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Kevin O'Nash
Ninja O'Dark.png
If you can't take the heat, then fighting a fire ninja definitely wasn't your smartest idea.
Title Ninja O'Dark
Gender Male
Race Flame Penguin
Faction Fire Ninjas
Health Excellent
Level 720
Status Powerful Fire Ninja
Location Quarter (a town in the USA) or Dojo
Birth date November 19, 1999 (1999-11-19) (age 19)
Occupation Fire Ninja, Warrior
Interests Kicking evil butt.
Friends His brother, Fredrick Box
Enemies T3H 1337 0RD3R 0' N0-QU4RTER
Archetype Good

Ninja O'Dark, whose full name is Kevin Robert O'Nash IV, is a resident of Quarter and despite being only 17 years of age, is arguably one of the most powerful fire ninjas in all of Antarctica.


Early Life[edit]

Ninja is the child of Robert Box and Sarah O'Nash. He hatched in the Quarter (then it was a Puffish colony, now it is a town in the USA) High-Class Hospital and was born as a hybrid of an Albino Adelie penguin and a flame penguin, giving him a pink eye and a red eye. He later had a brother named Fred Box. He went to quarter elementary and was very friendly, he was bullied by the penguin who would later become mechromancer and eventually stood up to him. This was the time he accidentally roasted his head and burned off all his feathers. His parents then sent him to Sensei to help him control his powers.

Teenage Years[edit]

He became one of the best fire ninjas in Antartica and eventually became apart of the RQA (Royal Quarter Agency) and single-handedly stopped mechromancer's plan to turn all of quarter into robots and begin a conquest on all of Antarctica.


Ninja O'Dark has been involved in some top secret ninja things.


Ninja O'Dark wears a ninja suit with some fire decorations.


He hates getting wet as it dampens his abilities and he can't use them under water. Most of his weapons are useless underwater. Water can't hurt him, but he despises getting wet greatly.


  • Fire Nunchuku: His main weapon of choice, he can use it so efficiently that he once deflected 100 snowballs from a gatling gun with it.
  • Fire Bombs: he was gifted some by Explorer 767 and now buys them from Morshu.


Ninja O'Dark's brother, Fredrick Box.
  • His brother, Fred is a water ninja.
  • Kevin is a Class IV Fourth Wall Breaker, though he doesn't suspect or understand much else about it though.
  • He stars in the 3rd person beat em up game Ninja O'Dark Adventures.
  • He shares a rivalry with Falco. The two often argue with each other over who is the most powerful fire ninja.
  • Despite his father's surname being Box, Kevin uses his mother's maiden name.
  • His brother doesn't.

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