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A poster for Ninja Jitsu

Ninja Jitsu (Ninja-Ninja) is a Game that can only be played in the Ninja Sanctuary. It's based on Card-Jitsu, Except in Ninja-Jitsu you don't use cards, you have powers, so if you had a Fire card in Card-Jitsu, it would be a Fireball and you would throw it at your opponent. You will be in your Ninja Costume when playing.


The main aim of the game is to get 3 of the Powers used like Card Jitsu but with no cards. You can't use the same power twice and win. If you get 3 of the same power nothing will happen.

How-to play[edit]

To play, Go to the Ninja Sanctuary and say "Ninja Ninja" and a Black version on Sensei will sit in the middle of the room called True Sensei, he will give you a box that has Ninja Mode, True Sensei mode and Instructions.

Stripes and Strikes[edit]


In Ninja-Jitsu, You earn Stripes that go on your black belt, You earn a Stripe every 3 wins.

Level 1 Stripes

  • 1 Bronze Stripe
  • 2 Bronze Stripes
  • 3 Bronze Stripes
  • 4 Bronze Stripes
  • 5 Bronze Stripes

Level 2 Stripes

  • 1 Silver Stripe
  • 2 Silver Stripes
  • 3 Silver Stripes
  • 4 Silver Stripes
  • 5 Silver Stripes

Level 3 Stripes

  • 1 Golden Stripes
  • 2 Golden Stripes
  • 3 Golden Stripes
  • 4 Golden Stripes
  • 5 Golden Stripes

Sensei Stripes

  • 1 Platinum Stripe
  • 2 Jade Stripes
  • 3 Diamond Stripes

Final Master Stripes

  • Sensei Stripe


Every 3 loses you get a Strike, If you get a 4th Loss, You get demoted and a Stripe (If you have one) gets taken away.


  • Instead of Sensei, True Sensei tells you how to play.
  • It's based on Card-Jitsu.
  • This game is actually played on the roof of the Dojo, accessible via manual elevator.