type Video game console
Release date 2007
Introductory price 8,000 gold coins
Units shipped 1 (to everywhere else but North Joseon)
Controller input Niimote

Nii is a exact copy of the Snowtendo Vii, except that it's much more expensive and has only 1 sell. It is common in North Joseon where the government gives out Niis for free, those Niis are customized though so they only have propaganda games.


  • It is a direct copy of the Snowtendo Vii, but it can only play certain games that come with it.
  • It is only sold in Zhou.
  • It has only 1 sell, and that is by Snowstormer because he saw it on uDock and thought it was the real thing.
    • He threw it in the trash and got a refund later.

External Links[edit]

It is a parody of the real Vii.

Known games[edit]

All games marketed for the Snowtendo Vii, every time a new game comes out, an exact copy is produced.