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Flag of Ninja Archipelago Union.png

Ninja Archipelago Union
Ninja Archipelago
Flag of Ninja Archipelago
AnthemNaciones Imperialistas
Location of Ninja Archipelago
Most of the Ninja Archipelago.
Largest Island (in Population) Castilla
Official languages English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Hungarian, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Russian
Recognised regional languages Leet, Galician, Penguinian, Basque, Catalan, Occitan, Frisian, Ukrainian, Polish, Finnish
Species  Penguins, Puffles, Terns
Demonym Ninja Archipelagoan
Membership Ninja Archipelago Union
Government Loose Confederation of independent states with an Economic Union and a Legislative Bicameral Government overseen by a a Chancellory
Legislature AU Legislature
 -  Upper House AU Council
 -  Lower House AU Parliament
 -   estimate 600,000,000 
 -   census 599,986,376 
Currency Club Penguin Gold Coin
Drives on the Right, except for Grand Permatan
Calling code varies per country

The Ninja Archipelago are a group of approximately 43 islands north of Antarctica, nine of which are fully independent states. Five islands (including Snowzerland) are controlled by the The Imperial Empire of Snowzerland, while the UK is ruled by Swiss Ninja as the monarch but has its own self governing parliament. Five islands in the Archipelago (the three Islas Balearicas, Penguifornia, and Castilla) are owned by Castilla, Snowzerland's rival.


Penguin Inhabitation of the Islands started in 2000 BC when the island of Snowprus was settled. About 700 BC, the Snowpriots settled Sicilia and small portions of Liguria. a century later, they had small settlements in southern Frankterre and Castilla but were not prominent. More islands were settled somewhere around 50 BC when Viking Tribes settled in Holyswissia, Rusca, and Northern Frankterre. Then, Batavia was colonized by the Batavi High Penguins in 507 AD. Other islands, like Osterreach and Castilla, soon followed. The majority of the Ninja Archipelago was ruled by the Penguin Empire during the period of Antiquity as it brought political stability and cultural unity to the islands. However, when the Penguin Empire fell in 450 AD, the Ninja Archipelago became chaotic and was subject to Barbarian raids by Ninja Archipelagoan nations that were not ruled by the Penguin Empire. The political turmoil ruined cities as penguins and puffles established and grouped into rural estates known as manors, where there were castles that could easily fend off Viking raids. However, Ninja Archipelagoan manors forced the poor to become peasants, which became a majority that was ruled by a single noble family. The Middle Ages era eliminated literacy among the lower classes of society in all parts of the Ninja Archipelago, except for those who were Monks or Nuns of the Monasteries of Literature, where writing was preserved. The Middle Ages were smashed during a fatal plague that swept the Ninja Archipelago and all of Antarctica, which killed off many Peasant laborers. Thus, the Lords' Manors were disbanded and cities grew. Individual Monarchs rose to power and united the small Kingdoms to create a large country that would take up the whole island, or more, in some cases. As the Monarchs' power increased, the national militaries grew in strength, and some islands became instant competitors. The desire to trade with the Asiapelago led to the Ninja Archipelago's large scale series of conquests of land or monopolies of foreign trade. The Ninja Archipelago grew to be a major competitor against the High Penguin Confederacy. During the Khanzem War, Ninja Archipelagoan nations were on every political faction. Some allied or were invaded by Khanzem, some allied with the Good Guys, while some stayed neutral. The Khanzem War left a hard impact on the AU's economy and social life, and it took about a decade to finally rebuild. Snowzerland Island was finally inhabited in 2009 when Swiss Ninja came to power. Swiss Ninja later took over the rest of the Islands under Snoss Control, even Pen Chi Island. However, Pen Chi Island's climate is very hostile, and is unfit for Penguin inhabitation, so SN uses it as a National Jail.


  • Snowprus - The oldest and poorest island of the Ninja Archipelago. It is the only island in the Archipelago to speak the Greek language and is considered to be the most influential island in Antarctica for it's large contribution to Western Culture and to the culture of the Penguin Empire, the Geek Empire.
  • Holyswissia - an Island that shares a culture similar to Snowzerland. Now liberated and called Alemania.
  • Frankterre - the second largest island in the whole Archipelago. It is also the weakest.
  • Batavia -an island made by the High Penguins who first settled there. It is the island that has the lowest elevation, which has parts way below sea level.
  • Pen Chi Island - the warmest and most northernmost island, with average temperatures hovering at a blistering twenty one degrees Farenheit. It is used as a jail.
  • Liguria - The giant boot shaped island above Double Sicilia. It is well known for it's pastas and Italian spices, home to many beautiful cities like Dellaroma and Milano, amazing Tuskan Countryside, and the serene Lago di Lario tucked in the mountains in the north.
  • Lisboagal - the second island of the Iberian Region of the Ninja Archipelago. This place is well known for speaking Portugese, it's good Cream Soda and Grape Juice, and for being the main producer of anything made out of cork.
  • Rusca - the largest island in the Archipelago, the Russian speaking nation is known for it's powerful army, quaint and quiet villages, its imperial and communist history, immense amount of nature, and it's numerous nuclear plants.
  • Double Sicilia - Bugzy's very own country, rampant with gambling, corruption, and the UPM.
  • Magyaria - a peaceful nation, settled by Viking Helmet-wearing penguins that speak a unique language that is not related to any of its neighbors.
  • Osterreach - a musically gifted realm of cultured penguins, but also one of Snowzerland's strongholds. The island, to this day, is still a colony.
  • Castilla - An independant nation that is almost as powerful as Snowzerland. Castilla has been around for much longer and has many beautiful cities like Metido and Toledo.
  • Johnfrum Island - isolated by international law and because Swiss Ninja said so, this is a lonely, bizzare country that, through ninety years or more of isolation, has collapsed into a cultish culture of soldiers longing for a savior/general to lead them to a war that doesn't exist.
  • Penguifornia - a Castillian colony that hasn't changed hands since 1920, this island is heavilly influenced by Castillian culture and is known for producing top-quality plays, movies, and actors.
  • Mylou - a former Frankterran territory that has asserted its independence. It is apparently rich in resources like gold. Its people are zealous and have fought off many attempts of re-colonization by the more power-hungry realms. It is one of the most densely populated countries per square kilometer in the archipelago as it is located on Frankterre island.
  • Lichenstien - a rather insignificant little island colony, obviously controlled by the Snoss. Like its master, the island known for its banking industry that caters to wealthy foreigners.

Ninja Archipelago Union[edit]

On September 2, 2011, the Ninja Archipelago decided to form the Ninja Archipelago Union, also shortened as the Archipelago Union and the AU. The Union is primarily a customs union where there is a unified currency and total freedom of movement, however the German States resist the latter. The Union was also intended to include a military alliance that could fight as a main fighting force, though Snowzerland and the lands it controls prevents the creation of a full military alliance. However, a 90% majority vote of approval from the AU Council and approval from the Chancellor allows for all the AU member armies to declare war on a nation, nations, or militia groups that are not members of the AU.


After the unfriendly conflicts between Snowzerland and Castilla in the infamous Snoss-Castillan War, Papa Flywish of Liguria and Sancho Monte Captio decided that it would be a good idea to form a Union so that the Ninja Archipelago could become more peaceful internally as well as becoming a team to achieve their goals. Thus, the meeting was first held in Montrealm, Calada, in the city hall. Although there was some opposition in the beginning, the idea of the Ninja Archipelago Union became accepted, and two representatives from each island in the Archipelago was to meet in the capital city of Frostize to be on the AU Council. To this day, the AU Council decides on how the Ninja Archipelago is to be governed as a whole.

The AU's most basic duties are to maintain the current ecomony with the single currency used by every country in the Archipelago: the Club Penguin Gold Coin. They also can act as a military council, but that would have to include the leader of the nation/island attending the council meeting. Usually, the leaders of the countries are not permitted to be involved in the council alone, but they can only be involved if all of them attend council meetings. In late 2012, the AU Council elected Frodel Pengvintine to become the council's Chancellor, who serves a life-long term. The Chancellor is the main figurehead of the AU Council and acts to balance the legislature.


  • Although Terninia is a Snoss owned territory, Terninia is not located on a body of land since it is a large metal settlement that floats over the ocean using rocket power. It is off limits for anyone who is not part of the Snoss military.

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