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Fire ninja.jpg
A common Ninja
Name Ninjas.png
Type Warriors
Location Everywhere
Head Sensei
Job Keep the elements in balance.
Members See this page
Headquarters The Dojo, Club Penguin

Ninjas(ninja 忍者) are a group of penguins known for their dark black color, and black masks and belts. They were for quite awhile very secretive, but after The Great CP Storm Of 2008, ninjas were proved to be real. The training of new Ninjas began a month later, in November 2008.


A very long, long time ago in a small mountain village, some three brothers were discussing which element was better.

"Water is the best," said one.

"No, snow is better! It freezes water!" said another.

"Fire melts snow!" argued the third brother.

"But water puts out fire!" put in the first brother.

And so the debate went on. However, no element was more powerful as they could all be beaten by each other. Their mother was concerned about this fighting, which was brought up all the time and caused punch-ups, so one day she sat the three brothers down and talked to them.

"Boys, I know you all think each element is better than another, but in truth they are are all the same. What matters is how you use them." She pulled a deck of cards from her pocket.

"Here, divide these cards among yourselves and master each element. Water beats fire, Fire beats snow, snow beats water. The numbers on the cards tell how much power each card has, and the highest wins."

They did so and started playing the game, which they enjoyed. It kept them quiet, and they had finally found something to agree on. The brothers started to manufacture cards which they handed out to the penguins in their village.

Meanwhile, the brothers had achieved fame in their village because of their card-playing skills. A High Penguin monarch heard of this, and wished to learn more about this "Card-Jitsu". He took a trip to the village, armed with a deck of cards.

"Look, it is the king!" exclaimed the villiagers as his caravan made their way to the house of the brothers. "I hear he is going to challenge the brothers!"

The king arrived at the house and knocked on the door. The boys' mother answered, and nearly fainted when she saw the king.

"Come right in, your majesty!" she gasped.

The king sat in one of their comfy chairs and waited for the brothers, who were away on a championship tournament. When they returned home, whooping with joy and holding the trophy, they saw the king and bowed before him.

"Your majesty! We had no idea you would be coming! At your service!"

"Arise, brothers," said the king, "For I have heard of your fame and success with your new card game, "Card-Jitsu", and I wish to learn how to play it. Will you teach me?"

"Certainly, your majesty!" said they. They spent the rest of the week training the king, who was a natural at the game, and when his training was complete he was the best in Antarctica, second only to the brothers.

"This is a magnificent game!" laughed the King, "I am most pleased. It requires thought and discipline of the mind, not brute strength. Hereby, I bestow upon you the titles of Watersei, Firesei and Icesei, on the condition that you help the Confederacy when it is in need."

"As you wish, sire," said Firesei, "But how do we fight? Our cards are merely paper."

"Not anymore," said the king. He handed them a golden stamp, which glowed with magic. "Stamping a card with this stamp makes the effect real. Use it wisely."

The king departed soon after with a promise to return.

The King soon did, and he gave the Three Masters, now young adults, money and ships to set sail and to find the island that would be home to the Ninjas, Card Jitsu, and the Dojo. They soon found that island, which they named Penguin Island, now known as Club Penguin.

Meanwhile, the Brothers set up a Dojo to train warriors, or Ninjas, in the back room of their new house, which was on the top of a mountain. After their mother moved into their home because of old age, they expanded the premises and it became the first real Dojo, complete with Ninja furnishings, giant puffle statues and bamboo doors. Many came to them, and eventually they were succeeded by Gung Hao, their nephew and an extremely bright student and a master of all elements.

Rise of the Ninjas[edit]

Ninjas were started by The Three Masters who began the training of the secretive warriors during the High Penguin Confederacy and onward. The Legend of the idea of the Ninja goes that while Watersei and Firesei were building the Dojo with some of the sailors who went with them, Icesei, (also known as Snowsei) went into the deep wilderness and discovered a very interesting black worm that could turn invisible. Excited at this new discovery, Icesei brought a whole bunch of black worms to Firesei and Watersei, who also became interested. When the worms made their cocoons, the Three Masters discovered that they were actually silkworms, so the three masters together began to weave silk from the Black Silkworms to create a natural black fabric that could turn invisible by the command of the wearer. Thus, the three masters decided that these Ninjas could become the famed warriors that would become known through all of the Antarctic.

The first Ninjas were lived on Penguin Island, but once overpopulation began, the Three Masters banished the majority of them off of the island, making them go out into the open world to work for the High Penguin Confederacy and other countries. The Three Masters reigned for several centuries, and they appointed the next Sensei, who was their nephew, Gung Hao. This tradition continued until the reign of Pen Chi. After The Great Scandal, he left to an unknown location in the mountains leaving Sensei to rule the Ninjas. Eventually Ninjahopper will become the next trainer.


Sensei, a Dufflepud, eventually will give the position to Ninjahopper in 2023, although Sensei doesn't die until 100 years later. Ninjahopper's reign of Ninjas brought a success of new Ninjas, and Card Jitsu became more widespread across Antarctica with the help of the retired Sensei, Spider880, and Fuut Ga. However, as more Ninjas were trained, the more it angered Sensei Wraith, who was still in hiding; this caused Sensei Wraith to challenge Ninjahopper to an extreme duel in Card-Jitsu in 2035. Sensei Wraith bitterly lost, which made him do the unthinkable- at the end of the game, Sensei Wraith blasted Ninjahopper with his Dragon Flame power. Ninjahopper was blasted across the room and was slammed hardly against the Dojo walls, and fell to the floor. Badly bruised and severely burned, Ninjahopper passed away while Sensei Wraith disappeared into the shadows. Ninjahopper was buried in the mountains, and many Ninjas began to fight over the position of Sensei. Eventually, Sensei and Fuut Ga agree to have Hat Pop, a kind and well-trained ninja, to be the honorable Sensei who was the first to resign from her post after a few years to let others have the chance. The next ninja became Spider880, who was humble and a good Sensei who trained several Senseis, but some Ninjas who had fought for the position of Sensei before began to question Spider880's authority, and eventually the questioning grew to arguments, which grew to hate. Although most Ninjas stayed true to Spider880, the other Ninjas began forming their own sects, seeking revenge on Spider880, Sensei, and Fuut Ga. Before any Ninja war could begin, Emperor Pengvintine killed Spider880 in 2041 and proclaimed himself Sensei. The few Ninjas who had opposed Spider880 joined Emperor Pengvintine, while the many Good Ninjas stayed with Fuut Ga and Sensei who formed a resistance. Thus, Ninjas were divided by Good and Bad, and a brutal Civil War known as the Great Ninja Schism broke out for 4 long years, with no one winning. However, in the last year of the Ninja Civil War, 2045, The Last Stand was conducted, and Emperor Pengvintine was defeated. Fuut Ga was named Sensei after over 60 years of training as a Ninja. Fuut Ga lived and trained Ninjas for 955 years, and died of old age in the year 3000.


As known by a few penguins, Hereditary Ninjas are darker than most penguins. This is because when they reach a certain age (around 12-14), their feathers become darker and they are granted the power of invisibility. There are some cases though that the Ninja keeps their old color. Trained Ninjas are just given a new color (they can switch back to their original color and vice versa at any time) and a special suit made of invisibility fabric, which becomes invisible when activated.

Belt Earning[edit]

Belts from White to Black

Non-Hereditary Ninjas must earn several belts through the training in the game Card-Jitsu before they become proper ninjas:

  1. No Belt
  2. White Belt
  3. Yellow Belt
  4. Orange Belt
  5. Green Belt
  6. Blue Belt
  7. Red Belt
  8. Purple Belt
  9. Brown Belt
  10. Black Belt

Hereditary Ninjas are already Ninjas, but they must also go through this belt process before becoming fully-realized Ninjas.

Ninja Mask[edit]

A Ninja mask.

Once a potential ninja earns their black belt, they must battle the Sensei in order to earn a Ninja Mask, which makes them true ninjas. This allows ninjas to disappear, and have other priorities, such as going to the Ninja Hideout beside The Dojo.

Ninja Puffles[edit]

Unlike regular Ninjas who have been around for centuries, the training of Ninja Puffles didn't start until shortly after the Khanzem Era. During that time mostly White and Black Puffles were trained, but soon all types started being trained. Blizzard enjoys training other Puffles, and will sometimes do so in a special room he has in the Dojo.

Known Ninjas[edit]

Inherited Ninjas[edit]

Ninjas that inherited the power to become what they are.

Trained Ninjas[edit]

Ninjas, who were trained to become what they are.

Ninja Puffles[edit]

Ninjas who are puffles

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