Ninja Training - The Game

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Ninja Training - The Game is a game for the PengStation 1. In this game, you play as Rockey, a young penguin without his ninja mask.


You play as a young penguin who has just got his black belt, but, yo aren't a Ninja yet and you really want to be one, so, you need to do some serious training before you can challenge the sensei.




  • Move Left - Left Button
  • Move Right - Right Button
  • Move Forward - Up Button
  • Move Backward - Down Button
  • Spin Camera Left - Left Trigger
  • Spin Camera Right - Right Tigger


  • Select Card - 1 Button
  • Highlight Card Left - Left Button
  • Highlight Card Right - Right Button
  • Quit - 4 Button


  • Basic Training I
  • Basic Training II
  • Basic Training III
  • Intermediate Training I
  • Intermediate Training II
  • Intermediate Training III
  • Expert Training I
  • Expert Training II
  • Expert Training III
  • Sensei Mode
  • Secret Sensei mode