Ninja Sanctuary

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Ninja Sanctuary
File-Ninja Sanctuary.png
The entrance to the sanctuary.
Ninja Sanctuary Map.png
Official map of the sanctuary, drawn up by Sensei.
Key details
Type A resting place for ninjas.
Level 1 million, Sensei loves it!
Location Underground near the Dojo
Inhabitants Ninjas and True Sensei

The "Ninja Sanctuary" is where ninjas can go to relax, and eat frozen yogurt. It is a common place to go to after a battle of Card Jistu. It includes yoga mats, and a frozen yogurt machine. It was officially opened in 2009.


The sanctuary was built as a place for ninjas to relax by True Sensei in 2008. It was completed in 2009, and opened to all ninjas. True Sensei also installed a Frozen Yogurt machine, when the water fountain in the bathroom broke. Many ninjas have gone there to relax and and hang out with friends. True Sensei plans to expand it by building a balcony that connects to the room.


The room has candles lined against the walls, a large window that looks over Club Penguin Island, 40 square feet of room, and the walls are painted maroon. It is only enter-able by ninjas, and Seneis. There are 4 Bonsai Trees in the room total, one in each corner. In the middle of the room is small Koi pond, with a golden statue of a ninja in the center of it. The trees also help keep the room's air fresh, since Sensei forgot to install air vents.

How to get there[edit]

  1. Become a Ninja.
  2. Go to the Ninja Hideout.
  3. Wave and say, "Meditate."
  4. Walk in the door that suddenly opened.


Official map of the room.

The Ninja Sanctuary has restroom, koi pond, frozen yogurt machine, 6 mats, and seat for the sensei. The map was drawn up by Sensei the day after the sanctuary opened.


Ninja-Jistu is a special Card Jistu game only playable in the sanctuary. The game was invented by a creative ninja, and was established by True Sensei. True Sensei decided to make it only playable in the sanctuary.


  • You can play Ninja-Jistu there.
  • You can see True Sensei here, He will tell you how to play Ninja-Jitsu.
  • The 3 available flavors at the frozen yogurt machine are Rhopper berry, Cotton Candy, and Mango Orange.
  • This place was closed off to Ninjas after the Ninja Courtyard was removed. Now the mats are removed and the room serves as a private Frozen Yogurt Parlor for True Sensei and Sensei.

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